The Earth Plane in Astrology
Note: as of 2015 there is mounting evidence that the Earth is a plane rather than a planet.

It's amazing how little attention or understanding our own Earth gets in the scheme of astrology today. Earth is a planet after all -isn't it?. Or is it? Evidence is mounting to show that it's actually a plane. Regardless, it still has an important astrological influences -doesn't it? Of course it does. It has the most important influence of all, but because we are living right on this plane, its influence comes to us in a very special way. Where or what in the hell is this influence in the horoscope?

It must be a HUGE influence since we live on the darned thing! Yet nobody seems to connect the dots, or if they do, you don't hear them shouting it out from the rooftops.

Yes, I've heard the old line about Earth being in the sign opposite your Sun since astronomically it is always 180 degrees away from it. This is pure astronomical rubbish since astrology is a geocentric(earth-centered) science or discipline rather than a heliocentric(sun-centered) one. We're living on the Earth darn it -not the Sun! Real astrology is concerned about how everything appears from where you're standing, and you certainly aren't standing on the Sun!

So how do you a measure the influence of a body you're standing on. Easy. It's called the eastern horizon(it may have been western in other ages). The eastern horizon is where the ecliptic(Sun's path) meets or crosses the earth's plane as seen from the individual's birth standpoint(see "the eastern horizon in astrology article" in this site). We see this as the sky moving eastward coming up over the horizon. Roughly every two hours, a thirty-degree section of the sky "rises" eastward along the ecliptic(planetary path) over the horizon. The exact meeting point between Earth's eastern horizon and the ecliptic marks the Ascending degree and/or sign -from the perspective of the individual's exact time and place of birth. This marks your unique astrological Earth point.

In short, the rising sign or ascendant , is the influene of none other than our very own Earth! The Earth plane affects us astrologically via the ascendant or rising sign - which is why this part of our horoscope is such a big deal in the first place, yet most astrologers consistently fail to make this connection(between the Earth and the ascendant) clear. Astrologers refer to the rising sign or ascendant as an "angle", a "filter", or a "mask" that we wear, dominating the way we look or act in public. The ascendant is all of these things and more! It is your Earth, Terra, or Gaia sign! Our plane desperately needs a real name! Earth is not a good name as it often associates it with the element of the same name.

Why are astrologers hiding the true meaning of the Ascendant or Rising sign in astrology? What do they have to lose from it? Is the clergy(total believers in astrology) behind their restraint? The knowledge of how Earth is the central or primary influence in the horoscope would certainly revolutionize astrology and make it credible to both science and religion. It may even unite them, as they are both the wayward offsprings of astrology. Or perhaps, it will expose the fallacies of both science and religion? There are too many schisms in this world and a strong need for a more integrated approach.

Our plane(and all other planes or heavenly bodies) are collective entities(gods if you will), with a definite influence on all of its inhabitants. This influence is not only physical but spiritual or astrological as well. Our bodies come from the earth/Earth which is of the same substance as the other planets, and our spirits come from the bodies just above it. Our spirits descend or "incarnate" into the earth/Earth at the ascendant point moulding and being molded by it. The Ascendant has the greatest effect in the shaping of our bodies(and minds). The spirits of the other planets also shape us on all levels.

Our Earth or Ascendant sign is our worldly self, the part of us we are shaping or integrating into ourselves as we breathe or speak. It is our current lesson or school and there are twelve ascendants to master or experience before we can leave this plane permanently. Ideally, if Pisces is your current rising sign, Aquarius was your last, and Aries wll be your next. Your rising sign is a way of keeping tabs on your many different lives here. The keywords for the Earth plane are diversity and relationships which can give important clues about its ruling sign.

It's a real shame that astrology as a whole has not yet made the connection between Earth's astrological influence and the ascendant or rising sign. Or if they have, they're not telling. This is sad, because it's really keeping astrology from flourishing into the great science/art that it is. What we need in astrology is less parroting and more courage and original thought. Most people already know the truth and are simply waiting for the "authorities" to state it.

In summary, our Earth is a plane with an astrological influence, but because we live on it, its influence comes to us in a special way -via the ascendant or rising sign.

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