Roman Polanski chart

Roman Polanski
Roman Raymond Polanski
Aug.18,1933 10:30 AM
Paris, France 2E20 48N52

Sun in Leo 2458'
Moon in Cancer 2228'
Mercury in Leo 623'
Venus in Virgo 2615'
Mars in Libra 2459'
Jupiter in Virgo 2516'
Saturn in Libra 1207'R
Uranus in Aries 2719'R
Neptune in Virgo 921'
Pluto in Cancer 2351'
Eris in Aries 816'

Ascendant in Libra 1522'
Midheaven in Cancer 1931'
Polish-French film director, producer, writer,
and actor behind such films as Rosemary's
Baby(1968), Chinatown(1974), Frantic(1988),
Death and the Maiden(1994), The Ninth Gate
(1999), The Pianist(2002), and Oliver Twist
(2005). Also famed for his relationship to
murdered wife and actress Sharon Tate and his
pending extradition by US authorities over a sex
scandal involving a minor. Lives in France
Controversial but prolific Roman Polanski has both the Sun and Moon in their home signs making him an interesting mix of strength and sensitivity, masculinity and femininity. The Sun here is at full power endowing full confidence and creativity. Solar Leos see themselves as kings and rulers to be worshipped or at least acknowledged. They exude power and presence and can roar loudly with indignation if ignored or slighted. They can also be quite simple, generous, playful, and creative. Mercury is also in Leo so that the will(Sun) and mind(Mercury) are one. This Mercury is also proud and confident and likes to lead or dictate. They are very creative and playful but also loud, demanding, and childish. The Moon in Cancer is the dark or night side of Sun in Leo and quite different. This Moon is motivated by fear and insecurity and takes every measure or precaution to safeguard itself and others. They are very sensitive, intuitive, emotional, and nurturing, and definitely need some kind of home base or family life. Their ability to sense the needs of others make them good parents, business people, and politicians. They also make good, cooks, caterers, curators, preservers, collecters, and security people. Moon conjuncted by Pluto leads an intense emotional life and domestic situation, often marked by loss or death. Venus in Virgo likes order, cleanliness, and precision or efficiency. They are reliable and resourceful workers and have a cool or critical attitude in matters of love or affection. Venus conjuncted by Jupiter receives many gifts and honors and likes to be generous or extravagant. They benefit from their mates or lovers. Neptune to Venus and Jupiter adds mystery, charm, artistry, and sometimes scandal. Mars in Libra is socially and intellectually active and fights for peace, unity, and justice. They make challenging and attractive mates and can excel as diplomats, lawyers, mediators, musicians, designers, and artists in general. Jupiter in Virgo is great for someone who needs to organize, direct, or take care of all the details. They're strong on work ethics although they can sometinmes make mountaims out of molehills. Purity and perfection is their religion. Saturn in Libra learns to deal with all aspects of harmony/discord and relationships and makes an expert counselor, mediator or lawyer. Their keen sense of form and beauty makes them competent artists, designers, or beauticians. Uranus in Aries gives a very strong will and sense of self and a unique ability to pioneer or innovate. They make ingenious fighters, promoters, and mechanics, like speed or challenge, and can have very fiery or explosive tempers. Neptune in Virgo is a generation of workaholics and cleanophobics with a subconcious need to analyze or criticise. Pluto in Cancer people have extreme or powerfully intense emotions and go all out when it comes to home and family.

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