Orgone and Zappers

In this age of technological proliferation and wizardry it behooves the spiritual aspirant to arm him or herself with as many counter weapons as possible if he or she is to cross into the promised Golden Age unharmed. Of course, your first line of defense is your own spiritual or moral integrity, but this may not be enough.

The evil leaders of the coming New World Order will try to get to you physically, mentally, and emotionally, if not spiritually. They have incredible technology and occult powers at their disposal which can easily undermine the integrity of any human being. This is done largely through the chemical poisoning of our soil, food, water, and air, to electro-magnetic(television, HARP, ELF, etc), and psychic manipulation.

Fortunately, thanks to the brave work of individuals like Tesla(coil developer), Wilhelm Reich(orgone discoverer), Hulda Clark(zapper promoter), and Don Croft(modern-day orgone pioneer), we have a few means at our disposal to protect ourselves against the evildoers, and even do war with them.

Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Hulda Clark, and Don Croft(with daughter)


One of the most promising and exciting devices being made increasingly available to the public in this 21st century are the orgone generators or accumulators whose principles and workings were first introduced or made popular by Wilhelm Reich in the 1950's, and repopularized today by Don Croft. Also known as "chembusters" and HHG's(Holy Hand Grenades), these orgone accumulators/transformers have tremendous healing and protective capacities.

What is orgone? It is chi or prana or the universal life force sustaining our universe. It is pre or sub-atomic and highly oxygenated and it through this oxygenation process that it builds and heals. It is the creative life force, and it is regulated by your crystalline-based pineal gland or third eye which is the master gland of the body. Because of pollution, chemicals, and bad habits, our pineal, by the time we are adults, has shrunk from the size of a golf ball to that of a dried-up pea, and so have our spiritual powers. The planet as a whole is orgone or oxygen-deficient thanks to the interference of the anti-human groups who seek to control and own our planet.

Since most of us are at a loss spiritually, we must fight the enemies of humanity in other ways, and one of those ways is through orgone technology which is more organic than it is artificial, and therefore more powerful. This technology tries to restore the original orgone content of the planet by amplifying it via crystals, coils, and other elements, strategically placed or combined. Not only do these devices create or amplify orgone or the creative life force, but they neutralize and convert negative orgone(DOR) into positive energy. Croft states that as soon as they hit the ground, HHG's attract, energize or empower sylphs and elementals(nature spirits) to do their natural restorative and repair work to the environment.

The Great Pyramid in Egypt is a giant orgone device, as are all pyramydal structures around the planet. Unfortunately, they have been deactivated because of improper use. An orgone device can be inverted to destroy as well as create, which is what happened long ago when dark occult forces destroyed Atlantis and Lemuria. Inner Earth children in Edward Bulwer Lytton's "The Coming Race" were trained to use vril sticks(orgone wands) to kill the huge beasts(saurians) that sought to devour them. The New Jerusalem to descend on Earth will also be one huge orgone device. Mountains and trees are of course nature's own natural orgone producers balancing our climate. Large-scale deforestation is a major crime of the evil ones to turn this planet into lifeless desert. Orgone can also be harnessed to power cars and utilities and will eventually replace polluting fossil fuels which are also destabilizing our climate.

Orgone devices can be pyramydal or conical or cylindrical or in pendant or other forms and have no size limit. They can even be made into rings, toys, furniture, and just about anything else. It is as much an art as a science, and the more attractive you make them -the more they will attract and generate positive influences. A common handmade unit is four by four inches and has an astounding effective radial range of roughly one fourth of a mile. The power of an orgone generator is exponentially enhanced when configured with other generators, usually in triangular or hexagonal fashion. They are constructed of a moulded resin matrix interspersed with metal shavings(usually copper or aluminum) and containig a central quartz crystal surrounded by a copper coil. More coils, crystals, and minerals, are added for enhancement. The resin attracts the orgone, the crystals amplify it, the coil directs it, and the metal shavings repel it. Astrology, Feng Shui, and other occult disciplines can be used to select auspicious times, places, materials, and purposes for your orgone generators. Below are pictures of orgone devices which I personally have in my own possession.

HHG's("Holy Hand Grenades" or orgone generators)

The Benefits of HHG's

Worn or placed strategically in and around your house, neighbourhood, car, or workplace, HHG's can...

