Ron Silver chart

Ron Silver
Born Ron Zimelman
Jul.2, 1946, time unknown
New York, NY 74W00 40N43

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Cancer 1009'
Moon in Leo 2717'
Mercury in Leo 558'
Venus in Leo 1703'
Mars in Virgo 705'
Jupiter in Libra 1756'
Saturn in Cancer 2601'
Uranus in Gemeni 1857'R
Neptune in Libra 555'
Pluto in Leo 1029'
Eris in Aries 643'

American actor, director, and
producer starring in such films as
Semi-Tough(1977), Best Friends
(1982), and A Love Story(1989).
Is also an environmental activist

LR vote: Scorpio rising
Ascendant in Scorpio gives Ron his tough intense demeanor and attitude. Moon in Leo adds confidence and a desire to be in the limelight. Mercury in Leo also gives confidence but on a mental or verbal level. Venus and Pluto in Leo, give him a love of competitive sports and entertainment in general. Sun in Cancer is his true homebody self -a very sensitive, imaginative, and feeling man, whose primary concern is security, both for himself and others. Saturn and Pluto also in Cancer emphasize Silver's need for security and a home and make him a survivalist, someone who can make the most with the least. It also gives him a long memory, and a need or ability to collect and restore rare antiques or paintings with which he can make a fortune. Mars in Virgo makes him a critic and a perfectionist. It is also his enviromental activism. Jupiter in Libra gives Silver an interest in law and mediation. Personally, it makes him fair and just with a love of beauty, art, music, and fashion. He gains through partnerships. Neptune, also in Libra, extends his fortune into movie-making or in the distribution of liquids of all kinds. This position idealizes relationships and must be careful to avoid deception or disillusionment here. Uranus in Gemeni is Ron's intellectual and communicative genius, as well as his versatility and offbeat humour.

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