Were the Amazonians our True Ancestors

Were the Amazon warrior women of Asia Minor a last bastion of declining matriarchy?

Contrary to biblical text, the female sex existed long before the male ever came into being. This is supported by genetics, where the Y(male) chromozone appears only in the last of 23 pairs. From Lyra to Pleaides to Uranus to Mars to Earth, our superhuman ancestors were basically female, reproducing parthogenically. They were also known as the Titans because they were huge and had "tits" or paps to suckle their young with. Their degenerating eating habits and lifestyles, gave birth to the first males whom they considered defective and slew, crippled, or enslaved.

As degeneration continued and the males grew in number, the pure breed Amazonians, fled, died out or were vanquished by male armies. The comic strip character Wonder Woman is an inner-earth Amazonian performing justice on the outer earth. The patriarchal reptillians no doubt had a hand in the demise of these descendants of Ares or Mars, the warrior women Amazons -who may have been humanity's true ancestors.

Amazonian warrior

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