Astrology and The Twelve Hands of Time

The day(sky's 24-hour rotation) and the year(Sun's orbit or revolution) are the two most basic
units of time, followed by the true month(the moon's orbit or path), and the week,
which appears to be an artificial division of the lunar month(although at some time in the past
Earth may have had a second smaller and closer moon or object with an orbital period of
some seven to twelve days).

In our remote and forgotten past, when astrology was in full force, there were a total of twelve
units of time each ruled by one of the twelve planets or cosmic bodies in our solar system, and
they all worked together harmoniously and synchronously. Then came the Luciferian rebellion
and the whole system was thrown out of whack. When the system is restored, the year will once
again consist of exactly 360 days and the Moon one-twelfth of that or 30 days, and all the other planets will adjust accordingly.
This will also fix and rebalance our tattered chakra system -as each planet rules a chakra.

Until then we will have to make due with the few time units that are still relatively in tact,
and even these are not being observed correctly, as follows...

1. The DAY should begin at SUNRISE...

...when most people wake up...
...rather than midnight

...when most people are sleeping.
The custom of begining the day at midnight rather than sunrise or sunset was begun by the
early counterfiet church(Constantine and his bishops) who feared a takeover of true Christianity.

2. The YEAR should begin in the SPRING...

...when life blossoms forth...
...rather than in winter

...when everything is dead.
Once again, counterfiet christianity changed the beginning of the year from spring or fall to winter.

3. The MONTH should be LUNAR rather than solar(it's not there just for decoration).
The Moon cycle and its phases are intimately connected to various physical and emotional biorythms
or cycles such as reproduction, menstruation, and growth, as well as daily moods and emotions
If we are ever to balance out our church-enforced modern patriarchy with feminine matriarchy,
we must adopt a lunar monthly calendar!

4. The WEEK should consist of TEN, if not, TWELVE days(to accomodate ALL the planets).
SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayUranusdayNeptuneday Plutoday
Our seven-day week is is most certainly "weak" -it is out of date!
If we wish to to be more fully transformed by the newer planetary energies, we must incorporate
them into our time system, otherwise we will never fully come out of the Dark Ages!


Besides each of these four basic time cycles, the last of which appears to be artificial(7-day week), there are
at least eight others which need to be recognized and incorporated into our lives.

EACH of our TWELVE solar system or cosmic bodies is a hand on the clock of time, and ALL
must be incorporated into our system of keeping time, if we are to be in tune or harmony with nature and the cosmos.

And this is just on the physical level. Astrology also works on the astral(emotional), mental,
and spiritual levels, each with its own cycles. There is so much we must relearn and restore
concerning the true nature of our cosmos and of time itself.

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