Why do most of us have a fear or repulsion of spiders and other creepy crawlers and insects. Women in particular seem to have a negative reaction to the little beasts. Besides the fact that they're ugly, predatorial, and function on an altogether lower vibration or frequency may be part of the reason, but is there another more compelling reason why the little critters spook us?

There are stories about huge spiders in our pre-ancient past that occasionally raided and terrorized human communities. The adults learned to fend themselves rather well, using sticks, stones, or whatever was at their disposal. The children and infants were another matter. They would often be picked up(snatched) and carried away and later devoured.

Can you imagine the horror of a mother losing her child to one of these giant spiders! The trauma of such an event is buried deeply in the collective psyche of all women(and men), so that whenever we see a spider the memory of that event is triggered on a subconcious level, and we release our hatred or revenge by killing them. Of course, not all of us had our babies snatched away, so that some of us are more lenient or sympathetic, and some of us even learn to love or respect the critters.

Most of us, however, will swat them first chance we get. It's another example of how past-life conditioning can resurface.

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