and Recommended Reading

astrology, conspiracy/ufo's, health/fasting/immortality, hollow earth,
lost civilizations/catastrophism, new age, numbers, dreams, etc.,
prophecy, reincarnation, spirituality in general


THE COMPLEAT ASTROLOGER -by Derek and Julia Parker- got me started on serious astrology, has everything you need, great illustrations.

The ASTRO ANALYSIS: Your Personal Horoscope series -by the American AstroAnalysis Instiute in New York -is the only series I know that divulges the truth about Earth and the Ascendant or Rising Sign(sold at

THE ROUND ART - by Albert T. Mann- comprehensive and very well illustrated

PTOLEMY'S TETRABIBLIOS -the astrologer's bible

SUN SIGNS -by Linda Goodman- many of us got started on this book, popular, well written

LOVE SIGNS -by Linda Goodman- follow-up of Sun Signs, popular, well written

STAR SIGNS -by Linda Goodman- great, Linda goes beyond astrology and divulges some of her esoteric secrets

SUCCESS SIGNS -Marlene Masini Rathgeb- forget about POWER OF THE MIDHEAVEN by Stephanie Jean Clement. This is by far the best treatise on the Midheaven you will find

SECRETS FROM A STARGAZER'S NOTEBOOK -Debbie Kempton Smith- Linda Goodman style, great tables

INSTANT ASTROLOGY -Mort Gale- entertaining, good tables

ASTROLOGY FOR THE MILLIONS -Grant Lewi- a classic, good tables

MY WORLD OF ASTROLOGY -Sydney Omarr- classic, great treatise on the houses

A TIME FOR ASTROLOGY -Jess Stearn- a classic

ASTROLOGY -Ronald C. Davison- a classic, great charts

ASTROLOGY: THE SPACE AGE SCIENCE -Joseph E. Goodavage- fascinating introduction to astrology

WRITE YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE -Joseph E. Goodavage- classic, includes tables

CHART YOUR OWN HOROSCOPE -Ursula Lewis- classic, great section on synastry

HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR HOROSCOPE -Judith Leachman- entertaining assessment of the planets in signs and houses

ALAN OKEN'S COMPLETE ASTROLOGY -Alan Oken- a classic, goes into the esoteric aspects of astrology

SEPHARIAL'S NEW DICTIONARY OF ASTROLOGY -Arco Publishing- helpful definitions of the various terms used in astrology, both ancient and modern


SYNASTRY -by Ronald Davison- very comprehensive

SEX MIND & HABIT COMPATABILITY -by Marc Robertson- gets to the nitty gritty, excellent

HOW TO HANDLE YOUR HUMAN RELATIONS -by Lois Haines Sargeant- classic on synastry, one of the few books that stresses the importance of the Ascendant in relationships

THE ASTROLOGY OF RELATIONSHIP -Michael R. Meyer- very in depth and well done

RELATIONSHIPS AND LIFE CYCLES -Stephen Arroyo- revealing life cases and commentary, reveals the importance of the Moon-Moon comparison

AN ASTROLOGY GUIDE TO YOUR SEX LIFE -Vivian E. Robson- a classic and rare gem


VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE BY ASTROLOGY -by Charles E. Luntz- classic, takes into account the Ascendant and Midheaven

CAREER ASTROLOGY - by C.J. Puotinen- a modern and comprehensive view of vocational astrology, very thorough

THE RULERSHIP BOOK -by Rex E. Bills- classic reference book, every astrologer should have it

THE ART OF CHART SYNTHESIS -Tracy Marks- good analysis and evaluation of the birth chart

HOW T HANDLE YOUR T-SQUARE -Tracy Marks- good analysis of this common configuration in the chart

THE ASCENDANT SIGN -by E.C.Matthews- an interesting view on the Ascendant with caricuture examples

THE EARTH IN THE HEAVENS -L. Edward Johndro- serious book on astrolocality

YOUR BEST PLACE -D.Warren- imformative book on astrolocality

PLANETS IN TRANSIT -by Robert Hand- best book on the transits, thorough

SATURN: A NEW LOOK AT AN OLD DEVIL -Liz Greene- an in depth look at Saturn

CHIRON:RAINBOW BRIDGE BETWEEN THE INNER AND OUTER PLANETS -Barbra Hand Clow- definitive, includes tables

