Kids Being Rescued From Under the Whitehouse
Here is a series of screenshots(taken from McAllister TV) of kids being escorted out of the White House around late December/early January of 2020/21. The images are a little fuzzy but if you look at the running video clip it's unmistakable. An adult followed by smaller figures ending in other adults. The children seem to be carrying blankets.

This is being done at night because the kids(and adults as well) have been underground for too long and are highly sensitive to daylight. The surface strong light can easily blind or injure them.

The kids/adults are then put into vans or buses with dark-tinted windows and carried to safety areas where they are then rehabilitated and acclimatized to our surface world. Some are in such bad state they need to be put on med beds that regenerate them and some don't make it all.

Folks, this is where the kids are being abducted to(down into the tunnels) and enslaved and abused and fed upon. The tunnels are worldwide under major cities, monuments, and elsewhere, and lead to bases or even underground cities where the abducted are preyed upon. Millions of kids/women/men dissapear annually and now we know where many of them end up. This has been going on for ages, but only recently is it coming out to light in a highly public way, thanks to the internet.

Trump and his forces and other world leaders and their forces have joined over the last number of years in a massive cleanup campaign to oliberate these poor victims underneath the earth. This is why there are periodic blackouts and underground explosions(earthquakes) around the globe. This is the cleanup operation in progress which is still going on and may never really end. We are talking about thousands of years of slavery and abuse which will take time to undo. This cleanup or war is occuring not only on and under the earth or above it but in the astral and spiritual planes as well. Mother Earth's frequencies are rising and everything will come to light, and we ourselves as individuals have our own cleanup to do as well.

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