The Smoky God
A Voyage to the Inner World

This is the story of a Norwegian, Olaf Jansen, and his father, and their trip on a sail boat to the inner earth, via the glaciers of the north polar region. Olaf Jansen was born October 27th, 1811 and was ninteen years old when he took that fateful fishing trip with his father between April and June of 1829. It was after they reached Franz Josef Land from Stockholm that the two decided to venture even further north where they believed they would find the land of the "Chosen". After escaping a fierce storm and perilous icebergs they sailed smoothly for eleven days, always in what seemed to be a northerly direction. Then, around the 1st August they saw what appeared to be a red sun or planet which rose higher as they advanced inward. A few days later they reached the shores of of a mighty river which further carried them inland for another ten days coming to around the first of September. They anchored on a sandy beach whereupon they were greeted by six giant men whom befriended them(see picture below).

A glimpse of the red inner sun and a meeting with the inner earth giants.

They were taken onboard a huge ship apparently running on electricity, and two days later arrived at a city called Jehu, where they stayed for a year. According to Olaf's father, they were, geographically, somewhere beneath London or Stockholm. The people had large beautiful houses adorned with gold, which was a very common metal there. The principle occupation was agriculture and they had vineyards and grew grain. The vegetables and fruits were lush and huge and exquisitely delicious. The trees and forests and animals were also huge and the air was exceptionally invigorating. By the end of this first year, Olaf and his father learned to speak fluently the language of these people, similar to Sanskrit, from a special tutor and that is when the real learning began. They worshipped the red sun or planet which gave off a luminous white light for twelve hours during the day, but which appeared fiery red on mornings and evenings. The base or alter upon which their Deity, Jehovah, rests has small innumerable openings that appear as stars at night, and this night is produced by the Earth's rotation. They were also brought to the city of Eden in a conveyor car where they met the ruler or Great High Priest of their continent who was fourteen feet tall(see picture).

A meeting with the most high priest and a giant stampeding wooly mammoth.

Eden is an elevated beautiful garden through which four mighty rivers run in four directions dividing the the planet's interior. Earth's inner surface is three fourths land and one fourth water. This garden is the "navel of the earth" and the "cradle of the human race".The names of the rivers are Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon, and the Hiddekel. They spoke to the Priest for over two hours on various issues and then had to decide whether to stay or return to the outer earth. They decided to stay a while longer visiting more cities and learning more cultures. The children go to school for thirty years starting at age twenty. The learned men have an accurate idea of the earth's outer geography, and the general people are extremely musical and well educated in the arts and sciences, especially geometry and astronomy. Marriage occurs a little before or after 100 years of age and people generally live to be 600 to 800 years old. The animals there can be huge; birds with wingspans of hirty feet, tortoises up to thirty feet in length, and elephants up to 85 feet in height. Some of the trees here grow to 1000 feet in height and are 120 feet in diameter, and the forests extend hundreds of miles. A mist rises every evening and comes down as rain every twenty-four hours.

At least two years had passed when Olaf and his father decided to return home so they went back to Jehu and prepared their boat, and said farewell. They sailed the same way they came in(by the river Hiddekel)but met high winds so they decided to go in the opposite direction towards the south pole, taking some forty days. The next 100 days bcame more and more perilous because of the increasing ice and cold. At one point the boat was hurled by a jetting iceberg throwing Olaf onto another berg where he lost conciousness. Upon awakening there were no signs of either the boat or his father, and shortly after he was picked up by a whaling ship. Upon telling his story, he was chained and declared mad, so he learned to shut up untill he returned to Stockholm. He tried to tell his story there again, this time to his uncle, who then betrayed him and landed him in jail for 28 years. He was released in October 1862 and worked as a fisherman untill 1889, when he sold his buisness and came to Illinois, USA, all the while keeping silent about his experience in the inner earth.

In jail for 28 years for telling his story

It was here, in Illinois, during the next twelve years, where he retired and gathered his books. He then moved to Los Angeles in 1901 where he compiled all his imformation, and maps and drawings about his amazing experience. It is also here, in Los Angeles, where he met Willis George Emerson, to whom he entrusted his story at the age of 95, on his deathbed, and who later published his his book "The Smoky God".

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