In the Age of Aquarius

The Transition into the Aquarian Age

Ages overlap by hundreds of years and the first hints of the Aquarian Age came as early as The Renaissance and the Colonization of the New World -all in an attempt to escape the Piscean stranglehold of the Church which emphasized blind belief and superstition over science and reason. The Americas(and Australia) offered this opportunity to start anew and by the 1800's most European colonies achieved nationhood or independence, most notably the United States which became the leader of the Free World. This drive towards freedom and independence was powered by the planet Uranus which was discovered in 1781. Uranus is the true ruler of Aquarius -the sign of freedom and truth. It also rules electricity, invention, and revolution all of which came to dominate the last few hundred years. The next auspicious sign of the start of the age of Aquarius was the Great Aquariun stellium of February 4-5th 1962, when all seven traditional planets aligned in Aquarius. This may have indeed been the cosmic marker for the true beginning of the Aquarian Age, although others are point to 2012. The Piscean Age may take a few hundred more years to be shaken off completely but for the next 2100 years or so the influence of Aquarius will dominate. The themes of the Age of Aquarius will be truth, freedom, and brotherhood.

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