Rosanna Arquette chart
Rosanna Arquette
Rosanna Lauren Arquette
Aug.10, 1959, 4:45 PM EDT
New York, NY, USA
74W00 40N43

Sun in Leo 1728'
Moon in Scorpio 617'
Mercury in Leo 905'R
Venus in Virgo 1607'
Mars in Virgo 1322'
Jupiter in Scorpio 2249'
Saturn in Capricorn 057'R
Uranus in Leo 1644'
Neptune in Scorpio 421'
Pluto in Virgo 322'R
Eris in Aries 958'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 2432'
Midheaven in Libra 1710'
American actress starring in films such
as The Executioner's Song(1982), Baby
It's You(1983), Desperately Seeking
Susan(1985), and After Hours(1985)
Pretty Rosanna Arquette is a lioness with Sag rising making her warm, expressive, open, and generous. The Sun here shines at full force giving the native much presence and force. Mercury and Uranus are also in Leo adding intelligence, versatility, and a truth and freedom-loving nature. Midheaven in Libra is socially concious and likes to please others. Moon in Scorpio gives much determination and emotional depth or intensity. Jupiter and Neptune also in Scorpio add benevolence and sensitivity or shyness to the personality. Mercury in Leo is fun and creative and knows how to lead or speak boldly and convincingly. Mercury with Uranus gives a quick, original, and ingenious mind that likes to speak out. Venus in Virgo is modest and shy but very organized and efficient. They have a dutiful and analytical attitude toward love and affection. Venus with Mars is amorous and passionate and attractive to the opposite sex. They are also highly productive and resourceful at work. Mars in Virgo works hard physically, is good at handling detailed or complex tasks, and can be sharply critical or analytical. Jupiter in Scorpio explores sex and the occult. They are magnetic and tend to attract dangerous or risky situations which they often easily get out of. Saturn in Capricorn is at home here giving much controll, discipline, organizational ability, and industriousness. They are taken seriously and often assume positions of power or authority. Uranus in Leo is ingeniously creative or dramatic, likes to play the universal hero, and is very open or experimental in matters of love or affection. Neptune in Scorpio people are subtle, passionate, secretive, and very interested in sexual or paranormal matters. They are very perceptive and have vivid and erotic imaginations. Pluto in Virgo people go to extremes in work, diet, and health, and become involved in environmental reform.

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