Libra Rising Tidbits

I needed a place where I could express bits of information, news, thoughts, opinions, or insights that did not have any specific theme or require long explanations, so I created this page.

Humans basically live for pleasure. We incarnate to experience the pleasures of our senses, and when we've had enough we die and wait for new things to experience.
Why must we put up with all the crappy conditions on this Earth plane. It's obvious we have either very stupid or very evil people in charge. It's time to wake up and create and be in charge of our own worlds or realities.
Everything you need should be within immediate reach. Commuting long distances to obtain what you need is total folly and shows the level of darkness we're in.
All forced labor is slavery. People should work mostly for themselves. Any service you provide should be under your total control.
Governments and organizations are created for the purpose of serving the people. Instead we end up serving them.
National and individual sovereignity are extremely important. World government is an attempt by the dark forces to enslave humanity.
All religions have their place and offer both truth and lies, and it's up to the individual to choose and discriminate. The only universal religion is truth.
All customs and lifestyles have their place(and time) and is what makes our world diverse and interesting. We choose what suits us for our particular incarnation.
Originally, humans may have been bisexual and self-reproducing, but genetic intervention and degeneration have produced male and female.
Fruit is the original food of humanity, but our broken environment and genetic tampering has given way to agriculture and meat eating. Most of today's fruit is heavily hybridized or genetically manipulated and contains only a fraction of the nutrients it used to have.
Fasting is the most natural or important way to heal but has been made difficult or even dangerous because of our highly toxic environment.
Vaccinations are a great evil of modern times. Their main purpose is to spread disease rather than cure it. Some vaccinations can be helpful but they are mostly only accessible to the higher ups.
Our Earth is a flat plane in an electromagnetic bubble with other planes above and below it. The Sun, Moon and stars are all contained within this bubble, and outside are other Earths and bubbles and universes separated by water or plasma.
Our history is not what we have been taught. It is much shorter and punctuated by catastrophic resets, some as early as a few hundred years ago.
Much of our technology comes from the inner and outer Earth regions, which have periodically entered into our realm. This technology is purchased and released in stages in exchange for certain goods or priveleges, some of which are too unspeakable to be mentioned here.
Technology is a crutch for what a fully regenerated or empowered human body can do. Genetic manipulation and/or environmental control have robbed us of this full potential.
Our current Earth and its organisms(including the human body) may be hybrid creations created by Satan or the Devil himself and we are stuck in them. The goal, game, or test(Saturn the tester) may very well be to break free from this cloned or hybrid creation and return to our true or destined home.
There may be two sets of created beings living side by side and antithetical to each other: humans and portals, and mammals and reptiles. True humans have souls whereas portals do not, and mammals are warm-blooded whereas reptiles are cold-blooded. There are also variations inbetween.
I don't believe God(the true God) created insects and fleas and viruses, and cold-blooded reptiles or monsters. These were obviously created by the dark or fallen forces to compete with or antagonize the mamalian group which includes humans. They are two entirely different groups at war with one another.
The Jehovah, Yahweh, or Yaldaboath, of the Old Testament is a reptilian or semi-reptilian entity who had little or no regard for human life. He warred with and exterminated many of his other 70 brothers in his trek back to his inner/outer Earth Eden or Promised Land.
Yawheh deceives and manipulates through ALL religions from the Judeo-Christian to the Islamic to the Buddhist and sets up his representative puppets throughout. He also deceives through science, politics, culture, ecomnomics, media, entertainment, and every other imaginable institution on this plane.
Jesus and his brethren and their true Father, EL Elyon, are the only true gods who hold humanity's salvation. El Elyon was the father of both the Hebrews and the Canaanites and had 70 sons ruling the entire world, one of which was the errant Yahweh or Jehovah who is now masquerading as the God of all gods.
After his 40 day fast in the desert, Satan put Jesus on an extremely high mountain and offered him all of the kingdoms of this world(Matthew 4) as a final temptation (which Jesus successfully refuted). This is biblical proof of the flat Earth. Jesus would not be able to see ALL of the Earth's kingdoms/nations if the Earth was a globe!
Why are there only seven and not twelve planets in traditional astrology? Because this is Satan's set up. Saturn(Satan) is the last planet that can be seen with the naked eye, but was this always the case? Apparently not. There were(or are) times when all twelve can be seen, such as when the electromagnetic barriers(domes) come down. Then, no telescopes are needed.
If the moving planets(wanderers) are archangels, then what are the fixed(unmoving) stars? Are they the souls of great humans or semi-gods across time? Do each one of us actually have a star or light in the sky? Are falling stars falling angels?
The fall of man is actually the fall of our angelic state continually becoming attached to matter, first by incarnation into bodies, and then further by indulging in sensual pleasure(food, sex, drink, etc.). We come back or reincarnate because of our carnal lusts and passions. Only when we are free of these can we stop the cycle.
Twelve and not seven is the complete number. Seven(Libra) is the beginning of awareness or not-self. Twelve is the retun to oneness or wholeness(Pisces).
There is no such thing as a 13 sign zodiac. As a feminine and astral construct or blueprint, the Zodiac is ALWAYS even in number. There is no symmetry or aspect relationship in an odd-numbered zodiac. There may have once been less than twelve and in the future more, but it will always be even, like the chakra petals in our body. Whoever said 13 is either an idiot or a deceiver.
I do not believe in "cusp" signs. You are either one sign or the other(exact birth times will settle this). This is not only for the Sun, but for all the other astrological bodies or factors. This cusp belief is often due to the fact that you may have Mercury or Venus or some other body in a sign neighbouring your Sun. It's wishy washy thinking.
I also do not believe in intercepted signs or houses. This happens when you use unequal house systems which I do not endorse and which are mathematical monstrosities. Keep it simple and true. Figure out the Ascendant sign and make that your whole first house. All of the other houses/signs will follow consecutively. The Midheaven is NOT the tenth house! Yes, I endorse whole sign houses.
I also do not believe in "out of sign aspects". This happens when degrees and mathematics are emphasized in astrology. They ruin everything. There are only seven aspects and they are by sign or element. Five of those aspects(besides the conjunction and opposition) double up so that there are actually twelve in all(upper and lower, dexter and sinister). The Vedics have this one right.
True astrology is tropical and based on the movement of the Sun and the seasons and NOT the stars(sidereal). The ecliptic(Sun's path) is a sinewave and the spring or vernal equinox or 0 Aries starts the first half and the autumn or fall equinox or 0 Libra starts the second half. The divisions in each are exact 30 degree segments. Sorry to say that the modern Vedics have this one wrong. True or ancient Vedics used the tropical zodiac -do your research!
Names are important, and can have an influence equal to that of astrology. Even the Bible says that a good name is better than great riches. Your full name encapsulates your power or potential and works with astrology. It can highlight or repress certain planets in your chart. Each letter corresponds to a certain number which corresponds to a certain planet(A=1=Sun, etc). Changing your name will change which planets get emphasized.
Colors, gems, oils, mantras, etc. also have their own influences and work in tandem with astrology. Everything on this plane works together in synchronicity, but we have lost much of the knowledge and art, thanks to unscrupulous fanatics who wish to exercise ungodly control over us. One day, all of these sciences and arts will be restored and we will be whole again.

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