URANUS -by John Townley- exclusive look at Uranus

THE NEPTUNE EFFECT -by Patricia Morimando- fascinating expose on Neptune

PLUTO -by Laurel Lowell- an interesting expose on Pluto

RETROGRADE PLANETS AND REINCARNATION -by Donald H. Yott- classic treatise and interpretations of retrograde planets

RETROGRADES AND REINCARNATION -Martin Schulman- another classic treatise on retrograde planets

ASTROLOGY: EVOLUTION AND REVOLUTION -Alan Oken- thoughtful and provoking

LIFE*TIME ASTROLOGY -A.T.Mann- goes into the reincarnational aspects of astrology, fascinating book

AN ASTROLOGER'S MANDALA -by Dane Rudhyar- a fascinating look at the esoteric meaning of each zodiacal degree

THE UNKNOWN PLANETS -Charles Jayne- an insightful look at hypothetical planets with ephemeris for some

DARK STARS -Bernard Fitzwalter and Raymond Henry- dark matter bodies in astrology with emphasis on Phaeton whic became our asteroid belt

ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY -Alice A. Bailey -a truly esoteric look at astrology, not light reading

THE DESTINY OF NATIONS -Alice A. Bailey- mundane astrology

ASTROLOGY AND THE EDGAR CAYCE READINGS -by Margaret H. Gammon- Cayce' unique view of the role of astrology and the planets in our lives

COSMIC SCIENCE OF THE ANCIENT MASTERS -Hilton Hotema- professor Hotema's unique and insightful view on astrology

ASTRAL WORSHIP - J.H.Hill M.D. -A Christian or spiritual view of astrology

THE GODS OF CREATION -Mary Elsnau- astrology, the ancient science of the masters of wisdom

CELESTIAL INFLUENCE -Rodney Collin- our biological and spiritual link to the cosmos


THE AMERICAN EPHEMERIS FOR THE 20TH CENTURY -by Neil F. Michaelson- the most popular book of tables for calculating the planetary positions(available for noon or midnight). Of course, everything's on computers now, but it's a great book to fall back on.

THE AMERICAN EPHEMERIS FOR THE 21TH CENTURY -by Neil F. Michaelson- a follow up of the previous book for more recent and future years.

THE AMERICAN BOOK OF TABLES -by Neil F. Michaelson- used for calculating the Ascendant, Midheaven, and remaining house cusps in the Placidus system. Computers do most of the calculating nowadays, but its always useful to know how to do it the old way if you can't always rely on computers.

THE AMERICAN ATLAS -by Thomas G. Shanks- extensive coverage of lattitudes, longitudes, time zones, and time changes for every part of The United States

THE INTERNATIONAL ATLAS -by Thomas G. Shanks -extensive coverage of lattitudes, longitudes, time zones, and time changes for the rest of the world

LONGITUDES AND LATTITUDES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD -American Federation of Astrologers- all countries except the US, very thorough

TABLES OF PLANETARY PHENOMENA -Neil F. Michaelson- interesting planetary phenomena, very technical

THE ASTEROID EPHEMERIS -Pottenger/Neil Michaelson- Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta

ACCURATE WORLD HOROSCOPES -Doris Chase Doane- complete compendium of international horoscopes

HOROSCOPES OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE -Marc Hereen Penfield- Very well-researched horoscopes of North and South American countries and their major cities

HOROSCOPES OF THE U.S. CITIES AND STATES -Carolyn R. Dodson- excellent data and charts on the U.S. states and their main cities

THE AMERICAN BOOK OF CHARTS -by Lois M. Rodden- extensive work on the charts of the famous with A, B, and C ratings for accuracy

THE CIRCLE BOOK OF CHARTS -by Stephen Erlewine- interesting compilation of famous charts with the birthtime when known

PROFILES OF WOMEN -by Lois M. Rodden- a great collection of female charts, mostly classic film or TV celebrities

HOROSCOPES HERE AND NOW -Robert C. Jansky- good collection of ACCURATE celebrity horoscopes

Many of these books can be ordered through in California


COSMIC TRIGGER: VOLUME 1 -Robrt Anton Wilson- a humorous look on the hidden workings of our society

