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This site continues the tradition of the former site(Feb.2003-Aug.2016) only in a much more simple, condensed, and practical matter. The main focus will be on astrology, the greatest of all arts and sciences, as well her sister offshoots.This is what I know best and where I can contribute most. There will be much less emphasis on celebrities and a greater emphasis on the simple truths and ideas of astrology which have largely been forgotten, such as whole signs and whole houses.

It must be said from the start that I am not a siderealist but a tropical astrologer, relying on the solar and seasonal ecliptic as my foundation, so if western astrology does not appeal to you, then this site may not be for you. I am also pretty much downplaying degrees, orbs, and most house systems(except whole signs), and many other theoretical accruations of the last several centuries which have rendered true astrology very complex and misleading.

Simply put, it is my belief that there are only the twelve signs and the twelve planets(possibly two uncomfirmed or undiscovered). The signs are spiritual energies or universal expressions while the planets are the bodies or vehichles for these expressions. The Ascendant and its opposite point the Descendant is the Earth plane upon which these planets or actors and the signs play out. The Ascendant starts the so-called houses in astrology, which in my opinion, are simply aspects(by sign) to the Ascendant. Whether or not to include the Earth/Ascendant as a planet is the big question. If yes, then the houses are simply aspects. If not, then the houses have their own separate validity.

The MC or Midheaven and it's opposing point the IC, are the hinges or focal points for the magnetic sky torus or Heaven/Hell which envelops the Earth and contains the sign energies and heavenly bodies. The Sun, Moon, and planets are the major conductors for these energies and are linked to the main chakras within our bodies.

Numerology, theology, iridiology, palmistry, tarot, acupuncture, chakras, ley lines, etc., as well as knowledge in general, are all related in some way to astrology, the mother of all arts and sciences, and complement each other, but have been separated or taken apart by the elites or controllers of this realm for purposes of control and manipulation.

This schism or dissassociation among occult and even academic disciplines or fields of knowledge is the downfall of our modern age. By restoring association or synchronicity to all forms of knowledge we will also restore ourselves, and it is the goal of this site to do just that. By reducing the scientific and technological jargon, and reinforcing the mystical, organic, and aesthetic side, astrology regains its former greatness and splendor.

Since 2015, new and important revelations about our reality, such as the Earth very possibly being a flat immoveable plane or realm, outer space(outside the dome or firmament)being water, and density or buoyancy replacing gravity, are slowly but surely overtaking the conventional Copernican view of our cosmos of the last 500+ years, which may have been an attempt on the part of our controllers to deceive us. Little by little we are unravelling the lies and deceptions and are finally restoring the truth. Fortunately, the gist of astrology has survived all of these shenanigans and is basically the same today as it was thousands of years ago -with some exceptions. The so-called modern planets such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, were undoubtedly known or seen(at least secretly) by the ancients, only to recede from view or knowledge in the current era. Two more such "hidden" planets may yet be revealed or confirmed, completing the sign-to planet-ratio. Just as the rediscovery of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto signify the beginning of the restoration of things, so the rediscovery of next two remaining planetary rulers will complete the process and bring us into a new Golden Age.

I truly believe the traditional seven-planet set up in astrology, while workable, reflected a limited or enslaved humanity deprived of its full potential. This must have occurred after the Great Flood when one or more of the Earth's protective canopies were damaged or destroyed changing our skies and environment and reducing our lifestyles. When these canopies are restored or repaired we will once again have a healthy environment and long-lived and productive lives.

The first step of the restoration process occurred with the rediscovery of the first of the "new" or "modern" planets, Uranus, which was "discovered" in 1781, and has been shown to be the true or primary ruler of Aquarius -the hope of man, leaving worldly and restrictive Saturn as the principal ruler of Capricorn. Uranus is the Christ planet that breaks the binds of our Saturnian(satanic) limitations, and it is truly the sign of the Son of man. It also rules revolution, freedom, independance, truth, true science, invention, electricity, and the United States of America

Mystical and otherworldly Neptune "discovered" in 1846 goes to Pisces, leaving moral and expansive Jupiter to Sagittarius. Neptune is mysticism and the secret societies which both deceive and inspire us. It is also the Holy Ghost or Spirit or Comforter, and has rule over film, media, drugs, intoxication, sleep, dreams, visions, steam, oil, gasoline, and the great oceans and all aquatic life therein. The current transit(2011-2025) of Neptune in Pisces(dignified) is truly dissolving all of our beliefs and structures so that we may start anew.