-eliminate toxins, poisons and radiation from the air

-defeat chemtrails and keep your skies clear

-improve breathing, help those with asthma

-promotes natural health, keep you from catching every flu virus under the sun

-knock out bad thunderstorms before they get to your area, chill out tornados headed your way

-asphyxiate evil, aliens can't breathe around it and it burns them!

-keep demonic entities out of your home and yard.

-nullify the effects of the strong subliminal messaging NWO towers erected everywhere

-Stop ELF attacks

-help you sleep better

-stop sleep abductions

-emit positive energy, evil can't stand being around it!

-become a defensive weapon in the last days to combat aliens and the NWO

-stop headaches and migraines, improves overall health

-minimize hurricane damage, improve gardens, lawns, and crops

improves the moral nature of the people around you

from Sherry

Put a small one under your bed and sleep better, bury one in your garden and watch your plants and vegetables double or triple in size, put one near your water main and disenfect your water supply, gift them to your friends and neighbours and watch them prosper, the uses and benefits are endless. Instructions on how to make them yourself are easily available on the internet. One of my favourites is Wizzer's Workshop, as well as Educate Yourself.Org. An excellent directory on orgone and orgone-related products is Elementals Orgone Directory.

Cloudbusters and Chembusters

There are also what is known as "cloud busters and chem or chemtrail busters" which work under the same principles but which utilize several copper tubes filled with crystals and shavings and alligned together in various ways(see pictures below). These are much more powerful and is what Reich was experimenting with in his latter years, except that in Reich's case it was only an accumulator and much more dangerous to use. Present day chembusters are much safer, neutralizing the negative orgone(DOR) and sending it back in positive form. Both instruments were/are capabale of greatly modifying the weather and ambiency and are even capable of making deserts bloom, or bringing down negative alien ships(like in War of the Worlds). Mostly, however, the chembuster accumulates, neutralizes, or negates negative orgone energy and and transmutes it into positive energy, and its range is vast(45 miles or more radius). At least one in each city or town around the world can literally turn this planet into a garden paradise. One must be careful however not to touch the tubes when it is transmuting negative orgone or DOR.Educate Yourself.Org. has an excellent article on how to build a chembuster.

Reich cloudbuster and modern chembuster

Chembusters emit a powerful blue beam(orgone) of light upwards into the atmosphere piercing through the thick but invisible negative energy matrix which imprisons this planet. The rips and holes and the recycling or transmuting of this negative web energy allows reconnection with Earth's true matrix which lies just outside of it. Fully functional pyramids stationed throughhout the planet's key gridpoints(energy pores or centers) once served to maintain a a canopy or set of canopies around the planet inducing an Eden-like environment on outer Earth. When these were destroyed the ice or water canopies fell and produced mass flooding and general deterioration to the point where we are today. Chemtrail or cloud busters are the crude forerunners of this pyramidal utopia and the elf towers are its antithesis.

The greatest orgone portals blocked or restricted by the negative energy matrix or web are the north and south polar openings, which lead to a hollow earth, and the true source of our orgone or prana or life force -the Earth's Inner Sun. Various means have been cunningly devised by the evil ones to curtail, repress , divert, or diminish the eternal and divine life force(holy spirit) of this inner sun in order to weaken and control us. HHG's and chembusters are two means by which to liberate this repressed lifeforce, and the pyramids and other similar structures(Tower of Babel, the New Jerusalem) combines both into one; its base draws, amplifies, and strengthens inner sun energy or orgone and then focuses it to keep our skies or heavens pure and free of any negative influence or presence. Worlds and planets are naturally created orgone-rich paradises. It is only when they are tampered with for selfish purposes that they become hells.

Humans are potentially the greatest orgone generators of all. We draw inner sun energy(kundalini) from the base of our spine and direct it in coil-like fashion upwards to our crystalline based pineal or third eye where it amplified and shot through our skull opening forming a torroidal aura or field around the physical body. The purer the individual, the greater his or her field. The spinal center of the field is blue which is the color of orgone. A strong field such as those of saints and avatars actually cleanses, heals, and purifies everything within its range just as a HHG or chembuster does. Humans can become the ultimate HHG's or chembusters! Let's generate more orgone and dispell the present hell we live in!