THE ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY: THE SAPIENS SYSTEM -Robert Anton Wilson- reveals the air-tight control system set up on this planet, great reading

LAST WALTZ OF THE TYRANTS: THE PROPHECY -Judy Pope Koteen- whistleblower on the elite's stranglehold over humanity

NOTHING IN THIS BOOK IS TRUE, BUT IT'S EXACTLY HOW THINGS ARE -Bob Frissell- an entertaining look at the strange happenings of our planet

THE BIGGEST SECRET -David Icke- exposing the people and organizations who rule and manipulate human beings

CHILDREN OF THE MATRIX -David Icke- follow up on the first book with emphasis on the reptillian aspect


All books by Hilton Hotema: THE GENESIS OF CHRISTIANITY/ THE SECRET LIFE OF JESUS THE ESSENE/ MYSTERY MAN OF THE BIBLE/ APPOLONIUS THE NAZARENE -these books and others expose the Roman Catholic Church and their false Messiah.

ALIENS AMONG US -Ruth Montgomery- groundbreaking book on channeling and walk-ins

COMMUNION: A TRUE STORY -Whitley Strieber- the book that popularized the abduction scenario

All books by Brad Steiger REVELATION: THE DIVINE FIRE/ GODS OF AQUARIUS/ THE STAR PEOPLE/ THE FELLOWSHIP/ THE REALITY GAME/ETC. -interesting coverage of the alien/human connection

THE GODS OF EDEN -Wlliam Bramley- the sinister plot of the keepers to keep humanity enslaved, great reading

THE SUPERBEINGS -John Randolph Price- a more positive slant on the beings who rule us

CHARIOTS OF THE GODS and GODS FROM OUTER SPACE -both books by Erich Von Daniken- groundbreaking books on the possibility of the alien domination or guidance of humanity

THE MORNING OF THE MAGICIANS -Louis Pauwels and Jacques Berger- startling and unconventional truths about our strange world and universe

OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH -George Hunt Williamson- general introduction on UFO cosmology with interesting diagrams, great reading

FLYING SAUCERS IN THE BIBLE -Virginia F. Brasington- a look at Ezekiel's vision and other strange passages in the Bible supposedly describing UFO's

THE EXTRATERRESTIAL VISION -Gina Lake- channeled imformation in preparation for the New Age

MARS/EARTH ENIGMA: A SACRED MESSAGE TO MANKIND -DeAnna Emerson- the Face on Mars, the Pyramids, the 24 hour day, and other similarities which link us to the Red Planet.

INANNA RETURNS -V.S.Ferguson- a psychic and intimate exploration of the role of Nibiruans in humanity's affairs

THE UFO CONSPIRACY -by Dr. Frank E. Stranges- a theologian's view of the UFO phenomenon

ENCOUNTER IN THE PLEIADES: AN INSIDE LOOK AT UFO'S -Preston B. Nichols/Peter Moon- the science and technology of the UFO's and the suppression of the feminine principle

THE ROSWELL INCIDENT -Charles Berlitz/William L. Moore- the famous saucer crash in the sands of New Mexico in 1947 and its subsequent cover-up by the U.S. government

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE and WITHOUT A TRACE -both books by Charles Berlitz- unravling the mysteries and dissapearances of the Sargasso Sea

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE -by Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffrey- specific cases of dissapearances in this most mysterious region of the Atlantic ocean

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT -William L. Moore/Charles Berlitz- the top secret invisibility project that weny awry


GET WELL NATURALLY -by Linda Clark- a good introduction to natural health

THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS -by Hulda Clark- controversial but popular writer, shows you how to make a "zapper" for killing parasites

THE CURE FOR ALL Diseases -by Hulda Clark- second book going into actual cases and their treatments

THE MEDICAL MAFIA -by Guylaine Lanctot -was ostracized and persecuted for graphically exposing the medical establishment as a huge buisness

MURDER BY INJECTION -by Eustace Mullins- the dangers of vaccines and medicine in general and its biggest perpetrators

THE STORY OF ALUMINUM POISONING -Health Research- everyday sources of aluminum poisoning

AN INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL HYGIENE -by Herbert M. Shelton- good introduction to natural hygiene