Powerful and regenerative Pluto, "discovered" or revealed in 1930, goes to Scorpio leaving energetic and pioneering Mars to Aries. Pluto is power, depth, intensity, sex, death, regeneration, and the underworld. It also has rule over dictatorship, world war, atomic power, pollution, destruction, elitism, globalism, big money, taxes, and politics. Pluto's current transit through Capricorn(2008-2024) is exposing all of the controlling tactics and manipulative horrors of our governments and corporations so that we can do away with them, and rebuild anew.

The next two planets or bodies will solve the rulerships of Venus and Mercury in that order so that there will be one ruling planet for every sign and astrology will finally be complete. Current candidates are Eris for Libra and Ceres for Virgo although by no means is this conclusive. Other candidates may be intra-Mercurial Vulcan and/or a body beyond both Pluto and Eris. Our Earth itself is another possibility as is the mysterious sun inside of it. There are several options at this point and it looks like we will have to wait for the answers

The planets are not really planets in the sense we have been taught. They are really just luminoius entities, far smaller and closer to us than astronomers have led us to believe. They may even be simply projections onto or beyond the dome or field above us. The projections, in all likelihood, stem from a central Earth point, known in esoteric circles as the inner central sun, and may therefore be easily controlled or reset. Or the planets may be actual deities or abodes for the deities. Same for the stars and comets and other heavenly bodies. In any case, we have a lot to unlearn and relearn.

Is Earth a planet? There is a battle of opinion now questioning whether the Earth is a ball/globe in space(modern view) or a flat plane or realm(ancient view). Personally, I am siding with the ancients on this one, as they have been around much longer and are not as stupid or ignorant as modern science has led us to believe. Quite the contrary.

Regardless of the true shape or construct of our Earth home, it is a fact that it too has an astrological influence, and that it exercises this influence via the Ascendant or Rising Sign(eastern horizon) -something astrologers have mysteriously failed to address or elucidate. Perhaps this is privy or controlled information on the part of the controllers. Whatever the reason, the Earth/Ascendant influence appears to be the most powerful in the chart and is a great key to demystifying and legitimizing astrology. The MC or Midheaven is another great astrological mystery perhaps connected to the dome or field above and around us and its central pivot through the Earth core.

When there are at least twelve major planets or bodies -one for each of the twelve signs, then astrology will be a much more precise, efficient, and complete interpretative system. It will also signal the completion of humanity itself. Let's face it, most of us are going through life, uncertain about either our origins or destinations. When astrology is complete, this will help fulfill or at least help understand our potentials to a much greater degree, as astrology's main purpose is to provide a basic framework to help us understand both ourselves and the world around us.

Libra Rising

About myself: Hello, my name is Nick and I am the webmaster for Librarising.com. I am Italian by birth but have lived most of my life here in Canada. I was always interested in astrology, as early as 12 years old, but did not really delve into it seriously until I was seventeen. That's when I drew up my first birth chart. I could never quite decide what to do with my life until the mid 1990's when the Internet became popular. In 1999 I bought my first computer and in 2003 I started my first website(librarising.com). I realized this was my true calling -sharing my knowledge of astrology and other subjects through the internet. The site lasted 13.5 years and then I took 2.5 year leave. I am now back and have more info to share, but at age 60(2019), my pace has slowed somewhat and I will only post when I feel the need to. I am also minmizing the celebrity charts section which took way too much of my time and generated much controversy. I will leave that to Astrotheme and Astrodienst. I will continue to cover various topics such as flat Earth and health but my main focus will be on important astrological issues which need to be further explored and resolved and hope that you will enjoy my input here.

Wishing everyone well,
Libra Rising

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