Scarlett Johansson chart

Scarlett Johansson
Nov.22, 1984, time unknown
New York, N.Y. USA
74W00 40N43

Noon Positions EST
Sun in Sagittarius 035'
Moon in Scorpio 27123'
Mercury in Sagittarius 2202'
Venus in Capricorn 1029'
Mars in Aquarius 513'
Jupiter in Capricorn 1251'
Saturn in Scorpio 2027'
Uranus in Sagittarius 1301'
Neptune in Capricorn 003'
Pluto in Scorpio 311'
Eris in Aries 1512'R

beautiful American actress starring in
such films as The Horse Whisperer(1998),
Ghost World(2001), Lost in Translation
(2003), Girl With a Pearl Earring(2003),
The Perfect Score(2004), The Island
(2003), and Match Point(2005)

LR vote: Libra rising
Beautiful Scarlett Johansson has the Sun in Sagittarius giving her a positive or optimistic approach to life and a love of adventure, exploration, or search for spiritual meaning. Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn gives passion, drive, focus, and endurance and dignity in the public eye. Mercury in Sagittarius is open, honest, optimistic, and interested in travel, study, or philosophical discussion. Venus in Capricorn conjunct Jupiter desires serious and meaningful relationships and activities. Mars in Aquarius makes it a point to be different or original. These people are highly independent, rebellious, unconventional, and fight for friends and causes. Jupiter in Capricorn is cool, calculating, and ambitious, and and is big on saving or economizing. Saturn in Scorpio has great control and discipline, especially over the emotional nature. They also make excellent researchers or investigators. Uranus in Sagittarius is wild and freedom-loving and has some very unique or strange views about religion and morality. Neptune in Capricorn is a generation of people who dream of a world of order and efficiency and who understand the complex nature of time. Pluto is strongest in its own sign of Scorpio giving these people a natural understanding or acceptance of death or elimination as vehicules for great change or transformation.

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