Sofia Vergara chart

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Margarita Vergara
Jul.10, 1972, time unknown
Baranquilla, Colombia
74W48 10N59

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Cancer 1830'
Moon in Cancer 1703'
Mercury in Leo 1454'
Venus in Gemini 1816'
Mars in Leo 737'
Jupiter in Capricorn 128'R
Saturn in Gemini 1501'
Uranus in Libra 1421'
Neptune in Sagittarius 247'R
Pluto in Virgo 2935'
Eris in Aries 1317'R

Colombian model and actress best known
as the host of Fuera de Serie(1995-99) on
Univision. Also plays Gloria in the TV
comedy series Modern Family(2009-2014)

LR vote: fire or air rising
Gorgeous Sofia Vergara may have all the makings of a beauty queen, but with Sun conjunct Moon in Cancer, her true passion or focus is home and family life. The Sun here is proud of its emotional power and sense of roots, and the Moon in this sign is well known for its motherly qualities and ample or rotund features. Mercury in Leo is proud, playful, confident and likes flattery and attention. Mercury conjunct Mars gets its point across. Venus in Gemini enjoys companionship, conversation, and mental activity, and a diverse love life. Venus conjunct Saturn establishes stable relationships and finances. Mars in Leo is warm, confident, and sexy, and knows how to impress or put on a good show. They are active and ardent lovers. Jupiter in Capricorn has a thing about saving or economizing and being on time. They are organized, ambitious, industrious, and careful about reputation or status. Saturn in Gemini learns the value of a good education and correct communication. They make fine speakers, writers, lecturers, or teachers. Uranus in Libra is unusually bright and strikingly attractive. They are sociable and artistic, and need lots of freedom in their relationships. Neptune in Sagittarius dreams of traveling to foreign and exotic places and having mystical adventures. They are naturally trusting, open, and spiritually inclined. Pluto in Virgo people want to achieve total perfection and purity in their lives and can do so through diet, exercise, and good works.

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