Roland Gift chart

Roland Gift
May.28, 1962, time unknown
Birmingham, England, UK
1W50 52N30

Noon Positions BST
Sun in Gemini 638'
Moon in Pisces 2840'
Mercury in Gemini 2014'R
Venus in Cancer 626'
Mars in Aries 2936'
Jupiter in Pisces 1048'
Saturn in Aquarius 1122'R
Uranus in Leo 2639'
Neptune in Scorpio 1128'R
Pluto in Virgo 732'
Eris in Aries 1025'

British actor, singer, and former front
man of the band Fine Young Cannibals
(1984-92), with their hit singles Drive
Me Crazy(1989), and Good Thing(1989).
Had a long-standing role as Xavier St.
Cloud in TV's The Highlander(1993-97)

Solar Geminian Roland Gift is a talented and versatile actor and artist with a pioneering spirit. Sun and Mercury in Gemini make Gift versatile, intelligent, and good-humoured, with a strong desire to communicate. Moon in Pisces is often found in the charts of singers and musicians and with Jupiter there also the tendency is highlighted. If born after 2:15 PM, the Moon will be in Aries, giving a much more volatile and aggressive temperament. Venus in Cancer appreciates sensitivity, femininity, and a stable home and family life. Mars in Aries is powerfully placed giving much courage, energy, and pioneering ability. This planet/sign stands out very clearly in the chart. Jupiter in Pisces is compassionate, understanding, and very artistic or musical. They're also known to have strong intuitions and even psychic ability. Saturn in Aquarius learns to accept one's uniqueness or "strangeness" and becomes a powerful force for change and progress. Gift's Jupiter-Saturn combination is notable for churning out fine musicians and artists. Uranus in Leo has creative ingenuity and a charged presence, and believes in free or unconventional love and affection. Neptune in Scorpio people are deep, subtle, secretive, and uncontrollably drawn towards investigating the dark and hidden matters of life. Pluto in Virgo people are intensely critical, analytical, self-concious, and go to extremes in matters of health, work, or the environment.

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