Victoria Principal chart

Victoria Principal
Concettina Ree Principale
Jan.3, 1950, time unknown
Fukuoka, Japan
130E24 33N35

Noon Positions JST
Sun in Capricorn 1210'
Moon in Gemini 2754'
Mercury in Aquarius 131'
Venus in Aquarius 1739'
Mars in Libra 259'
Jupiter in Aquarius 659'
Saturn in Virgo 1926'R
Uranus in Cancer 236'R
Neptune in Libra 1717'
Pluto in Leo 1746'R
Eris in Aries 620'

American actress and model best
known for her role as Pamela Barnes
Ewing in Dallas(1978-87), and for
her line of cosmetic products

LR vote: air rising
Lovely Victoria Principle has at least six planets in all three air signs denoting, beauty, charm, and intelligence. These talents are all used advantageously by her Capricorn Sun which seeks professional and financial success. Solar Capricorns are wise, prudent, economical, and admire hard work, persistance, and accomplishment. The ruler Saturn is in Virgo reinforcing or emphasizing the qualities of order, discipline, and good health or hygiene. Moon in Gemini is pretty, clever, versatile, humorous, and has a facility for communicating. This Moon also has a reputation for being changeable and flirtatious. Mercury in Aquarius is truthful, idealistic, ingenious, and very independant-minded. Mercury conjunct Jupiter has expansive and benevolent thoughts and generally gives good advice. They're also into publishing. Venus in Aquarius puts a high value on friendship, truth, and originality. They like to be different or even shocking and have unconventional views about love and affection. Mars in Libra is very active socially and often excels in fashion, art, law, design, or the beauty fields in general. They will fight for justice or fairness. Jupiter in Aquarius is friendly, truthful, freedom-loving, and future-oriented. They are good at rallying others for humanitarian causes or objectives. Saturn in Virgo is an excellent organizer and worker and has a strong interest or involvement in health and environmental issues. Uranus in Cancer brings a new or modern approach to home and family living. They are very inventive or unique when it comes to food or housing. Neptune in Libra has a strong psychological need for beauty and harmony, whether it be in their relationships or in their environment. Pluto in Leo people go all out when it comes to love or entertainment.

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