In the book Etidorhpa by John Uri Loyd, A Freemason by the name of "I Am The Man" gives up all and is initiated into the Inner Earth world. His voyage begins in a Kentucky cave where he meets his strange guide who leads him on a fantastic journey through Middle Earth and on to the Unknown Country(Inner Earth).

The strangeness begins ten miles down where light becomes all permeating(no shadows) and where gravity starts to diminish. At 25 to 50 miles down, the Man looks much younger, loses two thirds of his weight, and develops a halo of light around him. He and his androgenous guide are able to leap like astronauts or the way we hop and glide in our dream state. On the way they see unusual marvels such as giant fungi and mountains made of giant salt crystals. They also enconter strange prehistoric-like animals and huge insects which can only be described as weird and wonderful.

Images from "Etidorhpa" -by John Uri Loyd

Giant mushrooms and strange creatures in Middle Earth at 25 to 50 miles below

Sloping ever downward to a depth of 150 miles, they come to a huge sea which they traverse at incredible speed in a small boat and with no wind or waves. At this depth the richness of the atmosphere almost eliminates your hunger and thirst and little or no rest or sleep is ever required. The heatbeat and breath almost cease and communication becomes near-telepathic.

Nearly weightless at 50 miles below and a great sea at 150 miles below

After traversing the sea they come to great precipe or bluff from which they plunge themselves falling blissfully for hundreds of miles until they reach the planet's energy or gravity center, where you are totally weightless, and where your heart and lungs cease, and where telepathy and mind-over-matter rule. They then effortlessly dock onto the lip of the inner earth surface where the Man meets his next guide and says farewell to his first one.

I Am The Man Arrives At The Inner Surface 700 miles below

This is where the story ends.

I Am The Man's Journey Through Middle Earth

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