Comet Ison ephemeris
(for the years 1600 to 2200 AD, midnight UT)
also includes the declination(north or south of the equator)

Blue/green comet? making its appearance in late 2013 with a probable orbit in the thousands of years.
While most astronomers give it a diameter of only 3 to 6 miles, James McCanney says it is far larger -some
2600 miles in diameter, or larger than our Moon(2160 miles). Here is an ephemeris based on the coordinates
given by the Minor Planet Center. It spends nearly all of its time in tropical Cancer except for the 8 months when
it is closest to Earth and the Sun. Almost everyone born in the 20th century has it in 18 or 19 degrees of Cancer.

1600 Jan.01 13Can37 dec=34N49
1650 Jan.01 14Can19 dec=34N42
1700 Jan 01 15Can02 dec=34N35
1750 Jan.01 15Can46 dec=34N28
1800 Jan.01 16Can30 dec=34N19
1850 Jan.01 17Can15 dec=34N09

1900 Jan.01 18Can02 dec=33N57
1910 Jan.01 18Can12 dec=33N54
1920 Jan.01 18Can22 dec=33N51
1930 Jan.01 18Can32 dec=33N48
1940 Jan.01 18Can42 dec=33N44
1950 Jan.01 18Can53 dec=33N40
1960 Jan.01 19Can05 dec=33N34
1970 Jan.01 19Can17 dec=33N29
1980 Jan.01 19Can32 dec=33N21
1990 Jan.01 19Can48 dec=33N10
2000 Jan.01 20Can13 dec=32N53

2010 Jan.01 21Can25 dec=32N03
2011 Jan.01 21Can49 dec=31N49
2012 Jan.01 22Can32 dec=31N26
2012 Feb.01 18Can28 dec=32N01
2012 Mar.01 15Can20 dec=32N00
2012 Apr.01 13Can49 dec=31N31
2012 May 01 14Can22 dec=30N51
2012 Jun.01 16Can36 dec=30N06
2012 Jul.01 19Can50 dec=29N21
2012 Aug.01 23Can41 dec=28N37
2012 Sep.01 27Can25 dec=28N01

Comet Ison is discovered on Sep.21,2012(29Can27-noon UT) by two Russiuan astronomers

2012 Oct.01 00Leo11 dec=27N46
2012 Nov.01 01Leo16 dec=28N05
2012 Dec.01 29Can30 dec=29N08
2013 Jan.01 24Can13 dec=30N41
2013 Feb.01 16Can49 dec=31N42
2013 Mar.01 11Can09 dec=31N32
2013 Apr.01 08Can20 dec=30N34
2013 May.01 09Can18 dec=29N26
2013 Jun.01 13Can16 dec=28N13
2013 Jul.01 19Can15 dec=26N49
2013 Aug.01 27Can14 dec=24N53
2013 Aug.15 Ison enters Leo at 8:07 AM UT
2013 Sep.01 07Leo14 dec=22N04
2013 Sep.15 12Leo45 dec=20N18
2013 Oct.01 20Leo25 dec=17N34

On Oct.1st,2013(20Leo25) Ison makes its closest approach to Mars at 0.0724 AU

2013 Oct.15 29Leo22 dec=14N01
2013 Oct.15 Ison enters Virgo
2013 Oct.20 03Vir27 dec=12N17
2013 Oct.25 08Vir15 dec=10N10
2013 Nov.01 16Vir46 dec=06N17
2013 Nov.09 Ison enters Libra and goes south of equator
2013 Nov.10 02Lib35 dec=01S10
2013 Nov.15 14Lib56 dec=06S55
2013 Nov.19 Ison enters Scorpio 2013 Nov.20 00Sco26 dec=13S38
2013 Nov.25 18Sco51 dec=20S08

On Nov.28(1Sag55) Ison reaches perihelion(closest point to the Sun) at 0.012 AU

2013 Dec.01 05Sag34 dec=14S01
2013 Dec.05 02Sag49 dec=06S21
2013 Dec.10 00Sag06 dec=03N15
2013 Dec.15 27Sco16 dec=14N38
2013 Dec.20 23Sco20 dec=28N47
2013 Dec.25 14Sco40 dec=45N45

On Dec.26,2013(11Sco19) Ison makes its closest approach to the Earth at 0.429 AU

2013 Dec.28 00Sco19 dec=56N38
2013 Dec.29 20Lib44 dec=60N14
2013 Dec.30 06Lib12 dec=63N48
2013 Dec.31 15Vir24 dec=67N16
2014 Jan.01 21Leo32 dec=70N39
2014 Jan.02 01Leo29 dec=73N55
2014 Jan.03 17Can41 dec=77N02
2014 Jan.04 08Can37 dec=80N00
2014 Jan.05 02Can31 dec=82N46
2014 Jan.06 28Gem14 dec=85N14
2014 Jan.07 25Gem06 dec=87N02
2014 Jan.08 22Gem44 dec=87N07
2014 Jan.10 19Gem27 dec=83N42

On Jan.14-15, 2014(15Gem35) Earth crosses Ison's orbit

2014 Jan.15 15Gem20 dec=74N45
2014 Jan.20 13Gem40 dec=67N54
2014 Feb.01 12Gem59 dec=57N20
2014 Mar.01 16Gem42 dec=46N35
2014 Apr.01 23Gem18 dec=41N58
2014 May.01 00Can21 dec=39N43
2014 Jun.01 07Can43 dec=38N15
2014 Jul.01 14Can23 dec=37N14
2015 Jan.01 17Can46 dec=42N42
2030 Jan.01 18Can29 dec=36N59
2050 Jan.01 18Can56 dec=36N17
2100 Jan.01 19Can48 dec=35N41
2200 Jan.01 21Can18 dec=35N08

comet Ison

Ison orbital path

Ison close up and de-illuminated showing craft-like object

Could Ison actually be a huge ship of some kind?

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