An Esoteric Look at Uranus:
A Son of the Sun and the Sign of the Son of Man

The planet Uranus is a Son of the Sun, and the Sign of the Son of Man spoken of frequently in the New Testament of the bible. It's discovery on March 13th, 1781 signaled the modern age of man and the so-called "end times" of biblical prophecy. It was the first planet to be discovered in millennia outside of the tradititional seven(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), thanks to the invention of the telescope. It broke forever the bounds or limitations of Saturn(Satan), which was untill then thought to be the last or farthest planet in our solar system.

Uranus' highly inclined axial tilt(98), like its ruling sign Aquarius, makes it the "oddball" of the solar system, and reflects that sign's tendency to want to be different or unique. The tilt in fact is such that it allows the planet's inner sun to receive the Sun's power most directly through it's polar opening(hidden by its thick atmosphere or cloud cover -yes, Uranus is hollow!) giving it maximum power and connection to the Sun(like Jesus to his Father). Uranus is in fact the only planet that can openly stand up to or challenge the Sun's authority(Pluto does this too, but in covert fashion), and in that sense it becomes the Sun's equal. There is growing suspicion that Uranus is larger than suspected. It may in fact be the largest planet of all(after the Sun), and exercises tremendous power in the birth chart(it is strongest in air or fire -especially Aquarius or Leo). It should also be remembered that electricity or air power, which Uranus rules, is as important to our functioning as solar radiation or light.

Our Sun(Father) has twelve suns/sons orbiting it in the form of planets. They are called suns because that is basically what the planets are -pieces of the sun covered with a mantle or shell. This shell can crumble or reform, but a planet's inner sun remains intrinsic, growing larger, untill it becomes like its parent Sun. The larger(older) planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are well on their way to becoming new solar systems. Their rings and moons signify evolved status. When they are gone, other planets(probably the inner ones) will replace them. Planets grow by dissolving or shedding their shells(much like a snake) and growing a new one to correspond with their progressive evolution. These sheddings are witnessed as Great Tribulation periods for all life on the planet.

Uranus is the Christ principle in astrology championed by such avatars as Krishna, Buddha, and Appolonius of Tyana(who was the real Jesus or "Paul" of the 1st century AD). These and countless others less known brought necessary infusions of truth and freedom into this world to keep it from totally degenerating. Humans are basically Saturnine in nature(ignorant and fearful). Uranus counters this with brilliant flashes of truth, hope, and realization. It is a gift from heaven or the higher realms which allows us to supersede our constraints or limitations. Uriel, the archangel or representative spirit of Uranus, and the legions of angels under his command, see to it that humanity receives its share of true knowledge, wisdom, and liberty. Just as the Sun corresponds to the number 1 in numerology so Uranus corresponds to its opposite, the number 7. People with a 7 vibration in their name or birthdate are vibrant, spiritually aware, and ahead of their time, espousing truth and liberty for all. Seven, like most odd numbers, is non-divisible meaning its principles cannot be compromised.

The last major infusion of truth and freedom on the planet occurred in the 1st century AD through the dynamic leadership of Apollonius of Tyana who was the true Christ of that period. His bold and miraculous exploits against the tyranny and injustice of the then ruling Roman Empire are legendary. For a more detailed account of his life see here. Apollonius was Uranus-ruled(born in early February), and epitomized the noble qualities of his astrological sign. While he remained famous throughout his life and in the succeeding centuries, it did not take long for his star to dwindle or even dissapear. His revolutionary teachings were threatening to the powers of the time causing Emperor Constantine to take action and finally put a stop to all the religious turmoil. At the Council of Nicaea, in 325 AD, he and his bishops integrated various elements of all faiths into one new religion which later became the Roman Catholic faith. In the process, all traces of Apollonius and his teachings were destroyed or altered, and after much bloodshed, the new Holy Roman Empire and our present form of Christianity emerged.

Uranus(truth and freedom) was winning over Saturn(limitation and control), but Saturn's friend Neptune(illusion and deceit) came to his rescue and defeated Uranus, so for the next 1500 years(300-1800 AD) Roman Catholicism dominated the Western world. With the discovery of Uranus in 1781 and Neptune in 1846, the pattern of the first few centuries AD is repeating, only this time on a global scale. True science and progress is being muted or negated by the occult secret societies who stifle or use these breakthroughs or advancements for their own ends. Fortunately, the solar system does not end with Neptune. Pluto, true ruler of Scorpio, dicovered in 1930 and occupying Aries' space, marks the end of our present Piscean age or period of illusion, and the beginning of a new era when all secrets or dark things will be revealed. Those who do not accept the Pluto reality are afraid of truth and change and want to keep the status quo. They are too comfortable or intoxicated by their own delusions.

Uranus is the the only planet clearly ruling an air sign(Aquarius). The other two air signs, Gemini and Libra, still do not officially have their own planetary ruler. Is this why Truth(signified by Uranus) is having such a hard time in this world? Uranus needs the help of it's other two air-sign brethren to make truth palatable in this world, and this requires that the true rulers of Gemini and Libra stand up and declare themselves -as brave Uranus has done. Gemini can proliferate truth and freedom through word and speech(as is presently being done on the Internet), and Libra can unify the world's truths and bring harmony and LIBeRAtion as a result. Only then will the Uranian Son of Man finally find a rock to lay its head upon and rest.

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