THE HYGIENIC SYSTEM -by Herbert M. Shelton- by Herbert M. Shelton- a more complete look at natural hygiene

LIVING LIFE TO LIVE IT LONGER -by Herbert M. Shelton- more wisdom by the same author

FASTING CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE -by Herbert M. Shelton- by Herbert M. Shelton- the scientific benefits of fasting

FASTING FOR HEALTH AND LONG LIFE -by Hereward Carrington- advocates fasting and a fruit and nut diet

THE HYGIENIC WAY OF LIFE/ARGUMENT FOR VEGETARIANISM/THAT PERIODICAL CHECK UP -by Hereward Carrington- various health topics by the same author

RATIONAL FASTING -Arnold Ehret- fasting for rejeuvenation and the mucus-less diet

THE MIRACLE OF FASTING -Paul C. Bragg- great book on fasting by the author whose whole family practices it

FASTING FOR REGENERATION -Julia Seton M.D. -rare book, gives valuable imformation and effective techniques on fasting and health


NUTRITIONAL SEX CONTROL AND REJEUVENATION -Dr. Raymond Bernard -how food and sex are related

THE ELECTRONIC POTENTIALS OF FOOD -The Landone Foundation- a scientific study on the body's energy system and the energy contained in foods

SURVIVAL INTO THE 21ST CENTURY -Viktoras Kulvinskas- great book on the author's philosophy and experiences with fasting and health in general, illustrated

BREATHARIANISM: BREATHE AND LIVE FOREVER -Wiley Brooks/Nancy Foss- proposes the astonishing notion that we were meant to live on air alone

COUNT SAINT GERMAIN: A MATTER OF IMMORTALITY -by Arthur Crockett- great research on the concept of living forever

THE GREAT SECRET, COUNT ST. GERMAIN -Dr. Ramond Bernard- the imortality secrets of an adept

PYTHAGORAS: THE IMMORTAL SAGE -Dr. Raymond Bernard- good description of the life and teacings of Pythagoras

THE SERPENT FIRE -Dr. Ramond Bernard- awakening the the Kundalini

CREATION OF THE SUPERMAN -DR. Raymond Bernard- regeneration through nutrition and sex control

THE SCIENCE AND ART OF REGENERATION -Ida Mingle- purification of the mind and body

THE ETERNAL FOUNTAIN -Robert Ernst Dickhoff- the search for immortality throughout the ages

THE THEORY OF ETERNAL LIFE -Rodney Collin- a mystical and scientific view of immortality

PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY: THE SCIENCE OF EVERLASTING LIFE -Leonard Orr- Babaji and the eastern concepts of living forever, a must for those on the path

EDGAR CAYCE SPEAKS -Brett Bolton- recpies and remedies for various afflictions channeled by the great psychic himself, Edgar Cayce

HANDS OF LIGHT -Barbara Ann Brennan- her first book on chakra healing, thorough and beautifully illustrated

LIGHT EMERGING -Barbara Ann Brennan- her second book on chakra healing, thorough and beautifully ilustrated

Many of these books can be ordered through Health Research in California or

Note: I am currently a proponent of Flat Earth, allthough Hollow Earth still has elements of truth to it.

THE HOLLOW EARTH -Dr. Raymond Bernard- the all-time classic on the Hollow Earth

FLYING SAUCERS FROM THE EARTH'S INTERIOR -Dr. Raymond Bernard- surprising evidence of the origins of UFO's

AGARTHA: THE SUBTERRANEAN WORLD - Dr. Raymond Bernard- another revealing book by the same author

THE SMOKY GOD -Willis George Emerson- fascinating account of a Norwegian fisherman and his son spending two years in an Edenic hollow earth.

