Climate Is Everything
(Note: some of this information is speculative and may or may not be accurate.)

Climate is the first order of business when it comes to survival. It's even more important than food. What good is food or anything else if you're not comfortable and therefore not able to do anything? Whether it's too hot or cold or windy or rainy, it will be enough to shut you down -if you don't have any kind of shelter available.

That's why we have houses and wood stoves and modern heating, of course, and also why there's an Inner Earth, but what about the unthinking masses(most of us) who have been lulled and lured to the cities of the cold zones and who helplessly rely on gas and electricity to heat and power our homes and utilities? Are we not being set up for a possible disaster? Of course we are, but most of us have faith in the government and science and the corporations to supply us with endless power and at a reasonable cost

That may have been true in the last hundred years or so, but times are a changing in this 21st century, as our leaders become more selfish and dictatorial and uncaring about our needs. They've grown so fat with pride and conceit and material wealth that they've set up their own exclusive society and look down upon the rest of us as morons and slaves. If they were good people, and there are no doubt a few, they would look out for us. The vast majority, however, can't be bothered and have decided to dispose of us "useless eaters" and "masses of asses" in a multitude of ways

One of these means is climate control. Earth is a beautiful planet with tremendous diversity and potential, but ever since the evil ones invaded and took control of this planet, we've been on a downward spiral. The first thing the invaders did to control us was to wreck our balanced ecosphere which turned this planet from a paradise to a prison. They always start with the environment which is the basis for everything we do.

Worlds or ecosystems are always created complete and balanced and ready for living and entertaining, just as we build houses with the same aims. The temperature and lighting is even throughout and everything you need to sustain or occupy yourself with is freely and readily available. Any parent would do this for their children and it is the same for our Creator and humanity. Originally, a number of angels(in human form) were placed on this Earth plane and others prepared for them. It was a gift from the Parent, and it was their (angel's) role to complete and beautify it with their own creations. Endless new species of plants and trees and animals were created. For a long while everything went well, but at a certain point, rivalry and rebellion took hold, which eventually led to a great war that turned this plane(and others) into wastelands. The angels that rebelled invaded humanity, and mated with them, and they and their giant descendants ravaged the Earth leading to Noah's Flood and/or the destruction of Atlantis(the civilization which these angels created).

The angels who survived the Divine intervention were banished to the Inner Earth or to the other planes beyond this one and await final judgement. Right after the diluvian intervention, the good angels or physicalized beings immediately set upon restoring the planet as best they could, but the damage was too great, and our situation today reflects this. Enough was repaired for the continuation of human life, but enough was also left unrepaired leaving a way out for some of the repentant angels to work out their karma.

What exactly was the damage of the Great Luciferic Rebellion? The first casualty was the water or ice canopy covering outer Earth which tempered the climate throughout producing a paradisical state on this plane. Great trees, including the central Tree of Life(now Mount Meru) held up or steadied the firmament dome or canopy. The trees and the canopy blocked or filtered all harmful rays from entering, especially those from the Sun, which would damage and age us. They also gave us continuous day and semi-tropical temperatures throughout by dispersing the light and heat in an equable manner. Things grew quickly and large under such favorable conditions, as they would in a controlled greenhouse. People and animals were huge in size and lived hundreds and thousands of years in continuous growth and harmony. Then the rebellion and wars started and the trees canopies were destroyed or damaged, and the Earth severely mined, and that's when the waters came down as a series of great floodings, deteriorating the health, size, longetivity, and intelligence of all living things. Even those who went underground suffered(and became Shaver's deros and teros). Eventually there were fixes, and things improved but never to the point of the pre-flood days. And here we are today, still languishing under a diminished heaven and Earth and restrictive social, astral, political, economical, and environmental influences.

This angelic destruction may have extended to beyond just our plane with similar consequences, so that there is much rebuilding or repair work yet to be done, and those who say these events occurred millions or billions of years ago are lying or misinformed. They are much more much more recent: anywhere from twelve thousand to less than five thousand years ago.

