When Mars Visited Earth
806 to 686 BC

After the reign and terror of Venus fades, a new terror begins. Beginning in 806 BC, the orbit of the planet Mars(nudged by Venus) becomes erratic and starts to make close passes to our Earth resulting in another series of fantastic events around the planet, from destructive cataclysms, to great wars, to the inevitable birth and death of peoples and nations.

Every 15 years during its perigree Mars would swing by perilously close to the Earth setting off volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis and bringing fear and terror to the hearts of its inhabitants.

Five of the nine passes were particularly close and powerful beginning in 747 BC when huge electrical arcs were exchanged between our worlds and our year was lengthened from 360 to 365.24 days and the moon's orbit changed from 30 to 28 days.

By 686 BC all of the calendars had changed and the world was a very different place. Europe's and the world's population was decimated and most of the cities lay in ruins. A new era of society and rebuilding would begin.

In the end, Mars, the god of war, made itself well known to the peoples of the Earth, and new cultures and traditions emerged. The Olympic Games were founded in 776 BC and Rome was born in 753 BC. Earth learned about war and competition and Mars learned about beauty and culture. Homer's Odyssey was also around this time.

The Assyrian, Median, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Indian, African, and Roman empires would follow in the Age of Mars, all bent on conquest and domination, only to be stymied by the ensuing Age of Jupiter/Neptune or the Christian era.

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