ETIDORPHA -John Uri Lloyd- the story of "The Man" and his initiation into the hollow Earth, very interesting and scientific as well

A JOURNEY TO THE EARTH'S INTERIOR, OR HAVE THE POLES REALLY BEEN DISCOVERED -by Marshall B. Gardner- perhaps the most thorough and convincing book on the Hollow Earth, greatly researched

THE COMING RACE -Edward Bulwer Lytton- the supposedly true story of an American who fell into a cave in a mine and discovered a fantastic race of superbeings who will one day surface to conquer and enlighten mankind, should be made into a movie

PARADISE FOUND: THE CRADLE OF THE HUMAN RACE AT THE NORTH POLE -William F. Warren- an "almost" inner earth book, scientific

THE HOLLOW EARTH -Rudy Rucker- the supposedly true story of a mason and his friends who reach the south pole in a hot air ballon, fall through the ice, and experience the marvels of an inner sun and hollow earth, a great story and fascinating adventure

BEASTS, MEN AND GODS -Ferdinand Ossendowski- the author's journey to the temples of Mongolia where he meets the Living Buddha and learns about the subterranean kingdom of Agarthi and the King of the World

THE AWESOME LIFEFORCE -Joseph H. Cater- a fascinating section on the Hollow Earth, very scientific

GODDESS OF ATVATABAR -William R. Bradshaw -fictional? adventures in the Hollow Earth

INTERMERE -William Alexander Taylor- fantasy novel about the Hollow Earth

THE PERFECT WORLD -Ella Scrymsour- life on/in the Earth and Jupiter

MY VISIT TO THE SUN -Phoebe Marie Holmes- astral visits to the holy city inside the Sun

AGARTHA -by Robert Ernst Dickhoff -the extraordinary accounts and legends of a super inner earth empire and its enemies as told by an American Lama

THE HOLLOW EARTH AT THE END TIME -by Floria Benton- an uncensored, unbiased, and insightful investigation by a relatively unknown author, scientific and esoteric at the same time

THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH -Timothy Green Beckley- the fantastic and true account of Richard Shaver and his harrowing subterranean adventures, other sections too

SUBTERRANEAN WORLDS INSIDE EARTH -Timothy Green Beckley- various stories about the inner earth

A GUIDE TO THE INNER EARTH -Bruce A. Walton- A collection of many sources for research into the Inner Earth with brief but fascinating descriptions

MOUNT SHASTA: HOME OF THE ANCIENTS -Bruce Walton- fascinating accounts of the undergound city called Telos under Mount Shasta

OUTER SPACE PEOPLE AND INNER EARTH PEOPLE -by William Lester Blessing- a fascinating view of the inner and hollow earth from a theological standpoint

A MANSION IS BUILT FOR YOU IN PARADISE -Theodore Fitch- the Bible and the Hollow Earth, good synthesis

THE NATURE OF REALITY -Hilarion- the cataclysmic nature of the hollow earth at the end-time is described in the second half of the book

REVELATIONS OF THINGS TO COME -Earlyne Chaney- interesting section on prophecy and the Hollow Earth(pages 134-139).

Many of these books can be ordered through Health Research in California or


VELIKOVSKY: WORLDS IN COLLISION -Immanuel Velikovsky- the blockbuster that challenged the scientific establishment on the origins and behaviours of our solar system

VELIKOVSKY: AGES IN CHAOS -Immanuel Velikovsky- a revision of Earth history according to the principle of cataclysm

VELIKOVSKY: EARTH IN UPHEAVAL -Immanuel Velikovsky- follow-up to Worlds In Collision focusing on Earth history

All other books by Velikovski; THE VELIKOVSKY AFFAIR/ ETC., Note: some of Velikovsky's even MORE revealing books and articles are being kept out of print and it's not difficult to imagine why

THE TWELFTH PLANET -by Zecharia Sitchin- another blockbuster purporting that life on Earth and in our solar system was periodically seeded, supervised, and disrupted, by the inhabitants or gods of an as yet undiscovered planet beyond Pluto.

All other books by Zechariah Sitchin; THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN/ THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN/ THE LOST REALMS/ WHEN TIME BEGAN/ GENESIS REVISITED/ DIVINE ENCOUNTERS/ THE COSMIC CODE/ THE LOST BOOK OF ENKI/ ETC. -expansion of the principles of his first book and how this revises our history and affects our future

THE MISREAD RECORD or THE DELUGE AND ITS CAUSE -by Isaac Newton Vail- thwe breaking up of the Earth's canopy and its detrimental results on humanity, a small but revealing book

ATLANTIS: THE ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD -Ignatius Donnelly- the classic work on the Pre-Flood world empire of Atlantis

EDGAR CAYCE ON ATLANTIS -Edgar Evans Cayce- revealing quotes and visions of this great empire which dissapeared some 12,000 years ago

