Ronald Reagan chart
Ronald Reagan
Born: Ronald Reagan
Feb.6, 1911, AM birth CST
Tampico, Illinois, USA
89W47 41N38

1 AM Positions CST
Sun in Aquarius 1623'
Moon in Taurus 1149'
Mercury in Capricorn 2123'
Venus in Pisces 330'
Mars in Capricorn 354'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1344'
Saturn in Taurus 051'
Uranus in Capricorn 2631'
Neptune in Cancer 1929'R
Pluto in Gemeni 2608'R
Eris in Pisces 2525'

40th President of the United States,
from 1981-1989, and 33rd Governor
of California from 1967-75. Was also
a broadcaster, actor and president of
the Screen Actor's Guild before entering
politics. He loved sports and was
fascinated by astrology. Died with
Alzheimer's on June 5th 2004.

LR vote: Scorpio rising
and Leo Midheaven
Ascendant in Scorpio? with Jupiter gives Ronald Reagan his firm and decisive manner and public appeal. A Leo Midheaven or tenth house would accurately describe him as an actor or entertainer. Moon in Taurus with Saturn is his loveable down to earth quality and his proficiency for buisness and politics. It also endows him with singing and dancing ability. Sun in Aquarius is Ronald's central nature -an intelligent, unique, independent, and freedom-loving man who cares deeply about people and humanity in general. He can also be wacky or weird, stubborn or opinionated, and unpredictable or unconventional. Mercury in Capricorn with Uranus gives him a genius for facts and figures and an understanding of how buisness and the economy work. Personally, it makes him quiet, serious, somewhat shy, and very frugal. Venus in Pisces gives him warmth, compassion, understanding, and a very artistic and romantic nature. Mars in Capricorn makes him tough and determined and organized and able to follow through on his promises. Jupiter in Scorpio attracts danger and intrigue and gives an interest in obscure or occult matters. Saturn in Taurus knows how to hande money and wealth. Uranus in Capricorn introduces unconventional laws or buisness practices. Neptune in Cancer has a fondness for home and family. Pluto in Gemini is the deep thinker, schemer, or communicator.

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