Taylor Swift chart
Taylor Swift
Taylor Alison Swift
Dec.13,1989, time unknown
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, UK
75W58 40N20

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Sagittarius 2140'
Moon in Cancer 533'
Mercury in Capricorn 902'
Venus in Aquarius 159'
Mars in Scorpio 2653'
Jupiter in Cancer 739'
Saturn in Capricorn 1329'
Uranus in Capricorn 440'
Neptune in Capricorn 1120'
Pluto in Scorpio 1630'
Eris in Aries 1617'R

American country pop singer and
songwriter producing such hits as
Tim McGraw(2006), Teardrops on
My Guitar(2007), Love Story(2008),
White Horse(2008), and You
Belong With Me(2009)

LR vote: Leo or Libra rising
Beautiful and talented Taylor Swift is a solar Sag with a strong Cancer-Capricorn axis. Scorpio is also prominent in the chart. The dominant Capricorn influence falls in her solar second house of possessions. A heavily tenanted second house is also often found in the charts of artists and entertainers. Sun in Sagittarius is a wild, adventurous, and freedom-loving spirit, in search of spiritual meaning or fulfillment. They are roamers and travelers in life rarely settling down anywhere for long, always seeking to grow or expand their horizons. Most have strong ethical beliefs or principles and it is not uncommon finding many Sag people in the clergy or priesthood. They're also good atheletes, hunters, explorers, teachers, philosophers, writers, and publishers. While they may have a reputation for licentiousness in the early part of their lives, they get quite principled in their later years. Trust, faith, and moral integrity become everything to them. Moon in Cancer makes this Sag more home or family oriented with a greater need for roots and security. Jupiter conjunct the Moon augments this need and also gives public acclaim or recognition. Mercury in Capricorn gives Taylor a logical and factual way of thinking and perceiving. They are realists with practical goals or ambitions which they achieve with much planning, organization, and persistence. Many do well as accountants, teachers, and business people. Mercury conjuncted by Saturn can focus or control the thoughts making them good writers or teachers. Mercury conjuncted by Uranus gives mental genius or originality, and Mercury conjuncted by Neptune gives musical, artistic, psychic, or intuitive ability. Venus in Aquarius is friendly, intelligent, independant, and unique, with a high regard for truth and freedom. They are very liberal or unconventional when it comes to their relationships and sexual conduct. They want to make an important or substantial contribution to humanity as a whole. Mars in Scorpio is the traditional or secondary home of Mars giving much passion and intensity to the native as well as to the rest of the chart. These people are shrewd and selective and go all the way or not at all in whatever they undertake. They are deeply emotional and perceptive and life with them can be hell or heaven depending on which side you're on. They do not fear death or danger and can be instruments of such themselves. They often have only two choices in life -the high or the low road. Many excel as doctors, investigators, and criminologists. Pluto intensifies all of Mars' qualities. Jupiter in Cancer finds hope and meaning in home and family life. They like food, familty outings, and large houses. They're also into history, preservation, collecting, and safety and security. Saturn in Capricorn is strongest in its own sign giving these people practicality, common sense, wisdom, and a serious and responsible attitude about life. They are quiet cautious types with aura of dignity or authority about them. Saturn with Uranus combines the old with the new or the traditional with the modern. Saturn with Neptune realizes one's dreams and imaginations. Uranus in Capricorn finds new ways to organize or do business. They are ingenious builders and governers and change our concepts about time and space. Personally they are shy, aloof, and sensual. Uranus with Neptune produces new and unique forms of art or music. In Capricorn or the Earth element it will have a down-to-earth quality(such as country music). Neptune in Capricorn people are control freaks who need to organize or define everything. "Everything has it's time and place" is their ruling philosophy Their is also a mystical interest in numbers and dates. Pluto is at home in Scorpio giving Taylor and her generation tremendous emotional depth and power and the ability to sift the wheat from the chaff. They have an innate understanding of occult principles or concepts such as death and rebirth or regeneration.

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