Suzanne Somers chart
Suzanne Somers
Suzanne Marie Mahoney
Oct.16, 1946, 6:11 AM PST
San Bruno, California
USA 122W25 37N38

Sun in Libra 2236'
Moon in Cancer 957'
Mercury in Scorpio 1240'
Venus in Sagittarius 004'
Mars in Scorpio 1502'
Jupiter in Scorpio 428'
Saturn in Leo 745'
Uranus in Gemini 2139'R
Neptune in Libra 854'
Pluto in Leo 1311'
Eris in Aries 557'R

Ascendant in Libra 2014'
MidHeaven in Cancer 2300'
sexy and beautiful actress best
known as the ditzy Chrissy on
Three's Company(1977-81)
Sun and Ascendant in Libra give Suzanne Somers her sunny, blonde, and beautiful look. Sun in Libra prides itself on being pleasant, courteous, just, and cooperative. They love socializing and try to be the best possible host or partner anyone can have. Moon and Midheaven in Cancer make Suzanne very emotional and concerned or preoccupied with domestic issues. Mercury in Scorpio is secretive and suspicious and makes a great researcher or spy. Venus in Sagittarius appreciates honesty and trust and has a love of animals and the outdoors. Mars in Scorpio is sneaky and suspicious and shrewd and confronts danger and death fearlessly. Jupiter in Scorpio is also drawn to danger and intrigue, and combined with Mars, gives a high sexual energy. Saturn in Leo adds to Suzanne's golden coloring and makes her a fine leader, organizer, or entertainer, but she can also be somewhat bossy or self-centered. Uranus in Gemeni is a fine position giving intelligence, versatility, humour, and good communicative powers. This position believes in free and truthful education. Neptune in Libra is a generation of beauty and peace-loving people(the "flower children" of the sixties), and who over-idealize relationships. Pluto in Leo is a generation that pulls out all the stops where love, leisure, and creativity are concerned.

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