Master Letter Combinations

In numerology, the 11th and 22nd letters of the English alphabet, K and V, are known as master letters. Wherever they appear in your name, they indicate extreme, high-vibrating, influences that stand out in your character or persona. It is not the letters themselves, but the SPACE they occupy that gives them their power. any double number(11,22,33,etc) means mastery, not because of the specific number but because of the APPARENT duality involved. Numbers in astrology are not viewed the same way as in mathematics. 11 in numerology means 1 and 1 rather than 10 plus 1. Double numbers imply equal or synonymous partnership, doubling of strength, awareness, harmony, and balance. Balance is of course what mastery is all about.

In astrology, master numbers equate to planets in their own signs, which also indicate mastery. The Sun(1) in Leo(1), for example, or 1+1 equals 11, a master number. Eleven is the basis or foundation for all the other master numbers. Twenty-two, for example is 11 plus 11. Thirty-three(33) is 11 plus 11 plus 11, and so on. There are, however, only 26 letters in the English alphabet, so we do not use 33 or 44 or higher since there are no corresponding letters for these. The Russian alphabet, on the other hand, has 33 letters so they get to use one more master number, and the Chinese have 47,035 characters so they get to use the full of master numbers up to 99 and beyond. Rotokas(Solomon Islands) has the shortest alphabet with only 11 letters.

Also, like in astrology, the odd-numbered master numbers(11,33,55 etc.) indicate spiritual or mental mastery, while the even-numbered master numbers(22,44,66 etc.) indicate material or emotinal mastery. Elevens often become popular artists, writers, or entertainers -but are highly impractical in the business sense, whereas 22's gravitate more towards money, politics and power but lack spark and creativity. It's no surprise that the two are complementary and often help each other out. We should have three more master numbers after 99, but ours is a ten-based numerical system so this is not possible(unless we change to a twelve-based system). Perhaps, the double zero(00) can stand for ten and ten for now.

What if you don't have any K's or V's in your name? The next best thing is to have two letters next to each other that are either the same or add to 11 or 22. Example: AA(1 and 1) or Ti(2 and 9 which when added together equal 11). Master letters or double letters or master letter combinations are strongest or most notable at the beginning of your name where they act like your first house or Ascendant, especially if it's your first name. The influence here can also be likened to the cardinal signs of astrology. If the letters start your second or family name they are like the Midheaven in nature and power. Master letters located in the middle of a name take a while for others to notice and are like the fixed signs, while master letters at the end of your name take the longest to surface and can be likened to the mutable signs.

This is the table is used to determine the letter-number values or correspondences. A to I have only one value whereas J to Z have at least two values. The first is the whole or integral value which defines it uniquely and the second is the reduced value which likens it to one of the root letters/numbers. K ,for example, normally functions on its 11 high frequency vibration but can express as a two when weak or relaxing. Same for V/22/4 and the other double values. S is unique in that it can express through 3 levels or values. The zero cypher means power(Saturn/Pluto) so that 10 is a 1 with power. This power is not as strong as a master number but can be compared to an initiate on his/her way to mastery.




And these are the various master letter combinations for each letter of the English alphabet. Note: Whole values are used here so not all of the possible combinations will be listed.
AA(11), AJ(1+10=11), AU(1+21=22)
BB(22), BI(2+9=11), BT(2+20=22)
CC(33), CH(3+8=11), CS(3+19=22), CZ(3+26/8=11)
DD(44), DG(4+7=11), DR(4+18=22), DY(4+25/7=11)
EE(55), EF(5+6=11), EQ(5+17=22), EX(5+24/6=11)
FF(66), FE(6+5=11), FG(6+16=22), FW(6+23/5=11)
GG(77), GD(7+4=11), GO(7+15=22), GZ(7+26=33)
HH(88), HC(8+3=11), HN(8+14=22), HL(8+21/3=11), HY(8+25=33)
II(99), IB(9+2=11), IM(9+13=22), IW(9+24=33)
JJ(11), JA(10+1=11), JL(10+12=22), JS(10+19=29=11), JW(10+23=33)
KK(22), KR(11+18=29=11), KV(11+22=33)
LL(33), LJ(12+10=22), LQ(12+17=29=11), LU(12+21=33), LZ(12+26=38=11)
MM(44), MI(13+9=22), MP(13+16=29=11), MT(13+20=33), MY(13+25=38=11)
NN(55), NH(14+8=22), NO(14+15=29=11), NS(14+19=33), NX(14+24=38=11)
OO(66), OG(15+7=22), ON(15+14=29=11), OR(15+18=33), OW(15+23=38=11)
PP(77), PF(16+6=22), PM(16+13=29=11), PQ(16+17=33), PV(16+22=38=11)
QQ(88), QE(17+5=22), QL(17+12=29=11), QP(17+16=33), QU(17+21=38=11)
RR(99), RD(18+4=22), RK(18+11=29=11), RO(18+15=33), RT(18+20=38=11), RZ(18+26=44)
SS(11), SC(19+3=22), SJ(19+10=29=11), SN(19+14=33), SY(19+25=44)
TT(22), TG(20+7=29=11), TM(20+13=33), TR(20+18=38=11), TX(20+24=44)
UU(33), UA(21+1=22), UH(21+8=29=11), UL(21+12=33), UQ(21+17=38=11), UW(21+23=44)
VV(44), VG(22+7=29=11), VK(22+11=33), VP(22+16=38=11), VY(22+25=47=11)
WW(55), WF(23+6=29=11), WJ(23+10=33), WO(23+16=38=11), WU(23+21=44), WX(23+24=47=11)
XX(66), XE)24+5=29=11), XI(24+9=33), XN(24+14=38=11), XT(24+20=44), XW(24+23=47=11)
YY(77), YD(25+4=29=11), YH(25+8=33), YM(25+13=38=11), YS(25+19=44), YV(25+22=47=11)
ZZ(88), ZC(26+3=29=11), ZG(25+7=33), ZL(26+12=38=11), ZR(26+18=44), ZU(26+21=47=11)

Note: the less addition or reducing that is involved, the more powerful the effect

Master letter combinations are not as powerful as the single master letters K or V, but they come very close, and the other difference is that they require two different aspects of yourself(instead of one) to make it work. It is much like an opposition aspect in astrology instead of the more powerful or singular conjunction. Three consecutive letters adding up to a master number can be likened to the trine aspect and so on.

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