Hollow Earth

When I first heard about the hollow earth back in 1987 my life took on a new meaning and perspective; a new world opened up beneath my feet and the ramifications were far-reaching. Up untill then I had only a vague and superficial conception of my place in the universe based mostly on religious and scientific teachings, but now, thanks to esoteric teachings, I have much more depth. Another large piece of the puzzle has been added and the concepts of heaven, paradise, and hell now have much more substance and reality for me, as does my understanding of astrology and many other religious, mystical, or philosophical teachings. We must look into ALL sources of knowledge, exoteric or esoteric, to arrive at the complete picture for no one source has all the answers. Untill then, we will continue to suffer in darkness and disunity.

Ever since the first nuclear detonations in 1945 over Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Inner Earth leaders, both good and bad, have stepped up the monitoring of our Outer Earth surface, regularly sending reconnaisance UFO ships as well as using satelite surveillance and other means. The bridge between our technologies is closing and the time for a reunification of both worlds(inner and outer) is at hand. The problem is that there are two opposing forces with contradictory agendas for this unity. The negative inner earth denizens located mostly in Middle Earth(Earth's cavernous shell) want our enslavement, whereas the positive inner earth people located mostly on the planet's inner concave surface want our liberation and regeneration. Fortunately the negatives are dwindling in number as more and more of us here on outer earth are waking up and choosing the path to peace and harmony. Even the prophecies indicate that the vast majority of humankind will choose life over death and truth over lies. Eradicating what's left of the negative forces, however, will be no easy matter, but it will and must be done if the prophesied Millennium or new Golden Age is to become a reality.

There is a massive conspiracy to hide the true nature of our planet -that it is hollow, oblate, and inhabited within. Access to the hollow interior is principally through the north polar opening which is some 1200 to 1400 miles wide. There is also a south polar opening, but it is mostly covered with snow and ice. At about 77 degrees north lattitude the the planet starts flattening out and around 82 degrees north lattitude it starts curving inwards and one can catch glimpses of the earth's inner central sun which lights and warms the interior and which is behind the aurora borealis. There is a noticeable rise in temperature in these lattitudes and salt water turns into fresh and wildlife is more abundant and the compass needle goes wild and then points south instead of north. Admiral E. Byrd flew over and into the north polar opening in a secret American expedition in 1947 and confirmed all of these facts but was sworn to silence over the matter. All of the major powers have bases stationed in the Arctic in a united but hushed attempt to probe the secrets of the hole at the pole and the interior world, but they are restricted entry by the more powerful inner earth governments or societies which they fear. Before every golden age the ice and snow around the polar openings melt and evaporate forming water or ice canopies around the planet and liberating access to the inner earth.

Most of us grew up learning in science class that our planet is a round solid ball of earth with a molten fiery core at its center from whence comes our volcanic activity. While this sounds reasonable at first, the flaws soon start to come out. First of all, a solid Earth, down to its core, has way too much weight and mass to spin so quietly and perfectly on its axis. Secondly, whoever designs, builds, or creates planets would see the wisdom of both minimizing weight and maximizing space; a solid planet can only be mostly inhabited on its outer surface, whereas a hollow one would have two livable surfaces. Also, a hollow planet would be easy to relocate should the need arise whereas a solid one would tax everyone's energy(planets can be moved by the levitating beams of huge space ships). The interior of a hollow planet would in fact be much more liveable or comfortable than its outer area, being protected indefinitely from dangerous rays, winds, collisions, or even invasions -it would be akin to the interior of a house or car. And just like a house or car, it would have regulated heating and a light source(an inner central sun). A hollow oblate earth with polar openings also maximizes energy flow(electrical or magnetic), provides greater room for multi-plane or multi-level existence, and simplifies or eases travel.

Planets are like house -hollow and inhabited within. They are intelligently designed using the sturdiest materials and providing the greatest amount of living space. The round design of a planet or world is superior to the squarish or rectangulal design of our modern dwellings. While easier to build, anyone with occult knowledge will tell you that the sharp angles and edges of our modern dwellings(incuding pyramids) foster or promote negative or discordant energies, whereas the round or curved dwellings(such as the igloo) foster harmony and well being. Houses are built primarily to be lived on the inside and so it is with planets. We of outer earth are living on the roof or balcony, exposed to the often brutal climate. The inner central sun of a planet can be compared to the light fixture in a simple room or dwelling. The polar openings or entrances are the main doors and the shell is one circular wall. Portals and gateways can be represented by windows and garages. Finally, a neighbourhood can represent a solar system, a city a galaxy, and a planet the universe -it's all relative.

