Message to Canadians

Canada, what is happening to you?! Such a beautiful country and peoples, still the envy of the world, yet currently (2020-21) is experiencing some of the severest lockdown measures in the world, along with its cousins the UK, Australia, and most other commonwealth countries.

Most Canadians are polite, peaceful, friendly, and docile types, but it is exactly those qualities which are subjecting you to the most tyrannical and despotic leadership ever. Communist/Satanic agents have completely infiltrated your society in the last years using the manufactured covid pandemic to impose their draconian measures upon you, and you are letting them do so without a fight because of your fearful and obedient nature. Remember that the more you give in to these oppressive restrictions, the worse they will get with time.

As a Cancer people (born July 1st) you value your comfort and security above all, but you must not put this before truth and freedom, or you will lose even your precious security. Fortunately you have Uranus (the planet of truth and freedom), conjunct your Sun and Moon, so that you will only be pushed so far before you rebel or fight back. Now (end of 2020) is the time to fight back. Failure to do so will see the enslavement and perhaps the destruction of a great and beautiful country.

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