Rosalind Russell chart
Rosalind Russell
Jun.4, 1907, 4:15 PM EST
Waterbury, Connecticut
USA 73W03 41N33

Sun in Gemini 1304'
Moon in Aries 331'
Mercury in Gemini 2630'
Venus in Taurus 1555'
Mars in Capricorn 1854'
Jupiter in Cancer 1332'
Saturn in Pisces 2627'
Uranus in Capricorn 1150'R
Neptune in Cancer 1115'
Pluto in Gemini 2300'
Eris in Pisces 2526'

Ascendant in Scorpio 727'
Midheaven in Leo 1524'
American actress starring in such films
as His Girl Friday(1940), My Sister
Eileen(1942), and Auntie Mame(1958).
Died of breast cancer on Nov.28,1976
Scorpio rising gives Rosalind Russell her private and intense demeanor. Moon in Aries makes her lively, energetic, and impatient. Beneath the focused and driven exterior is a versatile and fun-loving Sun in Gemini who delights in games and mental expression. Pluto conjuncting the Sun intensifies the ego and the sense of power. Mercury in Gemini is strong in its own sign giving force and clarity of mind and an interest in all things. These people simply must communicate. Mercury conjuncted by Pluto gives the mind a lot more focus and depth and is good for research and investigation. Venus in its own sign of Taurus gives much firmness, practicality, strength, and resourcefulness. They are shrewd appraisers or buisness people and are likely to have artistic or musical talent. Mars in Capricorn excels in all buisness or professional matters. They are cautious and organized as well as controlling and sensual. Mars conjuncted by Uranus is quick, inventive, unpredictable, and often accident prone. Jupiter in Cancer is caring and nurturing but also clinging and emotional. They succeed as parents, domestics, cooks, caretakers, and other Cancer-related professions. Jupiter conjuncted by Neptune is kind and charismatic and finds many opportunities in the arts or in film. Saturn in Pisces is very serious and sensitive and tries to realize or manifest one's dreams and imaginations. They make quality artists, filmakers, or musicians and require regular periods of rest and seclusion. Uranus in Capricorn breaks the rules when it comes to buisness and success. They have a genius with numbers, sequence, and time. Neptune in Cancer people are very emotional and sentimental and attached to home and family matters. They can become obssessed with food, housing, and security, and have a fascination for mediumship and haunted houses. Pluto in Gemini has a probing or investigative mind that never stops untill it finds the answer. They are very much into books, communication, and the media in general.

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