Ron Paul
Ron Paul
Ron Ernest Paul
Aug.20, 1935, time unknown
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
USA 80W00 40N26

Noon Positions EDT
Sun in Leo 2642'
Moon in Taurus 2048'
Mercury in Virgo 706'
Venus in Virgo 2238'R
Mars in Scorpio 1241'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1543'
Saturn in Pisces 738'R
Uranus in Taurus 529'R
Neptune in Virgo 1339'
Pluto in Cancer 2628'
Eris in Aries 332'R

US Texas Republican Congressman,
physician, author, and presidential
candidate advocating nonintervention,
withdrawal from Nato, the UN,
Nafta, and more(see below).

Political maverick Ron Paul is a Leo Sun with Moon in Taurus(same combination as Bill Clinton and perhaps Barack Obama) giving a strong ego or spirit and much steadfastness and determination. This is a powerful and resourceful combination that works quite well on behalf of the public, with the Sun providing strength and leadership and the Moon catering to material or financial needs. Mercury is also well-placed in Virgo giving a sharp and critical mind dedicated to maintaining order and civility. The Leonian ego is toned down by this position becoming more selfless and practical. Mercury directly influenced by both Venus and Neptune slows down and sensitizes the mind and giving a certain charm or shyness and a liking or interest for music, art, and film. Venus in Virgo is a solid and dependable worker concerned with health and labor issues as well as environmental sustainability. Personally they are shy, humble, helpful, and very well mannered or behaved. Mars in Scorpio is adept at dealing with issues of life and death and is often found in the horoscopes of doctors, physicians, surgeons, criminologists, and investigators. They have powerfull and intense emotions which they usually manage to keep under control. Mars conjunct Jupiter has much energy and confidence and the ability to fight for moral principles. Jupiter in Scorpio, like Mars, is highly emotional and magnetic and explores issues normally hidden from public view such as sex, death, and the occult. They succeed as doctors, investigators, politicians, and investors. Saturn in Pisces is a serious and sensitive soul who is guided by feeling and intuition and who works well behind the scenes. They can be rather secretive and seclusive and have artistic or mystical interests. They can be good meditators, musicians, filmakers, swimmers, painters, and even buisnesspeople. Uranus in Taurus finds new and unusual ways to handle money, wealth, or material resources. Personally, they are rugged stubborn, sensual, and often display artistic or musical genius. Neptune in Virgo is addicted to work, routine, duty, order, cleanliness, and the need to be perfect or efficient. They have a natural interest in health, technology, and the environment. Pluto in Cancer finds purpose, meaning, and regeneration through home and family and intense emotional activity. They make exceptional providers, caretakers, and security people.
What Ron Paul Stands For

-favors a foreign policy of nonintervention(such as in Iraq)

-favors withdrawal from the Noth Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO), and the United Nations(UN)

-supports Free Trade but not as a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA)

-favors the ending of the Federal income tax and the abolishment of most federal agencies

-opposes new government spending, initiatives, or taxes, as well as inflation and a deficit budjet

-favors excise taxes and tarrifs

-favors hard money and the phasing out of the Federal Reserve

-favors the legitimization of gold and silver as legal tender

-favors removing military bases and troops from foreign soil

-favors tighter border security and the ending of welfare benefits for illegal aliens, as well as the Secure Fence Act

-favors the choice to opt out of Social Security

-opposes birthright citizenship and amnesty

-opposes the Patriot Act, the federal use of torture, presidential autonomy, a national ID card, domestic surveillance, and the draft

-opposes regulation of the internet

-opposes the the federal War on Drugs, the No Child Left Behind Act, and Gun Control

-favors the right to bear arms, jury nullification, and habeas corpus

-is pro-life, and opposes federal regulation of the death penalty, education, marriage, and healthcare

-is a free marklet environmentalist

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