D: The Most Negative Letter in Numerology

The letter D is perhaps the most negative letter in the alphabet, especially when followed by the letters E, I, or IS. The letter D corresponds to the number 4, and the planet Saturn or Pluto, and the principles of matter and death. The Chinese consider 4 to be the most unfortunate number and avoid it at all costs because it sounds like "death" when pronounced in Cantonese, and actually helps bring it about. It is perhaps our version of the unlucky 13 which adds up to 4(1+3) in numerology. Do you have a D somewhere in your name? If you do you may be carrying a heavy burden.

Negative D words:

damning, danger, darkness, damage

death, deafness, debauchery, debasing, debility, debt, decapitation, decimation, decline, decadence, decrease, decrepitude, decantation, decomposition, decommission, deduction, deformity, defamation, deface, degeneration, dejection, deletion, deleterious, deliberation, delinquancy, delirium, deluge, delusion, demise, demean, dementia, demon, demo(n)cracy, demolition, demoralization, demote, denature, denial, density, denunciation, deplenish, deplorion, depopulation, deposition, deportation, depreciate, derange, derelict, derision, desecration, desensitization, desegregation, desertion, desire, desolation, despair, despite, despotism, despoilment, destabilization, destruction, detainment, deterioration, detestability, detour, detraction, detriment, devaluation, deviation, devastation, devil, devise, devoid devolution, devour
diabolic, dictator, diefication, difficulty, digression, dimming, diminutive, dim-wit, dire, dirt, disability, disaccord, disadvantage, disaffect, disagreement, disappearance, disappointment, disapproval, disarray, disassociation, disaster, discardment, discarnation, discipline, discomfort, discommend, disconcertion, disconnection, discontent, discord, discouragement, discreditability, discrimination, disdain, disease, disfavor, disfigurement, disfunction, disgrace, disgust, disharmony, dishonesty, dishonor, disillusionment, disinclination, disimformation, disintegration, disinterest, disjunction, dislike, disloyalty, dismay, disobedience, disorder, disparity, dispersal, dispiritment, displacement, displeasure, disposal, dispossession, disproportion, dispute, disqualify, disregard, disrepute, disrespect, disruption, dissacociation, dissatisfaction, dissent, disservice, distortion, distraction, distress, disturbance, disunity, disvalue, divergence, divestment, division, divorce
dogmatism, dominance, doom, dope, double-talk, doubt, down, downfall
drab, draconian, drag, dragon, drain, drastic, drawback, dread, drifting, drill, drop(act), dross, drug, drunkard, drowning, dullard, dummy, dumpage, dunce, dung, dupery, dust

D First Names:
(not all of which are necessarily negative)

Dabria, Dacey, Dacia, Dacio, Dae, Daisy, Dagmar, Dale, Dalia, Dalton, Daly, Damara, Damia, Damien, Damon, Dan, Dana, Dane, Daniel, Danett, Dania, Danica, Danielle, Danny, Dante, Daphne, Dara, Darby, Darcy, Daren, Daria, Dario, Darius, Darlene, Darren, Daryl, Dash, Dasha, Dave, David, Davin, Davine, Dawn, Daya

Dea, Deacon, Dean, Deandra, Deanna, Debbie, Decker, Deborah, Debra, Dee, Deidre, Delano, Delany, Delbin, Delia, Delicia, Delilah, Della, Delta, Delores, Delphine, Delroy, Delsin, Demi, Dempsey, Dena, Denis, Denise, Denzel, Derek, Dermot, Derry, Deryn, Desa, Desi, Desdemona, Desiree, Desma, Desmond, Destiny, Deva, Devi, Devin, Devon, Dexter, Dextra
Diamanta, Diana, Diane, Dianthe, Dick, Didi, Didiane, Diedrich, Dirk, Dillian, Dillis, Dillon, Dina, Dinah, Dimitri, Dionne, Disa, Dixie, Dita, Divina
Dobry, Dodie, Dolly, Dolph, Dom, Dominic, Dominique, Don, Donald, Donalda, Donata, Donato, Donna, Donnelly, Donovan, Dora, Doreen, Dorinda, Doris, Dorothy, Dory, Doug, Douglas
Dracula, Drake, Drea Drew, Drina, Drucilla
Duane, Duke, Dudley, Duncan, Durand, Dustin, Dusty, Dutch, Dylan
Dwayne, Dwight,

D Places:
(not all of which are necessarily negative)

Dacca, Dalian, Dakar, Dakota, Dallas, Damascus, Dar Es Salaam, Darwin, Dawson, Davenport

Dehli, Delaware, Denmark, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Dodge City
Dhaka, Diego Garcia, Dijon, Djibouti
Dodoma, Doha, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Dortmund, Dover
Dublin, Duluth, Durban, Dushanbe

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