Our post-Flood world while liveable, has much to be desired. We need to get rid of the beings who do not belong here and who are repeating the same mistakes of the past such as technifying this plane to the point of destruction. Many of them still live among us in human or cloned bodies while others live deep underground influencing us from there, through our leaders, governments, corporations, and secret societies. We know these controllers as the greys, reptilians, fallen angels, deros, etc. They hide because they are fewer than us but also because they are basically hideous or repulsive to us. Their advantage is their cold intellect and technology which they use to hook and enslave us. Yes, our computers and tech gadgets come from these beings.

These cold-blooded devils need to stay warm which is why they will be found more often in the tropics or deep underground where the Earth's temperature remains steady at a comfortable temperature. The ones closer to the surface, where it's often colder have constant fires going or have built huge mechanical devices similar to our air conditioners or heating pumps that warm or cool down their environments. Unfortunately, everytime they operate these machines it produces a backlash of extremely cold air which escapes to the outer Earth surface and produces our inhumaly frigid polar weather. I would venture to say that our polar regions of ice and snow are the direct outcome of these vast underground machines. If this is so, then they are the number one cause of our unbalanced eco-system. Shut all the machines off and the polar ice and snow would naturally melt and evaporate and reform into the canopy we once lost, automatically restoring this outer Earth into the Paradise it once was and should be.

Not only do these dastardly machines wreck our weather and climate, but they also form an ice or snow barrier to the Inner Earth -whose main gates are the large polar openings beginning around 83 degrees north and south latitude. The inner Earth is the true or original home of man, the Garden of Eden from which disobedient man/woman was cast out. Unfortunately, it has been taken over by the dark forces. Originally, the polar entrances to Paradise were guarded by cherubim and "flaming swords" to keep out trespassers, but the snow and ice now does the job, as well as reconnaissance aircraft or saucers from that inner agarthean world.

The Earth's thick shell or crust is itself a canopy for the Inner Earth realm where people thrive far better than we do here on the outer surface. At the center of inner Earth lies suspended a small central sun some 600 or more miles in diameter which lights and warms the interior. This reddish, smoky, and sometimes silvery sun is said to be the seat and control center of Jehovah, our current and ruling God. The climate of Inner Earth is always warm and stable(mid 70's farenheight) varying a few degrees at most, and this stability produces enormous growth and longetivity. Inner Earth conditions can be replicated to a large degree here on the outer surface of our planet by restoring our lost or damaged canopy(or set of canopies). But to do this we must first get rid of the evil parasites who were behind this destruction in the first place.

The human(mamalian)/reptilian war is a saga that has been going on for thousands of years on this planet, and probably longer on other worlds or systems. The human vehicle in its original state is still the best or ideal form of expression for the angelic or god progeny to incarnate in, but in the future, a better one may be adopted. Lucifer and his minions once occupied this form, but because of their sin and rebellion lost that right and became demons or discarnates. Demons are always restless and looking for a host to possess because they are ruled by their lusts and passions. Since they could no longer occupy human bodies they set about to create their own(the reptiles, insects, crustaceans, and all other cold-blooded creatures -cold because they are ruled by the intellect rather than the heart). Various bodily forms exist from purely reptilian to humanoid reptilian to the greys, gargoyles, mothmen, dragons, vampires, raptors, saurians, amphibians, insectoids, aquatics, etc., each reflecting a different state or level of being. The better ones graduate to mammalian form and some of them even make it back to the human kingdom. This graduation is a spiritual one which occurs when these diverse groups learn to live amongst each other. As a rule, biological forms do not evolve or change -unless tampered with or modified genetically. Spirits, on the other hand, can evolve or devolve, usually by choice.

