Rose McGowan chart

Rose McGowan
Rose McGowan
Sep.5, 1973, time unknown
Florence, Italy 11E15 43N46
: some sources give 1975

Noon Positions CED
Sun in Virgo 1242'
Moon in Sagittarius 2108'
Mercury in Virgo 1506'
Venus in Libra 2038'R
Mars in Taurus 746'
Jupiter in Aquarius 309'R
Saturn in Cancer 311'
Uranus in Libra 2058'
Neptune in Sagittarius 447'
Pluto in Libra 327'
Eris in Aries 1316'R

best known for her role as Paige,
one of the three witches on

LR vote: Gemini or Aquarius rising
Behind Rose McGowan's pretty exterior is a solid Sun in Virgo with Mercury to boot. This woman is less flighty and and changeable than she appears. She is actually a very dutiful and hardworking person who will hang on to her traditional values or ethics. She is extremely thorough, observant, and analytical. Moon in Sagittarius likes animals and nature and discussing spiritual subjects. Venus in Libra gives her a liking for art and fashion and socializing. Mars in Taurus likes to make and spend money, is stubborn, sensual, and possessive. Jupiter in Aquarius likes to venture into unchartered territory. They are unique, independent, intelligent, truthful, and humanitarian. Saturn in Cancer makes a great mother homemaker and caretaker. They are very emotional and sentimental, and have great survival skills or instincts. Uranus in Libra is a beautiful and intelligent position that wants relationships with no strings attached. Neptune in Sagittarius is interested in spirituality and exploring distant places and cultures. Pluto in Libra wants exclusive and permanent relationships and partnerships.

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