Admiral Byrd made two historic but unnanounced trips to the hollow earth, via airplane, both funded by the U.S.government. The first was 1700 mile trip, via Alaska, to the north polar opening, in February of 1947, where Byrd described seeing vast forests and what looked like running herds of animals. The second was a 2300 mile trip to the south polar opening, via McMurdo Sound in the Antarctic in 1956, where he also saw vegetation and bodies of water before returning for lack of fuel. While the purpose of these trips was to gather sensitive data concerning the Earth's interior, leakage of the events served to strengthen the notion and reality that our planet is indeed hollow. Further news of this, was however, repressed, and Byrd was sworn to silence as well. Byrd, however, did leave some writings, some of which were leaked and described the Admiral's ecstatic descriptions of "The Unknown Country".

Steve Currey's Expedition Company of Provo Utah, has agreed to charter a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker from Adventure Associates and is standing by to take the first 100 people to sign up for this historic voyage, slated for June-July of 2005. This red icebreaker will leave from Murmansk, Russia and head for the geographic North Pole north of Franz Josef Island. From there it will go to the Siberian Islands and then head inward into the open ocean of Inner Earth. If all is successful it will continue to travel inward untill it reaches the Inner Continent. This is basically the same route Olaf Janssen and his father took in the book The Smoky God. Along the inner continent is the great river Hiddekel which brings you to the city of Jehu in the land of Eden, the home of the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, and the cradle of the human race. There is no guarantee that the goal will be reached, but it is an incredible opportunity for a number of brave and adventurous souls to settle once and for all the mystery of the hollow earth. For details concerning the trip go here

There are a total of twelve continents or land masses on or in the Earth -one for every planet in our solar system; six are outer, and six are inner(inside our hollow Earth). The outer continents, all of which begin with the letter A are; Asia(including Europe), Africa, Australia, America North, America South, and snow-covered Antarctica. The Arctic is mostly ice and snow and sea leading directly to the hollow interior of the planet via a huge polar opening. Here gravity reverses and one reaches the shores of the seventh inner polar continent which Admiral E. Byrd had the fortune of witnessing in his aerial trip in 1947. There he saw vast forests and lakes and even animal life. The other five continents are further inward and not much is revealed concerning them. It may very well be that what is land here is ocean or water in the inner earth, and what is ocean here is land there. If this is so, then the inner earth surface is three fourths land and one-fourth water! Every planetary encounter a-la-Velikovsky was instrumental in the forming or shaping of one of the continents leaving its astrological imprint on it, and the Earth reciprocating its own inprint on the visiting planet. North America, for example, is Uranus-ruled, and may have been formed in some long-forgotten encounter with the planet Uranus.

There are hundreds of large cities miles beneath the earth, many of which are interconnected by tunnels through which high speed shuttles navigate, using magnetics for propulsion. Some of these are government or scientific installations while others are more alien or otherworldly bases. Some of these cities or communities are located in or under mountains while others are in large underground caverns. Nearly everyone knows about Telos a mile or so beneath Mt. Shasta in California. Not everyone knows that nearly every major city on the planet has its roots in an inner city beneath it. Secret elevators or shafts in some buildings lead to these duplicate cities, to which only certain individuals are allowed or have access to. Most underground cities are built for protection in times of war or natural catastrophes, as well as for secret and often forbidden projects or activities.

In "The Smoky God" Olaf Jansen and his father are invited to visit the fabled city of Eden inside the hollow earth. They board an electric rail car which whisks them away across mountains and valleys at incredible speeds. They finally arrive in Eden which is located in a valley on top of the highest point of the "Inner Continent", some several thousand feet high. Eden is a beautiful garden with all manner of fruits, vines, shrubs, trees and flowers. It is the navel of the Earth and cradle of the human race with four rivers running through it -the Euphrates, Pison, Gihon, and Hiddekel. These rivers, sourcing from a mighty artesian fountain, divide the entire inner earth surface into four sections or quadrants. Olaf and his father were brought to a palatial hall before the Great High Priest or ruler of the continent, who was fourteen feet tall and richly robed. They discussed, in a type of Sanskrit, all manner of subjects for a few hours before leaving to visit the rest of the country. The giant people of Eden and elsewhere marry between the ages of seventy-five and one hundred and live to be 600 to 800 years old. They are very musical and educated in the arts, maths and sciences. They build, farm, raise cattle, and communicate and travel with electrical gadgets. Everything is huge, from the people to the houses to the trees to the animals.

