Whitney Houston chart

Whitney Houston
Born Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Aug.9, 1963, 8:55 PM EST
Newark, New Jersey, USA
74W10 40N44

Sun in Leo 1642'
Moon in Aries 1705'
Mercury in Virgo 1015'
Venus in Leo 1112'
Mars in Libra 830'
Jupiter in Aries 1929'R
Saturn in Aquarius 2000'R
Uranus in Virgo 427'
Neptune in Scorpio 1257'
Pluto in Virgo 1101'
Eris in Aries 1058'R

Ascendant in Pisces 825'
Midheaven in Sagittarius 1823'
Popular American singer, actress, and
model producing a bevy of hits during the
late 1980's and 90's(see list below) as well
as starring in such films as The Bodyguard
(1992), Waiting to Exhale(1995), and The
Preacher's Wife(1996). Drugs(and alcohol)
have played an important role in Whitney's
demise and untimely death(Feb.11th 2012)
Song hits include: You Give Good Love(1984), Saving All My Love For You(1985), How Will I Know(1985), Greatest Love of All(1986), I Wanna Dance With Somebody(1987), Didn't We Almost Have It All(1987), So Emotional(1987), Where Do Broken Hearts Go(1987), I"m Your Baby Tonight(1990), All the Man That I Need(1990), I Will Always Love You(1992), I'm Every Woman(1993), I Have Nothing(1993), Exhale(1995), I Believe in You and Me(1996), Heartbreak Hotel(1998), and My Love is Your Love(1999)
Sparkling Whitney Houston is a Sun in Leo native with the Moon in equally fiery Aries making her warm, sunny, playful, and active. Venus conjunct the Sun is Whitney's singing and artistry and Jupiter conjunct the Moon is the positive and cheerful Whitney we have all come to love. Love is a big thing for Leos, in fact -it's their entire life. It fuels and energizes them and is basically their reason for being. Aries helps Leo a lot giving them the confidence and energy and initiative they need to realize their fondest hopes and dreams. Ascendant in Pisces gives a soft and dreamy overlay to the fieriness making Whitney sensitive and vulnerable to her surroundings and relationships. MC in Sag is her hope and refuge and strong spirituality during times of difficulty or need. It also makes her cheerful and a traveler. Mercury is strong in Virgo giving much critical or analytical ability and good working skills. They're quiet and shy, but observe everything that's going on, and can recount all the details. They're good with computers and lists and organizing, are neat freaks and health enthusiasts, and have a love of small animals or pets. Mercury conjunct both Uranus and Pluto is connected to the mass mind and makes for an original and deep thinker. Erratic or obsessive thoughts are also likely with this aspect. Venus in Leo loves drama and entertainment and the good life and is steadfast in love and affection. They're also jealous and possessive and need to be appreciated or admired. Mars in Libra is attractive and clever and sociable, and fights for justice, fairness, and the rights of others. They excel as models, singers, designers, and artists. Jupiter in Aries is feisty and self-confident and succeeds by initiating or being first. They do well in all Mars/Aries professions. Saturn in Aquarius is scientific and progressive and needs to do something good for humanity. Opposing the Sun, there needs to be a working balance between the needs of the ego or self and the wants or needs of others. Uranus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo is a unique and self-willed generation bent on changing the way we work or live in society, usually through technical innovations such as computers and the internet. Health, sexuality, and the environment are also big issues for them. Neptune in Scorpio gives Whitney and her generation a subtle and secretive psyche that likes to uncover or research dark and mysterious subjects like death, rebirth, sexuality, criminality, ufo's, politics, secret societies, and the occult or paranormal in general. Neptune squaring Whitney's Sun(and Venus) may have negatively pre-disposed her to drugs, drinking, and other deceptive activities.

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