The Destruction of Maldek

The destruction of Maldek, Malona, Nibiru, The Twelfth Planet, Lucifer, Phaeton, Tiamat, The Original Atlantis(all the same), between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, was the single greatest catastrophic event to occur in the history of this solar system.

This great interplanetary event, variously placed at between 8800 and 1500 BC(the longer dates are unreliable), changed our solar system and all life on it forever.

This is the Luciferian rebellion which brought devastation and chaos to our solar system and beyond. There may have actually been two planetary destructions, the fragments of which littered the solar system with asteroid belts, comets, errant moons, and planetary rings.

From all the sources I've read it appears the great planet Maldek either destroyed itself in a nuclear detonation or was destroyed by huge planet-sized enemy ships(one of which may have been the famed Nibiru). There is no clear consensus on what actually happened except that the planet blew up and left its survivors wandering space for a new home.

The debris and impact of the explosion cratered the inner planets and modified their orbits. Mars was particularly hard hit leaving its surface a scarred and barren wasteland. Our Moon is heavily cratered because it was originally Maldek's moon receiving the brunt of the explosion. It served as a kind of Noah's ark for Maldek's survivors before it was blasted away and captured by our Earth. Another theory circulating is that what was left of Maldek actually became our Earth. Maldek's other moons were also sent hurtling in all directions. It may be that mini-planets like Chiron or Quaoar or even Pluto may have once been moons of Maldek.

Billions of lives were lost, and the Maldekians(who were a mix of human and reptillian) had to reincarnate on other planets, mostly Earth, and are now replaying the same nuclear scenario of their former home. Hopefully, this time, the outcome will be different.

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