EXPLORING ATLANTIS -Rev. Dr. Frank Alper- an esoteric look at the life and technology of the Atlantean civilization

ATLANTIS: THE EIGHTH CONTINENT -Charles Berlitz- convincing evidence for the reality of Atlantis beneath the Atlantic ocean

COSMIC MEMORY -Rudolf Steiner- a mystic's view of our remote origins


YOU ARE BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN -Virginia Essene/Sheldon Nidle- groundbreaking book on our history and future

BRINGERS OF THE DAWN: TEACHINGS FROM THE PLEIADIANS -by Barbera Marciniak- channeled wisdom from the Pleidians on the unfolding human spiritual potential

EARTH: PLEIADIAN KEYS TO THE LIVING LIBRARY -Barbera Marciniak- channeled imformation on Earth's role in the cosmos

COSMIC REVELATION -Ann Valentin and Viginia Essene- channeled imformation on the soul, the 7 rays, and the twelve universes

THE URANTIA BOOK -The Urantia Foundation- voluminous description of the history and hiearchy of our universe and our place in it, grand but questionable work

EYE OF THE CENTAUR -Barbera Hand Clow- the author's past lives and spiritual initiations

HEART OF THE CHRISTOS -Barbera Hand Clow- the author's revelation's about our hidden history

SIGNET OF ATLANTIS -Barbera Hand Clow- the author's revelations about our potential future

THE MAYAN FACTOR: PATH BEYOND TECHNOLOGY -Jose Arguelles- the Mayan calendar and the book that popularized 2012 AD as the end-time date

THE PLEIDIAN AGENDA: A NEW COSMOLOGY FOR THE AGE OF LIGHT -Barbera Hand Clow- the long cycles of history and the coming New Age

THE PLEIDIAN WORKBOOK: AWAKENING YOUR DIVINE KA -Amorah Quan Yin- a brief cosmic history followed by light body work exercises


THE INITIATION OF THE WORLD -Vera Stanley Alder- a guide to personal and planetary initiation

FINDING OF THE THIRD EYE- Vera Stanley Adler- astrology, numerology, chakras, etc

THE OPENING OF THE THIRD EYE -Dr. Douglas Baker -how to awaken your higher senses

LIFE FORCE:THE SECRET OF EMPOWERMENT -Leo F. Ludzia- The light body and how to activate it

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION -George Hunt Williamson- classic work on the mysteries of human and extra-terrestial origins

RETURN OF THE DOVE -Margaret Storm- in preparation for the Christ's return, Tesla's role and contributions

THE EXPERIMENT IS OVER -Paul G. Lowe- brings home the point that our present experiment here on Earth is a failure and that we must let go of it and prepare for a new and better one

Science/New Age

THE NEW IDEALISM -Michael Dargaville- a groundbreaking book on the nature of energy, physics, and the New Age movement.

THE TAO OF PHYSICS -Fritjf Capra- modern physics in the light of eastern mysticism.

THE NEW PHYSICS OF CONCIOUSNESS/THE NEW SCIENCE OF SPIRIT -David Ash- science, spirituality, and the SUPER ENERGY that links both


USE ASTROLOGY AND CHANGE YOUR NAME -Lynne Palmer- a comprehensive book on the science of numerology

NUMEROLOGY: THE COMPLETE GUIDE: volume 1 -Matthew Oliver Goodwin- an in depth look at Numerology

SYMBOLS OF NUMEROLOGY -Julia Seton M.D.- very imformative and easy to read

THE NUMEROLOGY WORKBOOK -Julia Line- lessons in Numerology

THE OCCULT POWER OF NUMBERS -W. Wynn Westcott- Rosicrucian view of Numerology

YOUR DESTINY IS IN YOUR NAME: VOLUME 2 -Ann Forhmazway- a popular look at numerology with over 2500 celebrity examples

BEHIND NUMEROLOGY -Shirley Blackwell Lawrence- excellent analysis of the basic and master numbers

THE NUMBERS BOOK -Sepharial- a mystcal and kabalic look at numbers

HOW TO INTERPRET YOUR DREAMS -Tom Chetwynd- concise and accurate interpretations of our most common dreams

