Steve McQueen chart

Steve McQueen
Born: Terence Steven McQueen
Mar.24, 1930, time unknown
Beech Grove, Indiana
USA 86W27 39N31

Noon Positions CST
Sun in Aries 322'
Moon in Aquarius 156'
Mercury in Pisces 2543'
Venus in Aries 1441'
Mars in Pisces 552'R
Jupiter in Gemini 1035'
Saturn in Capricorn 1115'
Uranus in Aries 1052'
Neptune in Virgo 124'R
Pluto in Cancer 1727'R
Eris in Aries 136'

American actor appearing in such films as
The Magnificent Seven(1960), The Great
Escape(1963), Bullitt(1968), The Getaway
(1972), and The Towering Inferno(1974).
Was an avid car and motorcycle racer.
Died of a heart attack after surgery on
November 7, 1980 at the age of 50

Steve McQueen combines strength with sensitivity, goodness with badness, and masculinity with femininity. The Sun is well-placed in fiery Aries so that the heart and ego are basically pure and positive. The Sun here sees life as a game or challenge to be won or savoured. There is much energy, confidence, and drive in the nature. Venus gives the Sun strength, determination, and resourcefulness, and Uranus gives genius, speed, and more determination. The Moon can be in Capricorn or Aquarius depending on the exact time of birth. Mercury in Pisces softens the Arian fieriness and impetuousness giving more sensitivity and consideration. This Mercury is very impressionable and strongly intuitive in nature. They usually have an interest in film and photography and the visual arts in general. Mars in the same sign as Mercury makes for an active imagination and impatient communicator. Venus in Aries is impulsive, impatient, ardent, passionate, and magnetic. They like speed and challenge and can be quite aggressive in pursuing their interests and desires. Acting is a good outlet for them as well as racing or competitive sports. Mars in Pisces is a very feminine and sexy influence giving McQueen an advantage with the ladies. They are highly emotional and impressionable and excel as artists, dancers, musicians, mimes, and all other Piscean-related fields. There is also a tendency towards escapism and intoxication. Jupiter in Gemini gains much through study, learning, and diversification and succeed as a communicator or storyteller. They are witty, versatile, humorous, and youthful-looking well into old age. They're also good with letters, deliveries, communiques, and transport vehicules of all kinds. Saturn is dignified in Capricorn giving enormous discipline, control, and organizational ability. In his solar tenth, Saturn makes Steve McQueen a serious and enduring actor or public figure. Uranus in Aries is willful and headstrong with an explosive temper. They are naturally inventive and enterprising and do well as engineers or aviation experts. Neptune in Virgo people are addicted to work, order, cleanliness, and perfection. Theirs is a critical and analytical psyche. Pluto in Cancer people have powerful emotions and a deep loyalty to home and family life. They are very concerned with food, housing, safety, and security.

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