About a mile or so beneath Mount Shasta in northern California, in a large cavern, is the domed city of Telos, where over 1.5 million descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria live. The city was built over 14,000 years ago as a haven from the war and destruction going on between Atlantis and Lemuria. Telos is connected by transport tunnels to hundreds of other similar cities and to the main Agarthean hub beneath the Gobi desert. The citizens of Telos are scientifically advanced using teleportation and levitation devices. They grow their food hydroponically, and have holodeck rooms(just like on Star Trek) for purposes of learning and entertainment. They use space ships(noiseless and invisible) for interplanetary travel, and the city's main power source is a huge central crystal the size of a skyscraper. Sharula/Bonnie, a 275+ year old emissary for Telos(she looks 30) who sometimes comes to the surface, relates that her people and many others are waiting for the day when surface and subsurface populations unite and freely intermingle.

According to the late theologian Theodore Fitch, there are actually ten times more people living inside the Earth than there are on its outer surface. This means that the planet's total population is in excess of 60 billion! The planet's 800 mile thick shell is multi-layered, like an apartment complex, and houses many strange races and civilizations. In his book, Inner Earth Peoples, available at Health Research Books, Fitch also states that the Earth was once much larger than it is today, its boudaries stretching twice as far out as the Moon. There is a dark, negative, and almost impenetrable astral layer surrounding the planet some 30 to 100 miles up where negative entities abide. In and beyond this are various belts of rock and ice invisible to the naked eye separating the first(atmosphere), second(sub-lunar), and third(post-lunar) heavens which are also populated. In the third heaven is a planetary object which he calls the New Jerusalem. Outward or inward, this planet is a lot more populated than we care to imagine.

All the people of inner earth(those on the other side of the gravity line) walk upside down from us with their heads pointing to the inner central sun. This stimulates their upper or higher chakras more than it does their lower ones, resulting in higher brain and psychic functions. Here, on outer earth, our heads are pointing away from the inner central sun, with our lower chakras receiving most of the stimulation, resulting in lower carnal pursuits. Its no wonder were so f--ked up! Lying down or standing on your head improves the situation somewhat, but the real solution is to live on the inner earth concave surface, where your higher centers are constantly being stimulated by that life-giving orb overhead, and where the lower centers are kept at bay.

Gravity decreases dramatically just 10 to 25 miles beneath outer Earth's ocean level greatly improving your physical health. Here aging slows down and hunger and thirst begin to dissapear. The air, especially in caverns, is richly revitalizing due to the solar light which is filtered and dispersed as it penetrates the earth and surrounds you as a halo. Below 25 miles you lose two thirds of your weight and can hop around like the astronauts did on the Moon. You also become younger, smarter, stronger, and need very little rest or sleep. Light emanates from everywhere so that there are no shadows. All of these conditions intensify as you approach the planet's gravity center 700 miles down from the outer surface, where breath and heartbeat cease, where there is no weight, where telepathy becomes natural, and where thoughts move and shape matter. This is all described in the book Etidorpha by John Uri Loyd.

Contrary to scientific teaching and popular belief, the Earth's true gravity center is not at its core but within its 800 mile thick shell. The Earth is hollow with polar openings and an interior sun. This sun is some 600 to 700 miles in diameter. The Earth'd shell varies in thickness from 400 to 800 miles in diameter(thicker near the equator) and the polar openings are anywhere from 800 to 1400 miles wide. Earth has two magnetic fields; one which originates from the inner central sun and travels very slowly around the poles and is the source of our aurora borealis and Van Allen belt or magnetosphere, and the other coming from inside the Earth's shell which gives us our gravity and which is variously placed at 300 to 700 miles beneath the planet's outer surface(deeper at the equator). This gravity center within the Earth's shell is the spirit of the Earth itself and is the official dividing line between inner and outer Earth. Gravity is some six times greater on the outer surface of the planet than on its inner surface so that much greater effort is needed to sustain life here. At the Equator, 700 miles down, we reach zero gravity(weightlessness) where the body is at perfect rest and becomes immortal or non-decaying. As we continue towards the inner surface for another hundred miles, gravity REVERSES, so that people and animals and all things here stand upside down from us! Their heads all point towards the inner central sun which lights and warms the interior of the planet. With unly one-sixth of the gravity of outer Earth, everything grows much faster and larger here and the length and quality of life is also proportionately greater. Astrologically, the ascendant or rising sign influence comes from this spiritual gravity center located deep within our planet's shell.

