Message to Canadians

Canada, what is happening to you?! Such a beautiful country and peoples, still the envy of the world, yet currently (2020-21) is experiencing some of the severest lockdown measures in the world, along with its cousins the UK, Australia, and most other commonwealth countries.

Most Canadians are polite, peaceful, friendly, and docile types, but it is exactly those qualities which are subjecting you to the most tyrannical and despotic leadership ever. Communist/Satanic agents have completely infiltrated your society in the last years using the manufactured covid pandemic to impose their draconian measures upon you, and you are letting them do so without a fight because of your fearful and obedient nature. Remember that the more you give in to these oppressive restrictions, the worse they will get with time.

As a Cancer people (born July 1st) you value your comfort and security above all, but you must not put this before truth and freedom, or you will lose even your precious security. Fortunately you have Uranus (the planet of truth and freedom), conjunct your Sun and Moon, so that you will only be pushed so far before you rebel or fight back. Now (end of 2020 and early 2021) is the time to fight back. Failure to do so could see the enslavement and perhaps the destruction of a great and beautiful country.

Important Update(s)

I have recently learned that that there is a method or reason to the lockdown madness that merits consideration. While the masks, distancing, tracking, restrictions, and vaccine rollouts are all generally negative or even harmful, this scam is a necessary excuse to keep people home as much as possible to fascilitate the vast swamp cleanup that is occurring in the US and throughout the world. This cleanup or roundup is occurring secretly or behind the scenes and is being led by Trump and his military in co-operation with leaders and military across the world. The most intense phase of this operation is to occur between late December 2020 and January 2021 so that it is advisable to heed the lockdown measures and limit travel or activity during this time. By staying home and out of the way, the special forces and military can do their cleanup with as few obstacles or casualties as possible. Once the operation has ended successfully, announcements will be made, and we can breathe a sigh of relief and enter a totally new and liberated society, without the masks or distancing, or vaccines, or other horrors we are now putting up with.

Jan.11th 2021: Trump has gone underground and invoked the Insurrection Act. In the coming weeks, the military and special forces will be arresting or taking down many of the Deep State traitors that have been repressing humanity for thousands of years. The fake media will be the last to be taken down. There may be blackouts, emergency broadcasts, and some chaos, but in the end, all will be good as a new and better system of governance will replace the old one. The Presidency as we know it will be gone and a new worldwide financial system(Nesara/Gesara) will be phased in. A long process of rehabilitation will follow as most will be shocked at how they have been deceived for so long. The good guys will win and the truth will finally be known.

Jan.25th 2021: Biden was fraudulently installed in a fake inauguration and is now going through the motions in a dissolved US corporation. The fake administration is being allowed to play out so that the unawakened masses in the US and the world can see for themselves just how corrupt and evil these people really are, and that their executive orders and actions are meant to destroy the nation. Even Black Lives Matter and Antifa are turning against the Democrats and it's only a matter of time before the party collapses upon itself and will be replaced by a totally new administration which will refect the true will of the people. Notice how the covid rules are slowly being relaxed now that Biden is installed. This is because covid was designed primarily to bring down the US government. The world is closely watching the drama because they know that what happens in the US will strongly affect everyone else. Justin Trudeau has been under house arrest for a while now, doing the bidding of the playmasters, as are most other world leaders. The more severe a lockdown, the more that nation or country is infiltrated and needs to be cleaned up. It is also a sign of the complacency of the people and that we need to wake up. We've become too comfortable, fearful, and accepting, and this needs to change.

