Johndro Geodetic Maps for 2010AD

The following map shows where the Earth's natural Ascendant and Midheaven influences are located for the year 2010 according to L.E.Johndro. The lines move very slowly -less than 1 minute of arc per year, so that it takes ages to make a complete cycle. The red vertical lines show the World Midheavens at 2 degrees of each sign whereas the Yellow lines show the World Ascendant ingresses at 0 degrees. Normally, astrologers put 0 Aries at the Greenwich meridian, but according to Johndro, this was actually over two thousand years ago(365 BC). Since then, 0 Aries has moved westward more than one full sign into the Atlantic, and the Greenwich meridian is now at 222' of Taurus(for the year 2010). The two most powerful axis lines for both the Asc and MC(0 degrees in the cardinal signs) run along western North America and the Pacific(with northern Canada as the hub or converging zone) and along western Asia and the Indian Ocean(with the coast of Antartica as the hub or converging zone). The converging zones where all the Ascendant lines and the primary MC lines meet are areas of great power astrologically.

World Geodetic Map for 2010

The Ascendant sectors describe the personal or physical characteristics of those areas whereas the Midheaven sectors bring the peoples or nations of those areas into public power or prominence -all based on the natal birth chart positions. The United States, for example, has Moon/MC and Pluto/MC highlighted(using whole signs) as well as Mars/Asc and Uranus/Asc. See where your planets fall in the Geodetic World Map. Where is the Sun? This is where you will feel great and best express yourself(Ascendant) or where you will become famous or influential(Midheaven). See where all your other planets fall as well. The opposition is also powerful. Exact aspect lines of your planets can be calculated using powerful astrological programs such as Kepler, Sirius, ZET, Janus, and Solar Fire.

Europe Geodetic Map for 2010

Most of western Europe is under Leo rising and Taurus MC. Italy, for example, has always been considered the "land of the Sun" and southern France is well known for its sunny beaches. Most western European nations are proud and fiery types who like to enjoy themselves. The Taurus MC gives a materialistic side to these nations and the ability to exercise financial power. London has long been known as the financial center of the world, and Germany is an economic powerhouse. Eastern Europe is dominated by Virgo rising and Gemini MC. These peoples or nations are more humble and hardworking and are very curious and knowledgeable about the rest of the world.

Asia Geodetic Map for 2010

The Middle East falls under Virgo rising and Gemini MC. The "Virgin Birth" has always been a theme here as well as words and scriptures. Jerusalem, the Holy city, is always divided amongst the various faiths. India falls under Libra rising and Cancer MC. Balance and the law of karma figure prominently here. They are very peaceful and accomodating and very much tied to home and family and tradition. China and Southeast Asia fall under Scorpio rising and Leo MC. The Orientals with their dark hair, veiled or slanted eyes, and intense natures look and act very Scorpio-like. Leo MC gives these peoples a fierce pride and creative ability. Japan and the Philipines fall under Sag rising and Virgo MC. The Japanese are more open than their Chinese brethren and very work-oriented and technologically inclined.

Africa Geodetic Map for 2010

Cancer rising and Aries MC influences the Northwestern coast of Africa making these peoples very colorful and personable but also war-like or aggressive. The middle bulk of Africa falls under Leo rising and Taurus MC, like Western Europe. Leo makes Africa hot and sunny and very wild-like(lions are a popular feature here) and Taurus very basic, sensual, or earthy with plenty of material resources. The black race is often associated with the sign of Taurus. Virgo and Gemini dominate eastern Africa giving it similar characteristics to the Middle East.

North America Geodetic Map for 2010

No less than 8 rising signs span the American North from Capricorn to Cancer giving North America a very wide range of characteristics astrologicaly speaking. Th MC span is shorter encompassing the signs from Scorpio to Pisces. The central hub or converging point is in Canada's Northwest where all the Asc lines meet and where all the power is concentrated. Canada, USA, and Mexico are dominated by both Capricorn and Aquarius MC's(both traditionally ruled by Saturn) and Aries, Taurus, and Gemini rising. 0 Aries and Capricorn, a cardinal meridian, runs through the Western coast making these states/provinces world leaders in lifestyle and industry. California has always blazed the way for much of the USA. Taurus Asc describes the vast territorial wealth of the continent. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 which falls here was the biggest(and cheapest) land buy in history. The Capricorn MC is also concerned with land but more with industry and government. Aquarius MC and Gemini Rising dominates eastern Canada and USA making this the educational and innovative area. Many famous inventors, Presidents. and celebrities are born here, especially those with Sun or other planets in Gemini or Aquarius.

South America Geodetic Map for 2010

Taurus rising and Aquarius MC dominates the western half of South America where money and wealth equal freedom and the people are highly fixed or stubborn in nature(fixed sign emphasis), and Gemini rising and Pisces MC dominates Brazil, Venezuela and the Guyanas where a more cerebral, diversified, and festive atmosphere reigns and the people are more changeable or flexible(mutable sign emphasis).

Australia Geodetic Map for 2010

Sagittarius rising and Virgo MC dominate western Australia characterizing its spacious and pristine beauty and wilderness. Eastern Australia is dominated by Capricorn rising and Virgo-Libra MC making it more rocky and industrious. The Libra MC is the eastern coast and most of New Zealand highlghting the beauty, sociability, and peacefulness of the area. Aquarius rising covers freedom-loving New Zealand and Indonesia is a blend of Scorpio and Sag rising and Leo and Virgo MC.

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