The heaving of our chest(breathing) and the beating of our heart(blood flow)are abnormal conditions brought on by an abnormal environment. In John Uri Loyd's "Etidorpha", I Am The Man's guide explains that because of outer earth's intense gravity, our bodies must work extra hard to distribute oxygen evenly throughout -hence the heaving and beating. In zero gravity, however, no such pressure exists, therefore no breathing or bloodflow is required. This perfect state of equilibrium is experienced in the Earth's central gravity sphere some 700 miles below the outer surface. Here mind becomes ruler over matter and there is no ageing or degeneration. The inner earth surface is also quite good with only one-sixth the gravity of outer earth. This minimal gravity and its cocooned state are what make inner earth paradise-like. Outer earth can also become paradise-like once the planet's water canopy is restored and climate, light, and gravity are stabilized and/or equalized as a result.

Dinosaurs and giant reptiles still roam some parts of the inner earth, especially in some of the vast caverns tens and hundreds of miles beneath our feet. Most were imported or dumped here from other worlds and terrorized both human and mammal alike. They were still around untill the great floods and other natural and technologically induced catastrophes wiped them out. In fact, there was a campaign from other-worlders, such as the Martians, to exterminate the beasts using any means possible. Some of the beasts, however, found their way into the caves and tunnels going deep into the earth and there continued to propagate, although in much smaller numbers. In the book "The Coming Race" by Edward Bulwer Lytton, the main character of the story descends into a mine and meets with a race called the Gy whose children use the power of the Vril stick to destroy giant human-devouring reptiles -and this is somewhere beneath the eastern United States in the late 1800's! Ocassionally, some of the beasts find their way back up onto our outer surface, but they are quickly "taken care of"(executed), and it is not generally reported.

Many of the numerous earthquakes around the globe are being caused by titanic inner earth struggles between the forces wishing to liberate this planet and those who wish to continue keeping it enslaved. A particular target is the Agarthian citadel of the King of the World beneath Tibet, and his evil serpentine magicians, who were reputedly ousted from their stronghold in 1948 by a group of 500 empowered Lamas. The bulk of the most devastating earthquakes in recorded history tend to occur in and around China, the most recent of which occurred in July of 1976 in Tangshan which killed a quarter of a million people. Nuclear and ray weapons are used in an outer/inner earth joint effort to destroy the reptillian lairs which pocket the planet. Some of these lairs are imbedded in the north and south polar ice caps waiting to be reactivated(when the ice melts). Could the great Alaska earthquake of 1964 have anything to do with the attempted removal of such infestations?

Hell or tartarus is also located in the inner earth. It's a huge cavity in the earth's shell reserved as a prison or abode for powerful but evil entities who supposedly await judgement. Among them are the Nephilim or Titans who who interbred with human females and corrupted the Pre-Flood World. Tartarus is described in the Book of Enoch as a world of wonder and horror. In August of 1989, Russian geologists and oil diggers, drilling 12 miles beneath the Siberian planes hit upon a hollow into which they lowered a microphone hearing what sounded like the screams of humans in pain. They then lowered a small camera and began videotaping what looked like bodies laying motionless on incandescent rocks and a light moving among them. Three minutes later everything malfunctioned and heat and sulphur spewed through the dig hole and the site had to be abandoned. Could they have hit upon a region of Hell?!

The time is soon coming once again when the polar ice and snow evaporate to form a cloud, water, or ice canopy around the planet, equalizing the climate and liberating access to the inner earth. Ancient caves, tunnels, and portals will also be reopened re-establishing middle earth as the bridge or gateway between the planet's inner and outer surfaces. Magnetic grids, ley lines, and other power vortices will be reactivated to further restore and reunite the planet to its original and intended state as well as reconnect us to the rest of the solar system and beyond. Imagine all the progress when over 60 billion people from all parts of the planet(there are 10 times more people inside the Earth than there are on its surface) pool their knowledge and resources as well as that from other worlds! This will all happen once we are finally liberated from the alien and hostile rulers of our world.

The accelerating meltdown of the polar regions over the last forty years, particularly in the North, is leading inexorably to a merger with the hollow inner earth world. In the last golden age of Atlantis some eleven to thirteen thousand years ago, a set of water or ice canopies covered the planet creating a paradise-like environment throughout, and connecting both inner and outer earth via the polar openings, which were then ice-free. Beginning around eleven thousand years ago, destructive wars caused the eventual collapse of these canopies, bringing down massive worldwide flooding and drastic climate changes, which in turn decimated the quality and length of our lives. The floodwaters gradually receded or gravitated towards the polar regions and turned to ice and snow, forming a protective barrier to the still pristine inner earth. Over the last three hundred years or so, inner earth has been grooming or preparing outer earth with its concepts and technologies for an eventual merging of the two societies. The melting of the polar regions and the re-establishment of the earth's water or ice canopies is the next logical step to this merger. Whether this merger will lead to a truly global and utopian society or government has yet to be determined.

