Rutger Hauer chart

Rutger Hauer
Born: Rutger Oelsen Hauer
Jan.23, 1944, 6:18 PM CET
Breukelen, Netherlands
5E00 52N11

Sun in Aquarius 236'
Moon in Capricorn 558'
Mercury in Capricorn 932'
Venus in Sagittarius 2439'
Mars in Gemini 558'
Jupiter in Leo 2431'R
Saturn in Gemini 2023'R
Uranus in Gemini 500'R
Neptune in Libra 410'R
Pluto in Leo 742'
Eris in Aries 449'

Ascendant in Leo 1548'
Midheaven in Aries 2827'
Dutch film actor appearing in such
films as Nighthawks(1981), Bladerunner
(1982), The Hitcher(1986). Buffy the Vampire
Slayer(1992), and Confessions of a Dangerous
Mind(2002). Is a dedicated environmentalist
Leo Rising with Jupiter and Pluto give Rutger Hauer his imposing presence and boyish good looks. Sun in Aquarius makes him a genius and a rebel and passionate about truth and freedom. Moon and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn give him a sense of seriousness, and responsibility. The Moon here is a very steady and reliable worker. Mercury in this sign is logical, economical, realistic, and likes to deal with facts and figures. Venus in Sagittarius loves sport and adventure, tends to take risks, and has a strong sense of ethics. Mars in Gemini is constantly thinking, analyzing, communicating, and needs change and variety. Mars exactly conjunct Uranus gives much dynamism, ingenuity, and lightning-fast reflexes. Jupiter in Leo loves splendor and grandeur and succeeds as an entertainer. They are very proud, generous, noble, and make adventurous lovers. Saturn in Gemini overcomes learning disabilities and becomes a master communicator. They have the ability to focus and organize their thoughts and make good teachers and librarians. Uranus in Gemini is brilliant at coming up with totally new and often shocking ideas. They are also quite humorous, youthful, and versatile. Neptune in Libra has a fine sense of beauty and art and seeks universal peace and harmony. Pluto in Leo takes out all the stops when it conmes to love and entertainment.

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