In the Age of Aries

The Ancient Ram Staues in Karnak Egypt

War and conquest dominated the Age of Aries(2000BC-0AD) with Assyria, Babylon, Chaldea, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome as the dominating cultures. Also known as the Iron Age when iron or metal fashioned by fire became the principle means of warfare and dominance. The ram which fights head to head and locks horns became the symbol for this age. This was also the age of knives and swords and other sharp and cutting instruments as well as the battering ram. Moses is said to have ushered in this age and others like Akhenaton also spearheaded monotheism. According to Russian writer Immanuel Velikovsky a great cosmic event occurred in the second half of the age around 750 BC, when the planet Mars(ruler of Aries), loomed large over the Earth on several occassions instigating major upheavals and catastrophes and giving birth tomany legends such as Homer, Jason, Hercules, and the birth of Rome.

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