The human form has been tampered with genetically many times under the domination of various invading off-worlders who have forced or beguiled us into their way of life, such as the Nibiruans, Pleaideans, Greys, etc. Our apparently spliced genes and mangled DNA are proof of this. While some of this genetic manipulation was to upgrade our status, most of it was to downgrade us to a level of subordinance for the prevailing power over us. In this sense we acquired an extraordinary genetic diversity which has allowed us to survive under almost any condition. This has made us a very valuable resource and is a major reason why we have not yet been entirely exterminated. Besides our usefulness, we are also among the most attractive, intelligent, and amusing species of this and perhaps other universes.

One of our great gifts is our warm-blooded nature(as well as our resourcefulness) which allows us to survive under extreme climactic conditions. All mammalians have this ability because of their heart-ruled natures, and is envied by those who do not. The cold-blooded groups, on the other hand, must stay in the warm belts of the planet near the equator, or migrate or go underground when in the temperate zones. The more intelligent ones have devised technical or artificial means to make it through the winter months, and humans, who are not impervious to extreme cold or heat, must do the same. Eskimos once built igloos and burned fires, and now have modern housing with wood stoves and electricity. It is thanks to our ability to harness the power of electricity during the last few centuries that we are now living comfortably in the cold zones. Without it we would have to go back to using wood stoves or relocate to warmer climes. This is the danger most of modern civilization faces today. We have grown too dependent on artificial heating sources like coal and electricity. Besides the dependency, these sources have important health risks associated with them. Burnt coal, wood, and gas release poisonous toxins and irritants and electricity disrupts our own bio-electric field. On top of that, indoor heated air is often stale and unhealthy.

There's no escaping it; humans were meant to live out in the open, exposed to healthy amounts of light, warmth, and fresh air, instead of staying cooped up in walled off prisons or chambers filled with stale air and toxic chemicals. Our disrupted and unbalanced planetary ecosphere has forced us to adapt and live in such abnormal conditions, but this must not always be so. It is a shame that most of us have been lulled into complacency believing that extremes of cold and heat and pernicious weather on this planet are the norm, or that they have always existed. This is a great LIE! All worlds or ecosystems are built to be comfortably inhabited and enjoyed in the same manner that houses are. Would you build a house that is unbearably cold in one room and sweltering hot in another? Nor would you want strong winds or rains in your house. A plane or planet is built for the same purpose: it shelters you from the capricious and often destructive elements. It is true, however, that we live in roof-damaged foundation, and are therefore more easily exposed to bad weather, but even this should not be so. A canopy or set of canopies or the repair of the current one would solve the problem.

The ideal of course would be to access our true home and shelter which is the Inner Earth -which can be compared to the inside of a house. Unfortunately, the choicest parts of this world have been claimed by the dark or fallen ones, leaving us with the seconds. While we can reclaim the entirety of this plane to ourselves we must meet certain conditions, as there is none of the bullshit there that we have to contend with here in this Satan-ruled realm, like money, politics, war, and pollution. Everything is well-run, abundant, and self-sustaining and if you don't fit in it's off to the outer surface which is currently a free-for-all. Outer Earth is currently under indirect Luciferic as well as sinful human rule -from the outer atmosphere down to a few hundred miles below ocean level. The true inner Earth, which is Paradise, may be much deeper where the weather or climate is infinitely better, since it is a cocooned or stable environment, much like the womb inside the mother. The inner sun is always centrally located overhead(like a light fixture inside a room) so that light and heat are evenly dispersed and always ideal. This dispersal is often replicated here on outer Earth during a cloudy day when the light is subdued and the temperatures are much more bearable or evened out. Cloudy conditions here on Earth act as a kind of canopy or greenhouse, filtering the light and preserving the heat.

