Sigourney Weaver chart

Sigourney Weaver
Born: Susan Alexandra Weaver
Oct.8, 1949, 6:15 PM EST
Manhattan, N.Y., USA
73W59 40N46

Sun in Libra 1520'
Moon in Taurus 519'
Mercury in Libra 517'R
Venus in Scorpio 2819'
Mars in Leo 1929'
Jupiter in Capricorn 2300'
Saturn in Virgo 1402'
Uranus in Cancer 501'
Neptune in Libra 1456'
Pluto in Leo 1748'

Ascendant in Taurus 627'
Midheaven in Capricorn 2021'
American actress best known for her
role as Ripley in the Alien film series
(1979-1997). Also starred in The Year of
Living Dangerously(1982), Ghostbusters
I&II(1984/89), Gorillas in the Mist(1988),
Working Girl(1988), The Ice Storm(1997),
Galaxy Quest(1999), and Avatar(2009)
Beautiful and tough Sigourney Weaver is a Libra Sun with Mercury and Neptune there as well bestowing brains, good looks, charm, and a basic desire for peace, beauty, and harmony. The tight conjunction of the Sun to Neptune spells success in film or the arts. Moon and Ascendant in Taurus makes Weaver a truly Venusian type with charm and artistry and a practical head on her shoulders. Venus in Scorpio is passionate and intense and gets down to the nitty gritty in any situation. Sex, death, and aliens are all part of the menu here. Mars in Leo is proud and courageous and fights for one's integrity or dignity. They excel as leaders, actors, and performers in general. Jupiter in Capricorn is organized, industrious, ambitious, and economical and makes the most of what little is on hand. Saturn in Virgo is disciplined and controlled as well as critical or fastidious. They are health-concientious and strive for quality and perfection in everything they do. Uranus in Cancer gives wild and chaotic emotions as well as an ingenious survival instinct. There are splits and separations in the home and family life. Neptune in Libra believes in peace and unity and harmony for all. They idealize their relationships but often suffer disillusionment instead. Pluto in Leo goes all out in love and leisure and often make it big in the entertainment field. They are extremely creative and dramatic people but can also be very obsessed or hedonistic. Note: some of the planets don't seem to fit bringing into question the birth data.
Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and her ALIEN nemesis