Shaver's Deros and Teros

They use stim mechs(ray machines) to give us pain and pleasure in our dreams or waking states and influence all activity here on the surface while hiding deep underground.

They are the Deros(detrimental robots) and their better halves the Teros, leftover descendants of the Titans and Atlans(our ancestors) who came here many thousands of years ago to terraform and colonize Earth.

Everything went fine untill twelve thousand years ago, when the Sun emitted an enormous radioactive flare which poisoned the Earth and forced the Titans and Atlans(Lemurians and Atlanteans) to flee back into space or go underground. Those who remained here and were closer to the surface became insane and deformed(deros) while those who burroughed deeper underground managed to keep both their looks and sanity(teros). Both made use of the marvelous ray machines left over by the Titans to improve their lives, but the deros used them to further deteriorate and stir trouble for those humans who later adapted to surface conditions.

The deros are still here and plague humanity with war and conflict and pain and were it not for the teros who check and counter them, humanity would have long been extinct.

Deros are fat, ugly, mean, and stupid creatures who like to use humans for food and entertainment. They kidnap women and children into their caves or buy them in exchange for their technology. Many elevators in many of our cities go sideways and deep underground if you know how to use the buttons and reach the lairs or caves of the deros. There are stories too horrible to be told about what goes on with the human captives there. The reason the deros are still here is because of the powerful machines they use to make them smarter and almost invincible. Some are permanently seated or attached to the machines which they depend on for almost everything. Without them they are mindless idiots and lunatics.

the deros
leader of the Teros

The teros are trying to help us by destroying or controlling the deros but there are not enough of them and our leaders have for the most part sold out to these devils(deros). The deros are corrupting our leaders and stealing our woman and children and the situation is too horrible to be told.

Richard Sharpe Shaver saw these beings and was "stimmed" or terrorized by them for many years. He wrote his experiences in books or novels with the help of publisher Raymond Palmer in the 1940's and 50's. Books like "I Remenber Lemuria" and "The Shaver Mystery and the Inner Earth" as well as the stories and articles in the popular "Amazing Stories" magazine. Shaver says the stories are true even though they are written or presented as fiction.

Richard Shaver
Ray Palmer

Some of the strangest or most fascinating concepts presented by Shaver and his characters is that our aging and radioactive Sun is the cause of our own aging and deterioration, and that new suns or sunless worlds promote continuous growth or immortality. In "I Remember Lemuria", the hero Mutan Mion escapes to Nor, our 11th and last planet, where it is too distant to be effected by our Sun's disentegrative radiation. People here are hundreds of feet tall, extremely intelligent, and practically immortal.

Are the deros the true enemies of humans rather than the reptilians? Are they really behind all of our problems, and if so, how do we rid ourselves of them? Unfortunately Shaver doesn't give us many solutions. If the Sun is truly dangerous to us then we must learn to filter its effects. Rebuild the Earth's canopy? Go deep underground? Find another world, plane, or younger planet system?

It appears we are all victims of our environment. Before Noah's flood, several canopies enveloped the Earth protecting it to a great extent from dangerous solar or cosmic rays and causing us to grow to be giants and live for hundreds or even thousands of years, As these canopies were stripped one by one through war or cosmic catastrophe we slowly deteriorated in almost every way to the level we are today. The Earth's shell is another type of canopy for the planet's interior life which is much healthier than that of our outer surface. Our current atmosphere protects us to some degree but it is obviously not enough and we are even destroying this little we have left. That may be why the world is currently going insane.

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