Since Uranus' entry into Scorpio in late 1975, many outer earthers have been selected or invited to visit the inner earth for study and training to become leaders for the coming merger between inner and outer earth. This merger has been going on for hundreds of years, but has only really intensified during the last fifty with the burgeoning of technology and the internet. Most of our technology comes from the inner earth but we only get the tail end of it. Inner earth computers are organic and holographic in nature, able to function on the astral as well as material plane. There is a secret internet that connects inner and outer earth leaders. These leaders know that the Earth will undergo a pole shift within the next five to ten years and are preparing themselves for it. News of this is being leaked to various individuals whose responsibility it is to warn the public. These individuals can be inner earth trainees or outer earthers who have been given such imformation through direct or indirect means. Many of us are being trained or readied on a subconcious or dream level to face the coming changes. If the Mayan calendar is correct, the shift should occur in late 2007 or just over five years before the Mayan end date of December 2012. This is, however, by no means a certainty. What is certain is that the planet's magnetic field will totally collapse just before the pole shift occurs.The negatves will use the chaos of the shift for their own selfish and destructive purposes, whereas the positives will use it as a stepping stone for personal and planetary improvement.

The Moon is even more hollow than the Earth, due to its very thin shell(some 90 miles thick). Scientists noted that when a sizeable meteorite hit the moon, its shell would vibrate and ring like a bell. Similar effects could be produced by aiming a powerful sonic beam at the Moon from Earth. This could only mean that the Moon is hollow, as are all heavenly bodies. This would also mean that it would not take much force to destroy or relocate it. Like the Earth, our Moon is dominated by malevolent forces which reside in its interior or hide on the dark side(which is one reason we always see one side only). Our Moon is artifically kept from rotating for reasons which can only benefit the dark forces and undermine humanity. I once asked a psychic friend to scan the Moon's interior for life and he described ghastly, vampirical, flying creatures, of an etheric(non-physical) nature.

The planet Mars, like all other planets, has a hollow interior. What look like or are described as ice or snow caps are actually clouds lit by the planet's inner sun which shines through the polar openings. The north polar opening looks like a huge crater with clouds in and around it as can be seen in this NASA Hubble Space Telescope photograph at Rodney McCluff's "World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow" website. While the surface of Mars appears barren and scarred(the result of numerous interplanetary wars) it is altogether diffent underneath. Numerous colonies from Earth and elsewhere are thriving in underground bases, and the inner interior surface of the planet is as populated and advanced as any other planet in our system. Martians look much like humans except for their hair which is mostly reddish in coloring. They are good at science and mechanics and building space ships and have an active interest and participation in Earth affairs. This interaction is at its peak during Mars' close approaches to Earth.

Edmund Halley of comet fame was one of the earliest proponents of the hollow earth. Edmund concluded that there were other bodies within the Earth to account for the varying directions of the Earth's magnetic field. He proposed four concentric spheres, all inhabited and nestled inside each other like a Chinese box puzzle, and all with their own magnetic fields. The outermost is of course the Earth while the second and third innermost are of the size of Mars and Venus. The fourth or inner core he compares to Mercury. All of these inner shells are bathed in perpetual luminous light. He also postulated that the aurora borealis was the result of escaped gases coming from the Earth's interior. Leonard Euler, a swiss mathematician, was the first to modify Edmund's theory into a single hollow sphere with a central sun some 600 miles in diameter. Sir John Leslie proposed that there were two central suns which he named Pluto and Prosperine. Symmes, Gardner, and Bernard followed with our present modern concept of a single shell, two large polar openings, and a central luminary.

By far the strangest concept of the hollow earth belongs to the late Koreshian leader Cyrus Teed. He envisioned all of our universe contained in a hollow ball 8000 miles in diameter which we call Earth. We are living on the inside concave surface of the Earth with the Sun Moon and stars circling around its infinite inner center. We are held down not by gravity but by centrifugal force.The Moon is half a mile across and some 3933 miles over our heads. The Sun is only 8 feet across, and the stars are microscopic spots clustered around the center(everything shrinks as you go deeper towards this infinite inner center). Rock and soil stretch infinitely outside of the Earth. He says the scientists have it all backwards -you figure.

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