Geocentric Versus Heliocentric

Heliocentric means "sun-centered", or the current way astronomers look at our solar system. Above is a heliocentric depiction of our solar system as it would appear to someone looking from the outsides, with the sun at the center and all the the other planets encircling it.

Geocentric means "earth-centered", or the astrological or pre-Copernicus view of our solar system. Above is a geocentric depiction of our Solar System as it would appear from someone on Earth, with the Earth at the center and the Sun, Moon, and planets encircling it.

While both perspectives have their validity, astrology is mainly concerned with how the planets appear to the observer from Earth, and so the geocentric perspective is the more valid or meaningful of the two. If we lived on the Sun, then the heliocentric view would apply.

Note that in both systems, the outer planets from Mars to Pluto remain unnaffected. The Sun, Moon, and inner planets, however, change places.

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