Constructing domes over cities or populated areas has often been suggested by scientists and visionaries alike to control the weather, but as is often the case, anything built or run by man is often fraught with unforeseen side effects or dangers. Even the positive use of HAARP is a possibility, but I wouldn't trust it in the hands of humans. The only real solution, it seems, is to restore the planet's natural ecosystem by removing all human or alien interference from it. When the negative beings and their obstructions are removed the planet will heal or regenerate naturally, just as your body would if you didn''t foul it up with chemicals or a negative lifestyle. Planets are living beings too and we must stop the rape of this planet for selfish gain and profit. Humans, with the help of their mentors, have truly become parasites on this planet. With proper education and guidance we can turn it all around and live in paradise again. Problem is most of us are weak and lazy and fearful and need to be pushed in the right direction. This is the job of our leaders and representatives but few are up to the task. Most have sold out to money and greed and power and are leading us down the same path of ruin.

Crumbling civilizations are not new. Atlantis and Lemuria, who by the way, lived an ideal climate under a protective canopy, were merely the last in a line of many great civilizations to go under, this according to ancient sages like Solon and Plato. America, the new end-time Atlantis seems poised to go the same route, and there will probably be other apocalyptic civilizations in the future as well, each one a testimony that we have yet to learn our lessons or learn them well; lessons of power, lust, greed, and love. Few of us realize that our thoughts and emotions have a powerful or even direct effect on the weather. A disturbed individual(or spirit), for example, can unleash strong winds or rains. The increasingly extreme or unstable climate or weather of the last few decades is a direct barometer of an increasingly disturbed society or collective. Conversely, bad weather can precipitate negative emotional or mental states.

We all need the warmth and light of the Sun and clean fresh air, pure water, natural and chemical-free food, and pristine nature. A good and natural environment is the basis or foundation for all good things in this life. When the environment is balanced, so are its inhabitants -and vice versa. The way our environment is purposely being destroyed today is testimony to the negative people in it and their negative activities. Oil spills, forest fires, chemtrails, fracking, GMO's, nuclear spills, leaks, and detonations, radiation, chemicals everywhere, and mounting waste and pollution in general -its all taking its toll on us and even affecting the weather or climate. It's obvious our planet is being trashed. Why are our leaders doing this? There are only two reasons I can think of: they are either completely insane and enjoy their destructiveness, or they have found another world or plane to go to and therefore consider this planet expendable. Gaia too, is venting its anger about the way she is being treated or least calling for help -adding all the more stress to our environment. Can Gaia shake the fleas off her back or expel the parasites in her bowels? She may need outside help.

Humans may very well not have originated on this Earth, nor were they probably meant to stay here forever. Earth is a temporary nesting ground, a launching pad for future gods and space travelers -all at her expense. The breeding conditions for life on Earth(a good climate and ambiance) were perfect thousands of years ago and are still acceptable, but they have deteriorated over time. The oxygen count was higher then(because of the giant trees) and the dome insulated us from harmful influences or invaders. Then the invaders found a way in and disrupted our civilization forever. Because of cracks or openings in the dome it was always raining now, and the extremes of heat and cold set in, and radiations leaked in, and over time we shrank in size and diminished in power and intelligence. Other influences or breaches from the subterranean world may also have negatively impacted us, and may still be doing so.

According to the book We Are Becoming Galactic Humans by Essene and Nidle, two ice water canopies enveloped the Earth at 15,000 and 35,000 feet respectively held up by the power of crystal temples strategically placed around the globe. When these temples were attacked the canopies(firmaments) came down and produced vast flooding. There was a partial collapse of the lower canopy around 9500 BC which was restored and a complete collapse of both around 4000 BC or earlier which then produced the Great Flood of Noah. The loss of these canopies changed everything in terms of weather, climate, and even health and longetivity.