March 10th 2021: As some of the US states shake out of their covid trance and fully open up, most Canadians are still hiding under their masks and still swallowing the covid bs that is continually spouted out by the mainstream media 24/7. Canadians, it's a year now! Haven't you had enough yet? Don't you get it? Don't you realize that covid is an excuse to control and ultimately get rid of you? That the masks, distancing, closures, vaccines, chemicals, and high tech are their primary means of doing so? A sinister group of off-world beings want this planet all to themselves and they're willing to kill you to get it. Those politicians and leaders who have sold themselves out and are playing their game may profit in the short term, but in the end they too will be severely dealt with. Most countries are waking up and fighting back, but many are still asleep. The Western or Commonwealth nations appear to be the most oppressed and will probably be the last to recover fully. The mainstream media, which totally dominates the West, is the single most important reason we are still asleep. It really needs to come down or be radically changed, otherwise we will always be deceived. Go to alternative websites for the truth, and even there be careful. Most of all, rely on your intuition and common sense. The next few months will decide the fate of Canadians and humanity as a whole, and if we make the effort, we can avoid our genocide and create a beautiful paradise for all. Under the right leaders, friendly and peaceful Canadians and their fellow brethren will once again become the envy of the world.

May 4th 2021: Seeing so many Canadians rushing to get their vaccines is sad yet understandable. Many are thinking their lives will get back to normal once they get their vaccines but this is far from the truth. You'll still be wearing your masks, social distancing, and obeying, the evergrowing list of restrictions and curfews. Not only this, but the vaccines or jabs, which are actually bioweapons, will weaken, injure, and eventually kill you. The mainstream is lying to you and you're falling for it hook line and sinker. Turn off your TV(and radio). Go to alternative news sites, and follow your own common sense. There is a depopulation agenda going on, and before it's all over, a large portion of humanity may well be gone. The masks, tests, and vaccines, are filled with nanobots, prions, and fibers which are all designed to destroy or replace your immune system. They're also in the chemtrails, water, and food, and can be activated or controlled by 5G or EMF's. The only real way out is to keep your vibrations high through a clean or pure lifestyle. If you have been vaccinated you are now a walking virus factory and can easily infect others by simply being near them. Even the unvaccinated must now be careful. This will cause a great divide of the masses and of course the unvaccinated will be wrongly blamed. You have been fooled and tricked by the evil ones. The true effects of the DNA-changing vaccines or shots can take up to two years or more. By then we may be living in zombieland with only a few survivors. What a mess! Don't be weak! Don't be stupid! Refuse the vaccines. Refuse the tests. Refuse the masks. Don't believe or follow the mainstream media. Your life depends on it. Canada has fallen and its leaders are sold out and corrupt to the core(some say they've capitulated to the good guys and are being used to wake up the large number of sleeping masses). Even some of the police are starting to rise up and side with the people. Good doctors and nurses are speaking out against the genocide that is occurring. What is happening to Canada is happening to most other countries as well. A lot of them are rising and standing up for their rights and you should too.

If you want....

No lockdowns
No vax passports
No mask mandates
No vaccine mandates
Protection of free speech
Protection of gun ownership

then vote for Maxime Bernier's PPC(People's Party of Canada) in the September 20, 2021 Canadian federal election.

Note: the PPC failed to get the needed votes.

Jan.21st 2022: This is the year the scamdemic is going down all over the world! If the Spanish Flu(1918-1920) episode 100 years ago is any indication, this whole sad state of affairs will end by the spring or summer of 2022. Just like the Spanish Flu, which was a 2-year depopulation program with vaccines, masks, and distancing(exactly like today), so this current depopulation program will also last 2 years (March 11, 2020 to March 11, 2021). Canadians, and Quebec in particular, however, are harder hit than most and they may drag on slightly longer. I can't believe how docile Canadians are and the Deep State is taking advantage of this, but they are coming around(finally) after witnessing all the adverse effects of the Covid bioweapon. The mainstream media, however, is still not reporting the truth, and this is a big problem, but cracks are appearing here too. Even when thousands of credible medical scientists around the world as well as the WHO and CDC are warning of the dangers of the jabs, masks, tests, and lockdowns, governors and their Big Pharma backers are still pushing this madness. It's obviously very profitable for them to continue the scamdemic. Their time, however, is short as the truth increasingly comes out and the damage becomes unbearable, and if these governors don't soon change their tune, they will be facing the gallows.

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