EDGAR CAYCE ON DREAMS -Harmon H. Bro- how to use dreams for your benefit

HOW TO USE THE PENDULUM -Stella Askew- intriguing techniques and uses of the pendulum

THE TRUTH ABOUT ASTRAL PROJECTION -by the Llewellyn Staff- brief but imformative introduction to the art of astral travel

STARS, SPELLS, SECRETS, AND SORCERY -Barbera Haislip- an intriguing look at the various occult sciences

STRANGE MUTANTS -John A. Keel- strange creatures and human beings witnessed by ordinary humans

STONE POWER -Dorothee L. Mella- the influence of gems and stones in our lives, good classification

OCCULT SCIENCES IN ATLANTIS -Lewis Spence- the mantic arts in legendary atlantis, including astrology

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF PALMISTRY -Joyce Wilson- a good introduction to palmistry, with many diagrams

THE BOOK OF TAROT - Susan Gerulskris-Estes- an illustrated introduction to the Tarot

THE TAROT WORKBOOK -by Emily Peach- lessons in the Tarot

TAROT -Jane Lyle- how to teach yourself the Tarot, beautifully llustrated

THE KABBALA -Dr. Erich Bischoff- a classic introduction to Jewish mysticism

COLOR YOUR WORLD -by Frank Don- the role and meaning of color in our lives

THE PARKER LIFETIME TREASURY OF MYSTIC AND OCCULT POWERS -Theodor Laurence- how to develop or unleash your psychic powers

The Hilarion Series: SYMBOLS/ ANSWERS/ MORE ANSWERS/ ETC. -simple but surprising truths about ourselves and our world


EDGAR CAYCE THE SLEEPING PROPHET -Jess Stearn- prophecies of the World Wars, J.F.K., and our impending future

All books by or on NOSTRADAMUS, the French seer of the 16th century.

The HOLY BIBLE, the King James version in particular, and the prophetic books of the Old and New Testaments, especially parts of Daniel, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, the latter parts of the four Gospels, and the entire book of Revelations.

THE BOOK OF HOPI -Frank Waters- the history and prophecies of the legendary Hopi tribe in northern Arizona

REVELATIONS OF THINGS TO COME -Earlyne Chaney- Eartgh's initiation into the New Age

BEYOND TOMORROW -Earlyne Chaney- the new Man and the new Earth

PREDICTIONS -Joe Fisher/Peter Commins- predictions from a number of psychics and seers for the year 2000 and beyond

THE MAYAN FACTOR: PATH BEYOND TECHNOLOGY -Jose Arguelles- the Mayan calendar and the book that popularized 2012 AD as the end-time date


MANY MANSIONS -Gina Cerminara- reincarnation according to the Cayce files

THE WORLD WITHIN -Gina Cerminara- follow-up to the second book

REINCARNATION: THE PHOENIX FIRE MYSTERY -Joseph Head and S.L. Cranston- exhaustive historical research on reincarnation, includes case histories

MANSIONS OF THE SOUL -by H.Spencer Lewis- a Rosicrucian's view on reincarnation

PAST LIVES, FUTURE LIVES -Dr. Bruce Goldberg- fascinating case studies under hypnosis, astrology's connection to reincarnation

LIFE BEFORE LIFE -Helen Wambach- psychologist and hypnotist Helen Wambach gleans valuable data on the subject of reincarnation from some 750 cases

LIFE AFTER LIFE -Raymond A. Moody- case studies of near-death experiences

THE CASE FOR REINCARNATION -a thorough study on allaspects of reincarnation

LIFE BETWEEN LIFE -Joel Whitton/Joe Fischer- focuses on the inbetween live state kmown as the bardo

INTIMATES THROUGH TIME -Jess Stearn- reincarnation according to Edgar Cayce

All books by Ruth Montgomery A SEARCH FOR TRUTH/ HERE AND HEREAFTER/ A WORLD BEYOND/ COMPANIONS ALONG THE WAY/ THE WORLD BEFORE/ STRANGERS AMONG US/ THRESHOLD TO TOMORROW/ ETC. -fascinating channeled imformation on the subject of past lives and Earth's forgotten history

All Shirley MacClaine booksGOING WITHIN/ DANCING IN THE LIGHT/ OUT ON A LIMB/ETC. -Shirley's persoanal experiences and thoughts on the path towards illumination with an emphasis on past lives

