Locational Astrology
Note: While the Earth may be flat rather than spherical, the astrological grid/dome encompassing it is not, and maintains its traditional value.
The only difference on a flat Earth is that the landmasses and zodiac degrees of the South are much larger or less compressed than those in the North.

Astro-Locality: the
Science of Time and Place

Astro-Locality Made Simple

Whole Sign Locality

Local and Personal Space

Your Relocated Ascendant

Johndro Locality and
the Geodetic Map

Geodetic Maps for 2015 AD

Astro-Locality Reference Maps

MC Longitudes

Line Range of Influence
in AstroLocality

Houses of the Sun
Saturn Conjunct MC
-where you rule

Newtown Geodetic

Astro-locality Transits

Latitudes and Longitudes
of World Cities

Using Declination to
Pinpoint Your Factors

Your Asc-MC Sector

Cities as Microcosms

Your Best Country

Satellite Mapping
and Astro-Locality

Jim Lewis Astro-Locality

Order Page
Chiron in Astrolocality

Your 5th House Lines

Localized Astrology

Locational Harmony

astrolocality: lines or signs?

astrolocality subcharts

X Marks My Place update

Understanding Your Locality Map

Parans in Astrolocality

100 Astrolocality Power Lines

2015 Paris attack map

Your Relocated Second House

Astrolocality and your
full Jupiter Lines

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