Biologist Hulda Clark claims that all disease is rooted in two factors -pollution and parasites, and it appears she is right. Our artificial lifestyles produce pollution which in turn attracts the parasites. By leading simpler and more nature-friendly lifestyles we can minimize most of our debilities, starting with getting rid of some of our highly poisoned foods and household products and living outdoors in warmer and more natural environments.

For those of us who are stuck in cities or suffer from extreme weather, chemical exposure, or poor diets, there are quick and efficacious treatments available that will give your body a chance to recuperate. Clark advocates staying way from products with dangerous chemicles such as benzene or aluminum which destroy the immune system and attract parasites. She also recommends replacing metal dental fillings with plastic ones, herbal kidney and liver cleanses, and the use of "zappers" for immediately getting rid of the bothersome parasites in every part of our body. This article will concentrate on her "zapper", a relatively simple and ingenious device for destroying parasites. For details on her other remedies read her two books "The Cure for All Diseases" and "The Cure for All Cancers".

Her basic premise is that everthing basically has its own eletrical frequency which can be measured or quantified and used to generate healing. Humans operate on a frequency between 1520 and 9640 KHz(kilohertz), whereas pathogens(molds, viruses, bacteria, worms, mites) operate between 77 and 900 KHz. By passing an alternating electrical current of sufficient voltage one can destroy all these parthogens without harming the individual, and this is exactly what the zapper does. Using a 5 to 10 volt battery and an assortment of chips, clips, switches, and handholds all held together in a box, the zapper is born. Below are the exterior and interior views of Hulda's shoebox zapper which I have built myself.

sample of Hulda's shoebox zapper(top and underneath view)

Hulda's hand-built model(instructiond are in her book) requires three seven-minute treatments interspersed at twenty minutes apart. The first seven minutes kills viruses, bacteria, and parasites roaming freely about the body. The second seven minutes kills the bacteria and viruses released from the dead bodies of the first zapping. The third seven minutes kills whatever infected these last viruses and bacteria. There are parasites within parasites and electricity only travels on the surface of things. The zapper cannot reach hard to get to places such as the center of your stomach or the inside of your eyeball, and unfortunately these are favourite places for bacteria and viruses to hide in. They must come out sometime, however, which is why you must use the zapper on a regular basis. Fasting also helps, giving the critters less places to hide in. Other good hiding places are stones which serve as houses or breeding grounds for viruses, which is why liver and kidney cleanses are reccommended, and beneath metal fillings or inside root canals, which should be replaced wih plastic or more organic materials such as resin and ceramic.

Most viruses and bacteria are killed in the first 3 minutes. Tapeworms, flukes, and roundworms in 5 minutes, and mites in 7 minutes. Zapping for longer periods does not hurt but isn't necessary. When zapping, you must do all three seven-minute treatments. The parasites or viruses you missed during the the first and second treatments can make you sick or get a cold. Often one feels drowsy and a cool feeling after the treatments. This is due to the energy used in cleaning up the dead pathogens. Do not zap if you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker.

Don Croft's zapper is a more modern or evolved model of Hulda's zapper. It is smaller(more portable), easier to use, works at a lower frequency, and is orgone enhanced, making it more efficient. Below is a picture of my very own zapper which I have used many times.

Croft's zapper(the"Terminator")

Benefits of Zapping

Zapping destroys all manner parasites or bacteria throughout the body by sending a small electrical current into the bloodstream and restores lost energy to the organism. The Terminator zapper, which can be placed anywhere on the body, can be used in the morning and/or evening for one hour stretches or longer without harmful effects. It even contains an orgone enhancer and mobius coil for more effective operation. Zapping twice a day for about a month will destroy the severest infestations and allow the body to heal rapidly and function better on all levels. For detailed info or instructions on the Terminator zapper see here.

Note: while HHG's, chembusters, and zappers are wonderful technologies, they are still crutches or artificial dependencies. Ultimately, we must make the jump from technological to fully organic or spiritual healing and self-defense. Your body is the greatest technology there is or ever will be and you must learn how to use it rather than abuse it. Our power and potential is truly unlimited, but we must wake up from our long slumber or drugged state -and the good news is that we will.

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