THOREAU THROUGH ME -Sally Shanelle- channeled imformation on reincarnation

All Ramtha booksRAMTHA/ RAMTHA:AN INTRODUCTION/ RAMTHA INTENSIVE:CVHANGE/ RAMTHA: VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLDS/ DESTINATION FREEDOM/ A STATE OF MIND(J.Z. Knight'story)/ ETC. -the wisdom and encouragement of "Ramtha" a discarnate entity who had but one incarnation in Atlantis before achieving ascension, as channeled by J.Z. Knight

All the Seth books by Jane Roberts THE SETH MATERIAL/ SETH SPEAKS/ ADVENTURES IN CONCIOUSNESS/ THE EDUCATION OF OVERSOUL 7/ THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY/ THE NATURE OF THE PSYCHE/ ETC. -channeled wisdom from the entity known as "Seth" a mult-dimensional being who was once human


THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL THE AGES -Manly P. Hall- encyclopedic text on the wisdom of the ages, beauifully illustrated

THE DIVINE PLOT: ASTROLOGY, REINCARNATION, COSMOLOGY AND HISTORY -A.T.Mann- a cosmic view of our place in the universe, very knowledgeable

THE SOUL: WHENCE AND WITHER Hazrat Inayat Khan- a simple but beautiful eastern understanding of the concept of reincarnation

WHEN GODS ARE MEN -G. Cope Shellhorn- a potpourri of New Age subjects, good reading

THE GREAT COSMIC MOTHER -Monica Sjoo & Barbera Moir- the suppression of matriarchy and the Great Mother, important reading


WHY WE ARE HERE -Gloria Lee- a pioneering spiritual exploration of the astral and cosmic realms

AFTER DEATH: THE DISEMBODIMENT OF MAN -Paschal Bevrly Randolph M.D.- a mystic's grahic description of what happens to you after death

STOWE'S BIBLE ASTROLOGY -Lyman E. Stowe- rare book and treatise on the astrological nature of the Bible

EDGAR CAYCE'S STORY OF JESUS -Jeffrey Furst- Cayce's revelations revelations on Christianity and the Bible

EDGAR CAYCE: SEX AND THE SPIRITUAL PATH -Herbert B. Puryear- positive use of the sex force for spiritual advancement

YOGA, YOUTH, AND REINCARNATION -Jess Stearn- the author's various experiences in the metaphysical field

THE BHAGAVAD-GITA AS IT IS -A.C. Bhaktivedania Swami Prabhupada- an English translation of the Hindu "bible". nicely illustrated

DIALOGUES OF PLATO -J.D. Kaplan- collected sayings of Plato which purport to answer the basic mysteries of life

THE LOST BOOK OF ENOCH -R.H.Charles- Enoch's initiation into the mysteries, translated from the ethiopic text

JOMATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL -Richard Bach- a seagull's view of immortality

HUEY: A SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY -Michael O'Byrne- an entertaining bird's eye view of spirituality, light reading

ANGELS OF THE LORD -Arthur Crockett- the role of angels in the life of man

GOD'S SECRET WEAPON: THE ARK OF THE COVENANT -David Medina- a description of the mysterious and powerful ark which guided and protected the Hebrews during the Exodus

UNSEEN KINGDOMS -by Bill Cox- angels, fairies, devas, and other wonders of the spiriual world

GHANDI: HIS LIFE AND MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD -Louis Fischer- the biography of one of India's greatest spiritual leaders and his policy of non-aggression

All books by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh -controversial but enlightening wisdom from this Indian master

All books by T. Lobsang RampaYOU FOREVER/ DOCTOR FROM LHASA/ THE HERMIT/ FEEDING THE FLAME/ MY TRIP TO VENUS/ETC. eastern wisdom from the oriental master

MAITREYA'S MISSION -Benjamin Creme- master who claims to be preparing the way for the Christ

BORN OF FLAME -Mrs. Margaret A. Peeke- fantastic occult revelations from a Rosicrucian woman who died in an insane asylum

FRAGMENTS OF TRUTH Richard and Isabella Ingalese- occult truths about life and death

THE MYSTIC'S GOAL -Julia Seton M.D.- a master mystic shares her initiatic wisdom

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