The Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn is a powerful placement to have giving discipline, determination, wisdom, good buisness ability and general success. These people know the meaning of time and patience and that hard work brings great results. They're often shy, serious, or reserved, but inderneath their cool and unnassuming exterior are sensitive and highly concious souls who have much wisdom and experience to offer. They make great builders, managers, bosses, buisness people, governers, and politicians. Those who end up in the arts and entertainment are known for their longetivity and quality work. They have great respect or honor for success, ambition, and excellence and nothing pains them more than a bad reputation.

Moon in Capricorn male celebs

Abraham Lincoln

Adolf Hitler

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bryan Adams

David Guetta

David Letterman

David Spade

Gene Kelly

George Clooney

Johnny Carson

Johnny Depp

Lorne Greene

Michael Douglas

Napoleon Bonaparte

Moon in Capricorn female celebs

Annie Lennox

Catherine Bach


Cheryl Tiegs

Christie Brinkley

Christina Aguilera

Christina Ricci

Elizabeth Montgomery

Fran Drescher

Helen Reddy

Kate Hudson

Kim Basinger

Liv Tyler

Lucille Ball

Terry Farrell

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