Roger Daltrey chart

Roger Daltrey
Born: Roger Harry Daltrey
Mar.1, 1944, 2:00 AM BST
Hammersmith, London, England
0W13 51N30
Roger Daltrey
planetary positions

Sun in Pisces 1020'
Moon in Gemini 030'
Mercury in Aquarius 2630'
Venus in Aquarius 1015'
Mars in Gemini 1721'
Jupiter in Leo 1946'R
Saturn in Gemini 1946'
Uranus in Gemini 458'
Neptune in Libra 329'R
Pluto in Leo 654'R
Eris in Aries 509'

Ascendant in Scorpio 2842'
Midheaven in Virgo 2255'
English singer, songwriter, and actor
who founded and led the rock group The
Who(1964-82+), producing such songs as
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere(1965), See
My Way(1966), Here For More(1970), Giving
It All Away(1973), I'm Free(1973), Free Me
(1980), and Without Your Love(1980).
Concentrated on acting after The Who
retired from active work in 1982
Sexy Roger Daltrey is a Sun in Pisces with a Grand Air Trine in his chart making him charming and sensitive, as well as socially and intellectually self-sufficient. The Sun here is dominated by the feelings and emotions and is happiest when being intuitive, artistic, or creative. Solar Pisceans are generally quiet and shy types who enjoy privacy and seclusion. Moon in Gemini is rather different from the Sun position being more positive, sociable, and intellectually inclined. They enjoy reading, writing, communicating, and are reputed to be quite flirtatious and changeable in love. Moon conjuncted by Uranus gives a unique and rebellious public image. Mercury in Aquarius is ingenious, truthful, altruistic, and a rebel of sorts. Their ideas are often ahead of their time and they can be quite stubborn in their beliefs. Venus in Aquarius is friendly, unique, scientific, unconventional, and puts a high value on truth and freedom. The love nature is detached and experimental. Mars in Gemini is youthful, attractive, versatile, and excels as a writer, speaker, or communicator in general. Their words and ideas greatly influence or inspire others. The sex nature needs diversity and mental challenge. Mars conjuncted by Saturn knows when to push or hold back. Jupiter in Leo is strong here giving a very creative and loving nature. These people succeed as performers or entertainers of all kinds. Saturn in Gemini overcomes early learning difficulties to become a master teacher or communicator. They make excellent speakers, writers, journalists, or librarians. Uranus in Gemini is unusually bright, intelligent, witty, and diverse. They find new ways to communicate, become prominent media people, and strongly support free speech and education. Neptune in Libra has a deep understanding of harmony, beauty, and relationships, and seek universal peace, unity, and co-operation. Pluto in Leo people go all out when it comes to love, creativity, and play, and usually find their niche in the entertainment industry.
Roger Daltrey as leader of THE WHO

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