Ron Howard chart

Ron Howard
Ronald William Howard
Mar.1, 1954
9:03 AM CST
Duncan, Oklahoma
USA 97W57 34N30

Sun in Pisces 1030'
Moon in Capricorn 2341'
Mercury in Pisces 1003'
Venus in Pisces 1756'
Mars in Sagittarius 1044'
Jupiter in Gemini 1701'
Saturn in Scorpio 913'R
Uranus in Cancer 1918'R
Neptune in Libra 2546'R
Pluto in Leo 2324'R
Eris in Aries 745'

Ascendant in Aries 2522'
MidHeaven in Capricorn 1522'
American actor best known for his
role as Richie Cunningham in
Happy Days(1974-84)
Ascendant in Aries gives Piscean Richie Ron Howard much needed drive and confidence. Midheaven im Capricorn with the Moon brings him to public prominence as a wise and dependable soul. Beneath the exterior fortitude and calm is a shy, emotional, and insecure spirit(Sun in Pisces). Mercury in Pisces makes him even more sensitive and withdrawing and gives an interest in art, film, and all that is ephemeral or mysterious. Mars in Sagittarius affects Ron powerfully giving him his studious and morally upright character which he portrays both on screen and in real life. Jupiter in Gemini makes him youthful, attractive, intelligent, humourous, and versatile. Saturn in Scorpio gives strength, focus, and discipline to any chart making them capable of handling deep and often life and death situations. Uranus in Cancer brings innovation or controversy to the family or domestic sphere. Neptune in Libra people deeply crave peace, beauty, and harmony in their lives and in the world. Pluto in Leo leaves no stone unturned where love, children, or creativity are concerned.

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