We have been living in an exposed and degenerative environment for five to six thousand years now years now, depending on which chronology you follow, and the current trashing or polluting of the planet is just making everything worse. The Sun is aging and so are we. Its negative rays need to be filtered and a restored canopy will do this. It will also balance the cold and the heat and stabilize the wild and destructive weather(some of it man-made) which is important for the growth and health of all organisms. Inner Earth's climate is ideal, not only because it is protected by a surrounding shell but because the Earth's inner sun which lights and warms it. The crystal temples of old, which substituted the trees, and which amplified the Earth energies or ley line vortexes, which in turn held up or stabilized the canopies have been replaced with fake temples and monuments(churches, government buildings, industrial and nuclear facilities, etc.), which actually block, divert or invert, the planet's power lines. These obstructions which serve the evil forces and which are located both above ground and below ground must be removed or replaced with the true and benefic temples of old if we are to restore the Earth's natural power grid and ecosphere.

Also, there may be vast underground mechanical cooling and heating systems built long ago which can control or modify the planet's weather systems. I am particularly suspicious of the polar regions which I believe are artificially induced by these machines pushing all the heat towards the equatorial zones. The Earth's tilt also has an effect but not as much as the machines do. If the grid obstructions are removed or replaced and the weather machines turned off or used properly there, is nothing to prevent this outer Earth from restoring its natural paradisical habitat. The machines and those who run them, purposely drain the Earth and its inner sun of its forces for their own selfish motives. This weakens the planet's magnetosphere and all life on/in it and makes it more vulnerable to earthquakes, storms, and all manner of climactic abnormalities, which in turn weakens its inhabitants.

It may be possible to use these climate machines constructively to enhance the Earth's weather but this is unlikely under the current leadership. In the 1990 movie Total Recall we are introduced to such vast and complex underground mechanisms said to be built by aliens over half a million years ago, this time on the planet Mars. The machines were prevented from functioning and restoring the Martian atmosphere by corporate greed and fear until the hero(Arnold Schwarzenneger) sets them going again. Sometimes Hollywood knows more than it lets on. On the other hand, if the Earth is a true living organism, and still whole, it will not require this artificial help, which may in fact be obstructive. The Earth may well be able to restore its own ideal climate.

The lower vibration of an unbalanced or predominantly negative environment causes its inhabitants to fall subject to their lower carnal appetites or lusts. We eat and reprodce uncontrollably because of the low vibrations we live in. In a perfect environment there is no hunger or desire to mate or fight or rule because everything is in a state of balance and fullfillment. The perfect environment produces the perfect organism. Our lusts and insecurities are largely the result of our broken and negative environment and vice versa. The deceptions, delusions, and lies need to end and the truth be told if we are ever to reawaken from our spell and resume our natural and God-given destiny. We have let ourselves sink to the lowest and darkest depths(Kali Yuga cycle?) but must now come out of it again as many are currently doing. According to Indian chronology by Sri Yukteswar, the Kali Yuga or Iron Age lasted from 700 BC to 1700 AD with its lowest point around 500 AD or the collapse of the Roman Empire. We are now 300 years into the upward Bronze Age which will give in to the upward Silver Age around 4100 AD. The overall long-term climate should improve slowly as we inch our way back to a new Golden Age provided there is no interference.

All this talk of global warming is a bunch of bs and we may actually be in a cooling cycle instead. And there is no way humans are contributing significantly to the change in climate via carbon emissions. What IS affecting the climate is our inordinate use of oil and gas which is the blood of the earth and whose combustible nature drastically affects temperature and weather. Nuclear testing and power plant leakages can also severely change the weather or ecosphere as has been going on since Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and now Fukushima. HAARP can also be used(and is being used) to modify weather patterns. Finally, there are cosmological factors, such as close flybys of comets or other objects, or our whole cosmic system or universe entering a new and more charged region of space. Or the changes are actually being programmed from wihin our basically enclosed system via the central spine of our torroidal field.

Our environment is not always a friendly place, and can seriously become an impediment if we do not manage it correctly. The severe extemes or imbalances in weather and climate we are now experiencing are a testimony to the capricious nature of both man and the elements. Actually, the elements are quite stable; it is the forces driving them that need to be tamed. This means you and me and the gods as well. When we all learn to control ourselves, nature, the environment, and the weather and climate, will express or refect this beautifully as well.

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