Inner Earth Schematic

Heaven is an inner, central, and solar location, whereas Paradise and Hell are outer, earthly, or planetary locatioins. A good example of this is the common wheel; the hub or center represents Heaven whereas the rim represents Earth, of which Paradise and Hell are part. The spokes of the wheel represent the interconnecting roads or gateways between the two.

The horoscope chart is another example with its center, spokes and rim, as is Plato's landscape description of the legendary city of Atlantis. The Atlantis construct, however, which is a series of rings one inside the other, goes farther by including an even more interior or central component called the New Jerusalem(see diagram below).

Atlantean Model of the Hollow Earth

This scheme is universal and holds true for all heavenly abodes, whether they be lunar, planetary, solar, galactic, or universal. The exceptions are those abodes have been corrupted by evil forces, but even then, the basic structure holds.

Earth's outer surface where we now live was originally a Paradise, in the manner of its interior surface. This was made possible by a canopy or watery firmament which covered and insulated the entire planet(except near the poles). There may even have been a series of these canopies, which have been destroyed and rebuilt throughout long periods of history. Noah's flood is the latest of these destructions the date of which varies anywhere from 10,000 to 2000 BC.

After falling, the flood waters receded to the polar areas where they are to this day and will someday evaporate to once again form a canopy around our planet. This may happen when our orbit changes and we are once again exposed to our binary sun system. All of the other planets appear to have canopies or thick cloud covers except for our earth and moon, which appear to have been purposely positioned in a way not to receive the strong radiations from another sun or star behind our visible sun. Or it may be that Earth's inner central sun is being somehow hindered from emanating its full power, which would melt the ice caps and produce a cloud cover over the planet.

Earth's Gravity Center

Gravity continually lessens as we go deeper into the Earth untill we reach a point some 700 miles down from the outer surface to an area of zero gravity. This is the Earth's central gravity sphere, which is less than a mile thick and around which the planet's shell has accumulated. This is the soul or spirit of the Earth where there is perfect peace and harmony. You are weightless and breathless here and your mind dictates your body and there is no physical decomposition meaning you can practically live forever. There is a more detailed description of this zone in the book Etidorpha mentioned earlier. The other amazing thing about this zone is that as you head towards the remaining 100 miles leading to the Earth's interior surface, gravity reverses! This means that everyone or everything on the interior side of the gravity line are walking or standing upside down from us! Earth's central gravity sphere is the actual dividing line between outer and inner Earth!

Inner Earth

Inner Earth is the true home of man. It is where he began and where he will return. Planets are like houses; they were meant to be lived primarily on the inside -yet here we are living on the roof or balcony! Adam or the white race was created in Paradise Eden inside the planet, but rebelled or disobeyed like all of the older and darker races before him and was expelled to the surface. Outer surface Earth is reserved for rebel man to do as he wills. If he wishes to remain or re-enter Paradise he must remain pure or obey certain rules.

Paradise or Eden is the interior surface of the planet, which is 6/7ths land and 1/7th water, and which is illuminated and warmed by an interior sun. Because of the central sun's location, it is never dark here, and the temperature is always in the mid-seventies farenheight throughout(slightly cooler near the poles). There are no storms and very little wind. Because of the ideal climate, everything grows to giant size compared to what is on our outer surface. There are grapes the size of melons and trees the size of mountains. Even the animals and humans are huge. The average human here is 9 to 14 feet tall and the lifespan is 600 to 900 years and often longer. The people are mostly vegetarians or fruitarians, and some don't even eat at all! Because of the natural abundance here there is little if any crime, nor is there any pollution, or need of government and an economy. Everyone is basically self-sufficient and spends their time developing their natural talents for the good of their community. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and all of the higher senses are natural here. People marry late, if at all, and sex is magnetic rather than coital. When someone dies it is by will more than by age or circumstance. They revere the deity who resides on/in the inner central sun which they call heaven, and which is where their spirit goes to at death. For more details on the inner earth read The Smoky God by Willis George Emerson, or The Hollow Earth by Dr.Raymond Bernard.

The inner Earth is also the home of flying saucers both of earthly and otherworldly origins. Middle and Inner Earth kingdoms such as Shamballa and Agartha keep in touch with groups from other parts of our universe. Our governments know about the inner or hollow earth and have even sent expeditions there, not all of which were successful. The reptoids and negative leaders of outer and middle earth wish to invade and conquer the inner earth, but they have not been allowed to do so, for this would mean the end of humanity and this planet. There will eventually be an all-out war(armageddon) between the inner and outer earth leaders. One of these inner earth leaders are the biblical ten tribes of Israel who symbolize our lost ten DNA strands. Great Britain(Sun) and the United States(Moon) symbolize our basic two strands.

Hell or Tartarus

The Book of Enoch describes a number of cavities, valleys, or hollows, in the Earth's shell wherein are imprisoned fallen spirits or angels and other sick or monstrous entitities that are reserved for judgement once the divine plan for humanity is accomplished on this planet. Adjacent or nearby are other valleys or chasms containing the spirits of all those who have been victimized by these fallen entities, continually crying out for revenge. There are also areas reserved for those who have yet to die and be judged. Apparently, provisions have been made within the shell and astral regions of the planet for the temporal or permanent housing of all manner of souls or spirits.

In the book Etidorpha, I Am The Man and his guide traverse some of these hell regions which are variously located in the many caverns and rivers which pocket the earth's shell. Distorted human shapes, animal men, apparitions, eerie and invisible presences, unearthly sounds and voices, reptillians, demons, shapeshifters, gargoyles, deros and teros, fairies, devas, elementals, giants, prehistoric reptiles, serpent people, and anything else that is generally considered "forbidden". The Sinbad movies do a good job of portraying many of the elements of these hell regions.

While most of the hell regions are hundreds of miles deep within the earth, some are very near the outer or inner surfaces, and one or more may even span the entire diameter of the shell.

Heaven or Earth's Inner Sun

When the bible speaks of "heaven and earth" no one is quite sure where heaven is. Most think it is some otherworldly realm accessible only to the righteous, or that it is a pure state of mind and spirit, but not many think of it as an actual physical location. The truth is heaven can be just as physical as it is spiritual. In fact, heaven is always an inner central and solar location, and there are many heavens. The nucleus of an atom is a heaven as is the center of our galaxy. In fact, there are twelve major levels of heaven from the sub-atomic to the center of our Creation. Each level is smaller or larger by a factor of 1000. In Earth's case, the factor increases to 1200, as the Sun's diameter(800,000 miles) divided by 1200 equals 666(oh!oh!)miles, or the approximate diameter of our planet's inner sun.

Earth's inner sun or heaven is where we came from at birth and where we go to at death. It is the Grand Central Station of incoming and outgoing souls and that "light" at the end of the tunnel. Here we decide whether to reincarnate or to go to other worlds. All of the planetary suns of our solar system are directly linked to one another and to the main sun, which is in turn linked to other solar system suns and so on down to the center of creation. In this way everything is linked and accessible.

Earth's inner sun is also hollow and contains an island city called The New Jerusalem. This is a type of the greater New Jerusalem found inside the center of our solar system sun. Read Phoebe Marie Holme's"My Visit To The Sun. In this city is the home of our planetary God who oversees all of humanity from his central location.

Earth's inner sun occasionally exits one of the Earth's polar openings to execute judgement upon surface humanity, and this is known biblically as the "Day of the Lord".

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