Sandra Bullock chart

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Anette Bullock
Jul.26,1964, 3:15 AM EDT
Arlington County, Virginia, USA
77W07 38N53

Sun in Leo 319'
Moon in Aquarius 2157'
Mercury in Leo 2825'
Venus in Gemini 2406'
Mars in Gemini 2700'
Jupiter in Taurus 2214'
Saturn in Pisces 344'R
Uranus in Virgo 808'
Neptune in Scorpio 1504'S
Pluto in Virgo 1235'
Eris in Aries 1117'R

Ascendant in Gemini 2623'
MidHeaven in Pisces 344'
pretty American actress starring
in such films asSpeed(1994), The
Net(1995), Miss Congeniality(2000),
and Two Weeks Notice(2002)
Ascendant in Gemini with Mars and Venus gives Sandra Bullock her slim, pretty look and fun to be with persona. Midheaven in Pisces with Saturn makes her shy and sensitive. Moon in Aquarius likes to be different, shocking, and independant. Sun and Mercury in Leo give her a strong and confident inner nature that can be surprisingly firm and dominating. She is a proud and generous spirit who likes to lead or be in charge. Venus in Gemini loves reading and writing and communicating in general. They are witty, humorous, versatile and flirtatious. Mars in Gemini is the tireless thinker who impresses others with his or her ideas, knowledge, and versatility. Jupiter in Taurus likes to accumulate wealth and money and help others with it. Saturn in Pisces is a serious and sensitive soul who is in tune with all things inner, spiritual, or artistic. Uranus in Virgo are technical geniuses who hate following strict schedules or routines. They have a scientific interest in health and hygiene and believe that all animals should be free. Neptune in Scorpio is a generation absorbed by the dark mysteries of life. Their subtlety and depth make them excellent researchers or investigators. Pluto in Virgo is a generation of perfectionists especially when it comes to work or health. Note: I see a strong Aries influence in her chart.

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