The Moon in Cancer

The Moon is at home in Cancer giving these people strong emotions and instincts and a natural desire for home and family life. Their sensitivity to the needs of others makes them excellent providers, buisness people, and politicians. They are also very much into housing or real state or anything dealing with personal or public security. They are natural cooks and restauranteers and enjoy family outings or get-togethers where they can express their colorful emotions. Their great memories and interest in tradition also make them great collectors, curators, historians, and preservers in general. They also tend to be quite moody and take things personally, and can be snappy, so be careful what you say to them.

Moon in Cancer male celebs

Anthony Quinn

Babe Ruth

Benny Hill

Bob Hope

David Icke

Dennis Quaid

Desi Arnaz

Don Adams

Elvis Costello

Errol Flynn

Gavin MaCleod

George Hamilton

Jack Dempsey

John Candy

Keanu Reeves

Kurt Russell

Leonard Nimoy

Michael Richards

Mike Connors

Mike Douglas

Mike Myers

Nick Nolte

Paul Lynde

Paul Simon

Robert Duvall

Robert Wagner

Telly Savalas

Tim Allen

Walter Cronkite

Moon in Cancer female celebs

Adrienne Barbeau

Clara Bow

Connie Sellecca

Cyd Charisse

Drew Barrymore

Gwen Stefani

Irene Cara

Janis Joplin

Kristin Kreuk

Linda Blair

Liza Minnelli

Mira Sorvino

Nancy Sinatra

Olivia DeHavilland

Olivia Newton-John

Phyllis Diller


Suzanne Somers

Tuesday Weld

Zhang Ziyi

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