Masks Are Stupid

It's not about the masks or the virus. It's about obedience or compliance. Masks are a sign of submission. It's been proven that masks are inneffective against most viruses and actually compromise your immune system by lowering your oxygen intake and trapping bodily contaminants which are then reingested. The next steps after masks are contact tracing, enforced vaccines, and getting chipped, all of which are personal violations.

Social Distancing is Stupid

Social distancing has little or nothing to do with cutting down on transmitting viruses. Most viruses or bacteria need actual person to person contact or injection to be transmitted. Social distancing has more to do with obedience, division, and being clearly tracked and tagged by optical technologies.

Covid-19 is Stupid

Covid-19 is no more harmful than a common flu and only affects you if you are already compromised in some way. This includes the sick or elderly or those who have taken previous flu vaccinations. Nearly everyone has the virus so that testing is inconsequential as well as invasive and even dangerous. Unfortunately, the Covid virus is being used as an excuse to advance nefarious deep state agendas.

(Most)People are Stupid (and fearful)

Most of us are getting our news or information from the boob tube which is highly controlled and mostly propaganda. Same goes for radio and newspapers. Even internet searches require careful sifting or discrimination. Ultimately we are left to our own intuition or common sense which most people fail to follow.

Important Note: Masks, testing, and quarantining are useful in a REAL pandemic of which Covid-19 is NOT, but actual future pandemics(which are most likely going to be released by the powers that be) will no doubt require respiratory protection and isolation, so in a way we are being trained for the real thing.

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